A Chance Encounter


A Chance Encounter

Ted loved his afternoon jog. Not only did it keep him in shape, but the path he usually took was always filled with gorgeous young women and girls, most of whom used jogging as an excuse to show off their firm, sexy bods. They were invariably clad in tight, skimpy running shorts and even tighter tee-shirts, leaving little to the imagination. The sight of so many pretty young things bouncing along the path usually made Ted hotter than the exercise itself, and by the time he got home to his wife, he was in the mood for a good long fuck to let off steam.

Today was no different, and as Ted rounded a corner along his usual route, he saw a stunning redhead running in the same direction as he was, about fifty yards up ahead. "Mmmmm, that's real fuckin' nice!" he breathed, watching the cute, round cheeks of the girl's ass bounce enticingly up and down with every step she took. "Jesus, what I wouldn't give for some of that right now," he mumbled to himself. Ted increased his speed, trying to close the gap, but after a while, he realized that he wasn't going to catch up to the athletic young girl without wasting a lot of precious energy. In desperation he looked around for a short cut of some sort, and immediately spotted a side trail leading off to his left that looked promising. Ted decided to try it. He veered off the main path and headed down the partly overgrown track.

'Not what you'd call a well worn path,' he thought to himself, dodging the frequent low branches and jumping over the tree roots and fallen logs that threatened to trip him at every step. He began to regret his hasty decision as the track got worse and worse, finally becoming so overgrown that Ted had to stop and get his bearings.

"Fuck!" he cursed, as he realized that the path had disappeared completely. "No way am I gonna get through there."

With a shrug, Ted turned and headed back the way he had come. He only got a few paces before a faint noise caught his ear. He stopped and listened. There it was again! It was faint but audible and seemed to be coming from behind the bushes off to his right. Ted bent down and squinted into the undergrowth. He could see nothing, but the noise became louder.

Curious now, Ted carefully pushed aside the branches and moved towards the direction the sounds appeared to be coming from. As he crept silently into the bushed, the noise became louder and clearer until suddenly the dense undergrowth thinned, and there, in a small clearing was the source of the mysterious sounds. It was couple of young kids, a boy and a girl, both half-naked on the grass near the edge of the clearing.

The girl was wearing what was left of her school uniform. She was lying on the grass on her back, with her knees bent and her legs spread wide, her white panties bunched lewdly around one slim ankle. The teenaged boy was between the young girl's open thighs, his pants pulled down to his knees, and he was fucking her plump, sparsely-haired cunt with all his might. The sounds he had heard were the girl's moans of pleasure as the thin, boyish cock drove deep into her tight, wet little hole.

The girl, who looked about fourteen or fifteen, had her eyes closed and her supple young body arched, straining to receive her lover's pumping cock. Each time the boy plunged his little prick into her pussy, the girl let out a loud moan, obviously enjoying the small amount of penetration he was able to give her. Ted could see clearly between their writhing legs, and gasped at the sight of the girl's compact little twat. Each time the boy withdrew his stiff prick from her narrow, juvenile slit, the pretty little kid's cuntlips pulled out around it, clasping the boy's stiff cock like a tiny, puckered mouth. 'Jesus, she must be tight!' thought Ted, as he marvelled at the wondrous sight of the girl's cock-filled cunt spread out before him.

His own prick began to swell uncomfortably in his pants, and Ted dropped a hand down to grip the stiffening erection, rubbing his fingers along its hard length as he watched the tremendously arousing activities taking place in the clearing. The girl was bucking her hips now, jerking her small, almost hairless cuntmound up at her lover's plunging cock in time with his fierce, downward stabs... moaning and groaning in ecstasy all the while. 'God, she's hardly even got hair on her pussy yet!... and she's out here in the woods, with her legs in the air, fucking like a damn pro!' thought Ted, becoming more and more excited by the minute.

The girl's blouse was open, revealing her firm, young titties. Ted was pleasantly surprised to find that they were not as small as he had expected for a girl that age. They were conical-shaped, with large pink nipples, just right for sucking on. As if reading Ted's mind the boy bent his head and began nibbling on the mouth-sized little morsels, sucking them into his mouth while his cock slid continuously in and out of her hot, eager hole. "That's it kid... throw it to her!" Ted whispered to himself. "Fuck her good!... Make the horny little slut really feel it!"

Ted was staring at the girl's juicy, pink cunt, wishing it was him stuffing his big, hard man-prick into her tight little fuckhole instead of her underdeveloped boyfriend. The lad's cock was tiny compared to Ted's, but judging by the way the girl was hunching her hips up at him, begging for more, Ted was confident that even his mammoth prick would fit into that well oiled little sheath... with little room to spare... God, that would really be something else!

Ted was just about to pull his cock out of his pants and jerk himself to a well earned climax when the boy shuddered and slumped against the girl's heaving chest. Her tight, hot little pussy had obviously been too much for the inexperienced lad, and he had spent his load prematurely, ejaculating a sudden stream of boy-cum into the girl's still-unsatisfied young cunt. As the boy pulled out his rapidly deflating cock, and rolled off her, the look on the pretty youngster's face told him he had been correct. She hadn't cum yet, and by the way she scowled at him, she was definitely not pleased about the situation. She said something to the boy and he replied with a look of anger on his face. Ted couldn't hear what they were saying, but it was clear that an argument was taking place, the subject of which, was not hard to guess.

