Never thought I would marry


At 34 nothing special in looks a 5 (skinny with glasses), good career was my only plus you could say. Owned my own home and ran an online business from home and worked as a contractor (computer upgrading) regularly. Doing an upgrade at a local company I came to the attention of their accountant 31 single, a 7 out of 10 and so out of my league. But she saw me different to other women, firstly her father had played around and destroyed his marriage and, in her mind, led to the early death of her mother (2013). Her father has never kept in contact, and she doesn't know even if he is still alive. So, me being quiet and timid around women was a great bonus in my favor to her. She made every effort to get close to me and came to my home with her laptop, saying it was playing up. I had a look and ran some tests and upgraded her system. I couldn't find much wrong, but it was just to be with me alone. Anyway, that was her first visit and more followed, finally she seduced me. It wasn't hard for her I was like putty in hands, I was shocked that a beautiful woman like her would want a relationship with me. But she started visiting more and more and then moved in with me. A month before we married, already pregnant to me. We married last month, and I still can't quite believe I'm married. She of course runs the marriage, I'm her little puppy and do everything she wants me too. Why not it my view of heaven.
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