The boy said something and suddenly stood up, pulling on his pants. The girl hadn't moved since her young lover had rolled off her. Her legs were still spread wide apart and Ted feasted his gaze on her recently-fucked cunt. The tiny cuntlips were puffy and very slightly parted, only a few drops of semen and cuntjuice escaped the narrow slit. Ted smiled to himself. Most women's cuntlips hung obscenely open after a good fuck, letting a veritable tide of sperm and pussy-cream flood out to run slickly down into the cracks of their ass. This young girl was excitingly different, the answer to Ted's most secret fantasy. 'She couldn't have been fucking for very long, with a pussy as tight-looking as that.' he thought. 'Mmmmm!...but the way she squirmed and begged for more as her little boyfriend drilled her, meant that underneath that young exterior, she was a sexual volcano ready to blow!.'

The thought filled Ted with uncontrollable lust... he'd give anything to shove his big cock into her horny, little cunt and continue right where her unfortunate young lover had left off. Suddenly Ted had an idea. He pushed through the thin cover of bushes through which he had been spying on the fucking pair, and stepped into the clearing. The boy looked up first, seeing Ted heading towards him, fled into the bushes. The girl was still lying on the grass, naked from the waist down. She didn't see or hear him approach because she had her arm across her face and she was crying. Her slender young legs were still wide apart, and her little tits still poked provocatively through the front of her open blouse. As Ted got closer, he could see that her pretty little cunt wasn't as hairless as he'd first thought. It was covered with a light down of pale brown fuzz, almost invisible until you got close enough to see it.

He stood above her, taking in the adolescent beauty of the pretty young girl. She still hadn't noticed him. Her crying had subsided a little by now, but occasionally, small sobs wracked her slender frame. As he watched, she dropped a small hand to her pussy and slipped her middle finger inside the swollen cuntlips, rubbing busily at her neglected little love-bud. Ted felt sorry for the girl as he stared at her slick fingers working desperately inside her eager young snatch... her obvious need magnified his own. How could anybody leave a gorgeous young thing like her in this state? Ted cleared his throat loudly to get her attention.

Lost in a hazy cloud of self-gratification, the girl must have thought it was her boyfriend, because her finger remained deeply imbedded in her cunt as she took her hand from her face and looked up. When she saw Ted, she looked quickly around for her boyfriend. He was nowhere in sight, which made her even more frightened. As she looked back up at Ted, her tiny mouth opened and her deep brown eyes went wide with shock. Suddenly realizing that her finger was still inside her pussy, she quickly pulled it out, trying desperately to cover both her tits and her cunt at the same time, without success. Ted looked down at her, faking a stern face.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, young lady?" he bellowed. The girl tried to stand up, but when she realized that would mean exposing either her tits or her cunt once more, she decided against it, and pulled her knees up in front of her instead. Tears began to flood her eyes as she tried to answer him.

"N... n... nothing!" she sobbed, looking up at him with big innocent little-girl eyes.

"Don't tell me you were doing nothing!" thundered Ted. "I saw you with that boy!... You two were fucking, weren't you?"

"Oh, p... please, mister, don't tell anybody... my father will kill me!"

"How old are you anyway," barked Ted, trying his best to be as menacing as possible to the frightened young girl.

"S... s... sixteen..." Ted looked her up and down, somehow he didn't believe her.

"How old?" he scowled.

"Um... fourteen... and a half... I am, honest!" replied the girl tearfully. Ted's cock twitched in his pants.

"How long has that boy... ah, what's his name?..."

"Robbie," she answered. "His name's Robbie."

"Right... How long has this Robbie kid been fucking you?"

The girl didn't answer. She hung her head, ashamed to tell such an intimate detail to a total stranger.

"Look at me girl! Now, tell me... how long have you and Robbie been fucking?"

"Th... this was only the second time."

'Jesus, no wonder she looked so damn tight,' thought Ted.

"What's your name?"

"Melissa," sobbed the girl.

"Melissa what?" he growled.

"Melissa Harvey"

"Harvey... Harvey..." muttered Ted, pretending to recognise the name. "I think I know your mother."

"You know my Mom?" whined Melissa, her eyes as big as plates. "Oooh Jesus, don't tell her about this, please? Please don't!"

Ted sat down close beside the girl and put an arm around her young shoulders. He put his other hand on her knee in a fatherly manner, careful not to alarm her. Her smooth, young flesh was incredibly firm, and warm to the touch, almost feverish... hot and damp with the sweat of her recent love-making.

"I won't tell a soul, Melissa... as long as you don't, honey," smiled Ted as he gently parted her tightly closed thighs.

"What do you mean?" asked the frightened girl, sobbing occasionally.

"This is what I mean baby," muttered Ted.

He pulled his erect cock out of his shorts and placed her tiny hand on it. The girl instinctively gripped his huge erection, gasping with a mixture of surprise and excitement as her tiny fingers wrapped around the long, hard shaft. She looked at it with sparkling eyes, mesmerised by the sheer size of it. Suddenly Melissa realized what she was doing. She was feeling the cock of a perfect stranger!

"No, mister! Please... we shouldn't!" she exclaimed. Ted noticed that although her voice protested, her hand never left his cock.

"Call me Ted, honey!" he replied, sliding his hand up between the girl's creamy young thighs. "Of course we should, baby... I can tell you want it as much as I do! You want me to finish what Robbie started don't you?" Melissa felt a shiver of pleasure surge through her loins at his intimate touch, and nodded her head.

Ted bent down to her face, and his warm mouth settled on hers. He spread her tender lips apart and slid his hot tongue between them. Melissa's brain seemed to spin with excitement as he stroked his tongue inside her mouth. Her heart began to throb and her entire body shivered with adolescent lust. She opened her mouth wider and wider, responding to Ted's passionate kiss. Her thighs inched further apart, not because Ted was pushing them apart, but because she was getting so very, very hot between them.

While Ted dipped his tongue into the girl's warm, honeyed mouth, his hands roamed freely over her smooth, pubescent body, seeking the warm softness of her young pussy. His fingers moved lovingly down over her firm, round belly... a little lower and there it was. No hair to disguise it, no womanly bush to tell his fingers where to go, just a light, peach fuzz of soft, downy cunt-fur.

Ted's cock throbbed with excitement, jerking suddenly in Melissa's tiny hand as he slipped a finger inside the girl's slick cuntslit. It didn't go in very far, the tightness of her young loins preventing penetration for the moment. But there was moisture there, and plenty of it.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" the girl moaned, her hot, young mouth still glued firmly on his. The way Ted was kissing her, and the sudden penetration of his big finger in the warm, wet slash of her cunny was making her shake with excitement, and before long, Melissa found herself responding eagerly to the erotic stimulation of Ted's expert touch. Ted pulled his mouth from hers.

"You like that, don't you, honey?" he gasped, pushing his finger further into her tight, juvenile pussy. "Tell me, Melissa!... tell me much you like my finger in your hot little cunthole, baby!"

Melissa looked up at him, her wide brown eyes deep pools of adolescent lust. She didn't care that he was a stranger, all that mattered right now was the pleasure his finger was generating in her extremely aroused young pussy.

"Oh Ted! It feels so nice! Put it in deeper... play with me... please!"

The girl was panting now, her cheek pressed tightly up against Ted's shirt-front. His finger felt more than just nice, it felt absolutely wonderful... better even than Robbie's stiff little prick had felt only minutes earlier. Bending her dimpled knees, Melissa spread her thighs to make his access easier. Ted was quick to accept the obvious invitation, and began to move his finger in and out of her tight, warm snatch, still unable to penetrate further than the second knuckle.

"God, you're fuckin' tight, honey!" Ted whispered. "I can't wait to get my cock in there. Jesus, it feels like my finger's stuck in a goddamn vice!" His cock throbbed powerfully in her tiny fist. Ted grabbed her curled fingers and began to move them on the huge shaft. "Like this, Melissa!" he said. "Rub your fist up and down my cock real tight. Use both hands if you like, baby."

The girl put her other hand around his mammoth prick and began to move them both up and down... in different directions. Ted groaned with pleasure. He had never felt such a light yet firm grip on his cock before, and the way she was moving her tiny little fists in opposite directions at the same time was simply unbelievable. No woman had ever jerked him off like that before, and now a fourteen-year-old schoolgirl was giving him the best hand job he had ever experienced in his life. It was fuckin' fantastic!

Melissa thought it was fantastic too. She couldn't believe it was really happening. Here she was, sitting half naked in the bushes, jacking off a total stranger while he played with her pussy. She had felt ashamed, at first, and frightened, but as soon as Ted's finger touched her hot little slit, Melissa thought only of the pleasure he was giving her. He was kind of cute too, she decided, even if he was old enough to be her own father. Melissa shivered as she thought of her father again. He was handsome too, handsome and well built, just like Ted. Wild thoughts filled her confused young mind as the pleasure built within her loins. Soon, she began to fantasize, that it was her father's cock she had in her hands, and that the stiff finger wriggling around in her juicy young twat, was his too.

"Mmmmmmm, Daddy!" she moaned under her breath. "...yes, Do it to me!"

Ted smiled as he heard those words, and decided to play along with the horny young kid's incestuous fantasy. He found her tiny budding clit and rubbed it gently between thumb and forefinger, watching her squirm against his hand with delight. She humped her young crotch up at him, gasping for breath, wanting deeper penetration.

"Do you like that, Melissa!" he breathed hotly into her ear. "Do you like Daddy rubbing your sweet little clitty for you, honey?"

"Ohhh yes!" she panted. "It's wonderful! You're making me feel good all over!"

"What about my cock, baby?... What about Daddy's hard, stiff cock?" asked Ted, becoming more and more aroused as he played out the exciting charade with the young girl.

"God, it's beautiful, Daddy!... but it's so huge! I can't get my fingers all the way around it!... Am I rubbing it the right way?"

"Christ, yessss!" groaned Ted. His cock felt like it was going to explode before he was ready. If he didn't do something quick, he was going to spray come all over the horny little girl's naked, heaving belly.

"Lie back and spread your legs, Melissa, honey!" he said suddenly. "Daddy wants to kiss his little girl's sweet honey-pot."

Melissa didn't know what Ted was talking about. He wouldn't really want to kiss her between the legs, would he? It was awfully wet down there, what with Robbie's spunk and her own pussy-cream, how on earth could anyone even think of kissing her there? she thought. But, as Ted pushed her gently backwards, Melissa didn't object. As long as he kept giving her pleasure and didn't hurt her, she was happy to go along with anything the handsome man wanted.

Ted knelt between her legs and grasped her thighs, opening them wide apart. Melissa looked up at him, watching intently as Ted pulled off his shorts and shirt. His body looked strong and muscular, and huge as he towered over her like a giant. A big friendly giant, thought Melissa, her young eyes drawn once more to his erect cock. She reached for it and began to squeeze firmly on the mighty pole, her other hand dropping automatically to her pussy. Ted looked down as the girl's middle finger slid wetly into the top of her tight fur-lined little cuntslit.

"Yes, that's it... play with yourself first, sweetheart!" he encouraged. "Show Daddy how you bring yourself off, Melissa! Make your hot little cunt nice and wet and juicy for Daddy's tongue!"

"I will, Daddy!" she cried, inserting another small finger into her wide-stretched slit. Her delicate, conical breasts stood high and tapering on her young chest, the twin peaks pointing firmly straight up, their whiteness almost translucent in the filtered sunlight. Her crinkly little nipples were baby-pink, the most delightful colour that Ted had ever seen.

"God, honey! Your little titties are so beautiful!" he said huskily, wrapping his long fingers around them. He squeezed, causing Melissa to moan and arch her back as she pressed her budding mounds eagerly against his hard, rough hands. She bit her lips as wild thrills coursed through her young body.

"Ohhhh, that's nice, Daddy, but I want more!" she moaned. "Suck 'em! Suck my titties, please!... Ooooooo, Jesus, lick 'em and suck 'em, Daddy!"

Ted bent and wrapped his lips around one of Melissa's firmly out-thrust tits, sucking the hard little nipple to full, throbbing erection, causing the excited young girl to gasp and writhe in ecstasy. Transferring his ravenous mouth to her other breast, Ted sucked that one to a similar state of arousal. Intense, throbbing thrills coursed through her loins as her fingers teased and rubbed her clit in time with Ted's nipple sucking.

"Oh, God! I can't stand it!" she whimpered. "Your mouth feels sooo good!" As he sucked her breasts, Melissa continued fingering her rapidly moistening pussyslit, rubbing his cock at the same time. It felt so good that soon her taut little ass began to wiggle and squirm on the ground. "Oooooh, the grass!" she exclaimed suddenly. "It's tickling me!"

"Where, darling... where?" Ted asked, lifting his mouth from the girl's delicious young tits.

At first the little girl had tried not to use the words that her parents and teachers had said were vulgar and obscene. But when Ted used them, it excited her, and as her excitement increased, Melissa's childish inhibitions evaporated rapidly.

"My cunt!" she giggled. "The grass is tickling my cunt like crazy!"

"Ohhh, sweetheart, you know those words, don't you?" Ted husked, kissing the tip of her freckled nose. "You can use 'em all with me, baby!"

"Ohhh, Daddy! I want to! It makes me so hot when you talk dirty to me!"

"Me too, baby!" said Ted. "Would you like me to kiss you between the legs now? ... I think you're more than ready for it."

"Mmmmmmm, yes, yesss!... Kiss me, Daddy!... Kiss my pussy! Kiss it real hard!"

Ted bent his head between the girl's thighs and spread her legs wide. He looked closely at the pink, pulsating gash of her little cuntal orifice. It was beautiful, as only a young girl's pussy could be, the pink, pouting lips drawn back into a hungry grin of adolescent desire. With a gasp of pleasure, Ted stared at the copious moisture which was visible along her tender slit. He couldn't wait to lick that up!

Surprisingly, Melissa felt no shame as she lay with her legs spread wide apart. Ted's eyes on her naked pussy seemed to have the opposite effect, serving only to intensify the young girl's excitement. She held onto his shoulders as Ted bent forwards and touched his lips to her quivering little twat. Melissa groaned as Ted pulled aside her tight, pink pussy-lips and sank his stiffened tongue as far as he could inside the girl's warm, juice-filled cunt.

"Oooooohhhhh! Wowwwwww! God! Uhhhh... your tongue ... It f-feels... ummmm... feels so gooooood Daddy!" she groaned, sprawling back on the grass, her slender young hips squirming helplessly as Ted licked and sucked her tasty little pussy.

Her senses reeled and her mind jumped with lurid fantasy shapes as Ted's long, flicking tongue sent her on a merry-go-round ride of unparalleled pleasure. His mouth on her open cunt was the most excitingly sexy sensation the aroused little fourteen-year-old had ever felt, and soon, in response to his lingual ministrations, her hot young cunt began to reward him with a veritable flood of clear, fragrant girly-juice.

Ted began to suck her hungrily, vacuuming the dewy droplets into his mouth as though his life depended on it. She tasted wonderful. He had always enjoyed the taste of pussy, but compared to the usually strong female flavour he was used to, Melissa's dainty little cunt tasted pure, chaste and innocent. Her juices were like honey in his mouth, and Ted sucked up every last drop. He was vaguely aware of the sounds she was making... they were the whimpers and moans of a young girl experiencing real sex for the first time, a girl who stood on the brink of a brand new horizon. Lust coursed through Melissa as she felt Ted's finger rub gently at the entrance of her tight, puckered little shitter.

"Ohhh, that's nice, Daddy!" she cried out with delight. "Rub my asshole!"

Ted wanted to thrust his finger inside her cute little butt and ass-fuck the sexy young kid at the same time as his tongue was fucking her horny little cunt, but despite her blatant invitation, that might be too much for now, he'd best leave that pleasure for later. Instead, he spread her cunt wider, pushing his mouth hard against the moist heat of her gaping slit. Reaching beneath her, Ted cupped the cheeks of her hot little ass, forcing the girl's wide-open crotch up against his face, burying his mouth and nose deeply into her juicy, pulsating little twat. Melissa was on fire with the stabbing lashes of Ted's tongue on her tiny young clit. She was wild with desire, wriggling in a frenzy of pubescent lust, as unbelievable sensations churned through her belly and loins, driving the precocious youngster headlong towards a crashing climax.

"Ohhh, God!... I can't stand it!" she squealed. "Uhhhh, I'm gonna... ooooooooh!... It's happening!... Arhhhhhhhhh! Mmmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmmaaaahhh!"

Ted sensed that she was so sexually inexperienced that her vocabulary contained no words to describe what was happening to her. But it didn't matter, because the tone of her voice, and the way she was moaning uncontrollably, told Ted all he needed to know. She was about to orgasm. He was certain of it. His lips nibbled mercilessly at her tiny throbbing clit, sucking the hardened little bud in and out of his mouth. Within moments she was thrashing and writhing, her lithe and graceful young body undulating wildly beneath him. As she reached her climax, Melissa grabbed the back of Ted's head with both hands and pushed his face hard against her juicy cunt-mound, rotating her hips drunkenly in a desperate attempt to bring every corner of her spasming cunt into contact with his slurping mouth.

Little Melissa was cumming... cumming as she would never come again, cumming as only an adolescent girl can cum. She was totally oblivious to everything around her, concentrating only on maximizing the intense pleasure the man's lips and tongue were generating in her pulsating cunt. Ted licked and sucked the young girl dry, his mouth reluctantly leaving her tiny, quivering fuck-hole only after her spasms had died away and every drop of her delicious cum-cream had passed over his tongue and down his thirsty gullet.

He straightened up and took his cock in his left hand, stroking the mighty organ to erection as he knelt between her slender thighs. He looked down at the girl with pure lust blazing in his eyes. It was a dream come true. He had always had a thing for young girls, the younger the better, but little Melissa was perfect... pretty... well proportioned, and above all... extremely willing.

They had to want it too, thought Ted, otherwise to him it was just child molesting. The girl had to get as much pleasure as he did, or Ted rapidly lost interest. He stared at Melissa's naked body sprawled sexily on the grass before him. Her legs were still shamelessly spread wide apart, exactly the way he had left her. Ted worked his hand firmly up and down over his prick as he let his gaze wander up and down her body from her tiny, delicate boobs to her pink, squeaky-clean little cunt. Melissa came out of her post-orgasmic trance and opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was Ted's huge erect cock, and she watched with wide eyes as his fist jerked firmly up and down the formidable weapon...

"God, your prick is huge... much bigger than Robbie's!" she said, pushing herself up on her elbows to get a better look. Ted saw a look of alarm cross her pretty young features as Melissa saw how big the mammoth organ really was.

"Don't worry, baby! Once I get it inside you, you're gonna love every inch of it!"

"But it'll never fit into my cunt!" she whined.

Ted knew it would fit, but he also knew that he was wasting time trying to convince her. He would have to get her so aroused that she'd eventually beg him for it, then he'd stick every last fucking inch of it into her dainty little pussy and screw the living daylights out of the horny, little cunt. He lay down beside her and rolled her towards him.

"We don't have to fuck if you don't want to, baby!" he whispered, running his hands over her body, fondling her taut little buttocks and squeezing her tiny nipples.

"We don't?" Melissa asked with surprise.

That was the only thing most of boys she knew wanted from her. Sure, some had felt her up at the movies, but Robbie was the only one she had let put his cock inside her pussy. The first time was a little painful, and by the time he had finished she was only just beginning to feel something wonderful building inside her swollen little pussy. It frustrated her at the time, so she let him do it to her again... today... out her in the clearing, hoping to find the elusive fulfillment that had escaped her before. But the second time was the same... just as she had started to feel something, Robbie squirted inside her and got off. She had asked him to try again, but Robbie only laughed and made fun of her. They had a fight and that was when Ted had appeared. Ted was the only one who had successfully brought her to the wonderful experience of orgasm, and she loved him for it.

"Did you like getting your pussy sucked, Melissa," asked Ted, putting his hand on her swollen little cuntmound.

"Oh, God yes! I... Ummmmmmmm! Ooooh, Daddy!" she moaned as Ted's middle finger slipped between her moist cuntlips and massaged her little clitoris.

"What's this thing you have with your father, honey. Do you do this sort of thing with him too?" asked Ted hopefully.

"Jesus, no!" she replied. "I'd be too ashamed! Besides my father would never try anything with his own daughter."

"You'd be surprised, sweetheart!" said Ted. "How about you? Would you like your father to do what I'm doing to you right now!" Ted screwed his finger deep into her cunt, pressing his thumb hard against her clit.

"Uhhhhh, Mmmmmmm, yesss! Oh, fuck yes, I would!...God, would I ever!"

"I thought so," breathed Ted, keeping up his finger action on the little girl's responsive young pussy. "How about if he sucked your pussy like I just did. I bet deep down he'd love to do it too. All fathers have sexual thoughts about their daughters and vice versa, but only a few fathers and daughters have the opportunity or the guts to see it through."

"You m...mean my Dad probably want's to have sex with me!" asked the girl incredulously. A twitch went through her loins at the very thought, and her cunt muscles squeezed and relaxed around Ted's deeply imbedded finger.

"Shit yeah! Of course he does! Jesus, Melissa, if I was your father and I found out what a hot little piece you are, I'd be fucking and sucking you every chance I got, baby!" whispered Ted, squeezing her little tit mounds with one hand while the other stroked her slick, open gash.

"Ohhhh, God! If only he would!" moaned Melissa hunching her pussy up at Ted's fingers.

"You just have to show him you're interested, baby, that's all," said Ted. "You know, leave your door open while you're changing... wear tight shorts, short skirts, and the skimpiest panties you can find... show him a bit of tit and ass. And the real test is to sit on his lap in your nightie and give him a hot kiss goodnight, if his cock doesn't leap up and bite your cute little ass, he's made of fuckin' stone, baby!"

Melissa listened to Ted's advice as she savoured the feel of his hands on her trembling body. The images his words conjured up were making her almost as hot as his busy fingers. Her cunt was filling with juice again, and that familiar itch in her loins was back, stronger than ever.

"Mmmmm, yes! yes! Oooh, Ted, pretend you're my Daddy again! Show me what he'd do if I did what you said!" she squealed.

Ted crushed his lips to hers, kissing the young girl hotly, forcing his hard tongue deep into her warm, receptive mouth. After a few seconds of passionate frenching, he let his hot lips slide down over her soft, creamy neck to her breasts, and Melissa groaned with delight as Ted sucked the hard, pink little nipples into his greedy mouth.

"Uhhhhhhmmmm, yesss, Daddy! Suck my tits!" she wailed. "Suck my tits and feel my cunt! Oooooooh, it feels soooo good!"

Ted pulled his mouth off Melissa's tits and whispered in her ear. "You're a hot little cunt, aren't you, Melissa, honey!"

"Mmmmm, y... yesss!" she moaned, her eyes tightly closed as she wiggled her tiny, aroused twat against his hand.

"Tell me, baby!" grunted Ted. "Tell Daddy what a hot cunt his sexy little daughter is!"

"Oooooh, Daddy! I am! I am! I'm such a hot little cunt!" gasped Melissa.

"And who are you hot for, honey?" Ted asked, fucking his finger in and out of her tight, wet little cunthole with a vengeance.

"You!... You Daddy!... I'm hot for you!" she screamed, grabbing hold of his cock.

"Ah, you like your Daddy's big fat prick, do you, sweetheart?"

"Mmmmmm, yesss! I love to feel it, Daddy! It's so soft and smooth and hard, all at the same time."

"It's gonna feel even better inside your sweet little pussy, honey! I can promise you that!" Ted groaned as the little girl began to jerk her tiny fingers up and down the length of his erection again. It felt wonderful, but he needed more!

"Sit up, baby!" said Ted suddenly.

Melissa did as she was told. Ted knelt in front of her and guided the tip of his cock towards her small, pink mouth. The girl seemed hypnotized by the very sight of it so close to her. Looking down its massive length, Melissa found it impossible to imagine anything so huge going inside of a woman's pussy. Not only was it as thick as her wrist, it was so very long! 'How in the world can a cunt be deep enough to hold all that!' she wondered. The stiff pole was at least ten inches long! She thought of the only other cunt she had seen before... her mother's. It must be very deep, she concluded, because she had seen her father's cock buried up to the hilt in it once when she had spied on them one time.

The spectacle of her father fucking her mother filled the girl's lust-infused little brain, and she wondered if her mother's cunt could take all of Ted's big cock as easily as it had her father's. Ted pulled Melissa closer toward him, stroking her hair and petting her shoulders. Although he was trying to calm her, the girl could sense his own burning urgency. His whole body seemed to be quivering all over. She knew instinctively that he wanted something, that he needed her, and the thought thrilled the pretty youngster.

"Suck it, honey!" ordered Ted. "Suck Daddy's cock for him. Get it nice and hard so he can stick it up his little baby's hot, tight little cunthole!"

Melissa was too far gone to object. His finger in her cunt had gotten the little fourteen-year-old so hot, she would have done just about anything the strong, handsome man asked. She felt his prick-head rub against her lips. It felt smooth to the touch, as if it was made of silk, and although it was rock-hard, it felt soft as a feather against her lips. Melissa could smell a strong musky odour rising from it. She knew instinctively that it was the fragrance of sex, and it turned her on even more. The girl gasped and opened her lips wide, leaning forwards to take Ted's throbbing cock into her small mouth. Her long brown hair fell seductively over her little pointed tits as Ted put his hand on the back of her head and pushed his huge prick into her hot, moist mouth.

The thought of sucking a cock had frightened Melissa at first, but it also thrilled her in a strange and inexplicable way. She had to do it... she was at his mercy. Deep inside though, she also knew that she wanted to do it. Opening her mouth as wide as possible, Melissa tried to suck in as much of his cock as possible. She was only able to get half the length of his tool into her little mouth, the rest remained outside. Very carefully and methodically, the girl began to suck it, a nervous beginner who was extremely anxious to learn. She wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and sucked tentatively, not knowing what to expect.

"Uhhh, nice!... Real nice! But I want you to suck harder, Melissa. Don't be afraid to suck as hard as you like, baby!" Ted winced as the girl's teeth rasped along his prick. "Ouch!... Careful, honey, you're little teeth are sharp!" complained Ted, holding her head back a little. "Use your lips, baby... just use your lips and tongue, ok!"

Melissa mumbled something unintelligible and nodded, causing Ted's cock to slip out of her mouth.

"I'm sorry, Daddy!" she whimpered. "I'm not real good at it, am I?"

"Don't worry, honey. Just relax and let it come naturally!" comforted Ted. The girl looked up at him with her big brown eyes and smiled shyly.

"Play with my pussy again, Daddy!" she asked. "Fuck my cunt with your fingers while I suck your cock... please?"

Ted smiled back, excited by her shameless request. She's catching on REAL fast, he thought, reaching down between her eagerly spread thighs.

"Ok, baby!" he whispered. "My pleasure!"

As he cupped Melissa's hot, moist little pussy, Ted felt the girl's warm lips return to his aching prick. This time she was a bit better at it, and after sucking as much of his enormous cock into her tiny mouth as she could, she wrapped her little fingers around the remaining length, and began to jerk him off at the same time. Ted rubbed her swollen cuntmound with the palm of his hand, letting his fingers stray playfully over the tiny pink rosebud of her anus.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmmm!" she moaned, her lips still slurping noisily at his cock. Her hips hunched up off the ground at his hand, and Ted knew it was because of his finger action on her sensitive little asshole. He decided to see how far she was prepared to let him go. He soothed her a little first by gently pushing his thumb into the girl's succulent little twat, fucking it slowly in and out of her tight cunthole until she was writhing with pleasure. Then, once she had gotten used to his thumb in her cunt, Ted pressed his middle finger against her moist, quivering asshole and pushed. Slowly but surely, his finger penetrated her little behind until his palm came to rest on the soft expanse of flesh between her two tight little holes.

"Mmmmfffff! Ummmmmmmm! Affffffmmmmmm!" were the only sounds that Melissa could make as Ted plugged the pretty little girl in all three holes of her horny, young body. Melissa was beside herself with joy. It didn't hurt at all! On the contrary, his big finger up her rear passage felt good... real good, especially with his thumb fucking her cunt and his cock in her mouth at the same time. The little girl felt filled... filled with everything he could give her... yet deep down, she wanted more!

"Oh, Jesus, you gorgeous little cunt!" breathed Ted as Melissa began to rotate her hips and push her tiny ass against him, trying to get as much of his hand inside her two tight, seething little holes as possible. He reciprocated by plunging his thumb and finger deeply into her, squeezing her hot, juicy membranes between them. He could feel the tip of his thumb press firmly against the tip of his finger deep inside her, separated from each other by a thin, elastic wall.

"You like that, don't you, kid?" snarled Ted. "You like getting fucked in both holes at the same time, don't you?" His twin digits were ramming into her crotch like two pumping cocks, and the strange combination drove Melissa wild. She tried to take her mouth off his throbbing erection to answer, but Ted wouldn't let her. He held her by the back of the head and forced her mouth further down over his aching cock. "Get you mouth back on Daddy's prick, sweetheart, and leave it there!" he ordered. "Or I'll take my fingers out of you right now!"

Without a sound, Melissa went back to sucking the man's huge cock with gusto. She didn't want Ted to stop. The feelings that his finger and thumb were generating inside her throbbing little pussy and asshole were just too good... and they were getting better every second!

Erotic sensations were coursing like lightning throughout Melissa's horny little body, causing her tender young twat to overflow with fluid. Ted's finger and thumb slurped and squished noisily in her juices as his plunging digits sent ecstatic surges of erupting passion through her pubescent pussy. Soon, the wonderful melty feelings began to spread outwards from her stimulated loins like wildfire, engulfing her entire body.

Melissa no longer had any shy girlish inhibitions, she wanted this big, handsome stranger to do everything with her, even to fuck her with that monster prick of his. The horny little girl was lost in a spiralling vortex of total sexual abandon. Wrenching her mouth from his cock, Melissa screamed out her innermost desires. Nothing mattered now... nothing but her new-found sexual pleasure.

"Oooooooh, Christ!... I can't stand it any more!... Fuck me!... Oh, God! Please fuck me!" begged the little girl, her cunt and ass were writhing on his hand as she stared wildly into his eyes.

Her pretty young features were twisted into a mask of pure, adolescent lust... a look that expressed her desperate, yearning need more than words ever could.

"You bet your sweet little ass I'll fuck you, honey!" panted Ted, pushing the girl onto her back. Melissa opened her legs as wide as she could as Ted mounted her, giving him complete access to her tender, young pussy. She felt the tip of his cock pushing her tiny cuntlips apart, stretching them open as his huge prick penetrated her cunt. It was only half way in when Melissa screamed in pain. Ted stopped and rested his weight on both hands, giving the girl a chance to accept the thickness of his massive cock inside her tight little fuckhole.

"Sorry, baby!" he panted. "You okay?"

"Ummmm! Yes!.. It hurt a bit at first, but now it's starting to feel nice!"

Ted knew that this was the moment of truth. If he plunged straight into the kid's hot, wet little twat, like his cock urged him to, he would hurt her... and that would put her off sex for a long, long time. However, on the other hand, if he took it easy and maximized her pleasure, he would have another hot little convert who he could fuck and suck at his leisure... any time he wanted. It had to be done just right! The part of his cock that was already in Melissa's eager pulsing little hole was getting a really tight squeeze.

Her inner labia closed around its girth, almost choking his prick's bulbous head. But though it was incredibly tight... or probably because of that... it felt wonderful! Ted was almost overcome with the sudden urge to ram his cock the rest of the way into her, but caught himself at the last moment. Melissa's warm cuntal walls clenching around his hard, throbbing prick were almost too good to resist... then, incredibly, she actually begged him to go deeper!

"I can take it!" she moaned. "I can take it all!... Push hard!... Really fuck it into me, Daddy!"

Even with his cock stretching her tight, "You're gonna love this, sweetheart, I promise!" Ted pushed, burying his cock to the hilt inside her tight, clinging snatch.

"Ohhhh, Uhhhhhhhhh, Ummmmmmm!" The girl was screaming differently now, as Ted's massive prick penetrated and stretched her tight little cunt to the limit.

"Ahhhhh! Your cock is all the way inside me," she wailed. "Ooooohh, Daddy. Your cock!... It's in really deep!"

Little Melissa could hardly believe it was happening to her. Now that the initial pain was gone, the feel of Ted's huge man-sized cock stuffed way up inside her tiny twat made her wild with excitement. Nothing before ever felt as good as having this man's big, hard prick inside her little pussy. She felt it all the way deep inside her, her pussy lips stretching tighter and tighter around its massive circumference. Melissa looked up into Ted's passionate eyes, her own filled with timid urgency.

"More, Daddy!" she pleaded. "Give me more!... Move in me!"

She could scarcely breathe, his hold on her was so tight and her excitement so intense. She whimpered and panted with pleasure as Ted began to fuck her slow. Her young belly felt completely filled with his huge, throbbing cock, and she gasped with delight as it seemed to swell more and more within her. It was a feeling that the precocious little girl would soon learn to love. Slowly, Ted began to raise and lower his hips, smiling at the look of obvious pleasure on her cute little face as his cock slid back and forth in her slippery, juice-drenched young snatch.

"You like being fucked, don't you Melissa, honey!" he whispered, stroking his cock gently in and out of her tight, clinging little cunthole. "You like my hard cock fucking you, don't you?... Say it!... Tell Daddy how much you like it, baby!"

"Oh, God, yesss!" moaned the girl. "Christ, I love it! I love your big fucking cock!... Fuck! Jesus, it feels like a goddamn horse is fucking me!"

"Not a horse, honey. Just a big, fat man-cock!" replied Ted with a grin.

He began to move faster as his prick became well and truly lubricated by her abundant pussy-cream. His cock felt like a boa constrictor was wrapped around it, pressing it urgently and squeezing the very life out of it. But Ted was in ecstasy. The snug fit of the girl's tight, little twat was absolutely fucking wonderful!

Melissa moaned with delight as Ted began to pump her squirming young belly full of rock-hard cockmeat. His long, thick pistoning prick was making her tingly little cunt feel so alive... alive with an insatiable hunger for sex.

It was the most erotic pleasure her young body had ever felt. It was more thrilling than having her pussy licked, better than having a finger in her twat, and far, far better than having Robbie's skinny little tool diddling around in her cunt. Nothing felt as good as Ted's fucking prick... nothing at all! Melissa made up her mind to forget the boys, with their tiny ineffectual little peckers, and concentrate on men... real men... men with nice, big thick cocks who would make her feel as good as Ted was making her feel right now.

Although he had felt intolerably large inside her at first, Melissa could feel her cunt adjusting to the size of his cock. The smooth, elastic walls were spreading a little to give him enough room to move freely, and the copious flow of cunt-juices greased his mighty pole as it plunged wetly in and out, making loud sucking noises. His cockhead was poking further into her young fuckhole than any finger or cock had ever done before. She could feel it hit hard up against the end of her cunt with every downward thrust. At the same time, she also felt his heavy balls slap against her tiny little asshole and the bristles of his curly pubic bush against her hairless little pussy.

Ted gazed down at Melissa's slender young body beneath him. She looked so small and dainty, her cute, little-girl face flushed and sweaty as she held on for dear life, a look of painful determination on her pretty features.

"What's wrong, honey?" asked Ted, slowing his strokes a little. "Am I hurting you?"

"Uhhhnnn... n-no! It feels nice! But it did hurt a bit at first!"

"It won't now, baby! Lift your legs up over my shoulders and I'll give you a REAL fuck!"

With a little squeal of pleasure, Melissa obeyed immediately, pulling her knees up and draping her slim legs over his shoulders as he had asked. Then, Ted began to stroke his cock in and out full length, drilling her deeply with his big prong. After only a couple of thrusts, the hot youngster began moving with him, lifting her small, round hips up at him rhythmically, her buttocks working instinctively to push her tight little pussy up towards his plunging prick. With each penetrating drive, she loved it more and more, and began writhing her cunny shamelessly on his spearing shaft.

"Do it to me, Ted!" she sobbed with bliss. "Fuck me hard! Make me have a climax! Make me cum, Ted! Uhhhh! Hhuuhhhh! Ohhhh! Jeez' that feels gooood!"

"What ever happened to calling me `Daddy'?" panted Ted. "I was beginning to like pretending I was fucking my very own little girl."

"Ahhhh! Ummmmm! I... Oooohhhh Jesus! I'll c-call you anything you want! Just keep on fucking meeeee!... Oh God, I love your big cock in me, so much!"

Ted continued to penetrate the girl's tight, slippery little cunthole again and again, withdrawing to the tip then driving his prick in all the way to the hilt. His body shivered with every stroke, as he fucked her with all his strength. His breathing became heavy and laboured with the exertion.

"Fuck! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Oh, damn! You're a fantastic little fuck, Melissa!" grunted Ted as he thrust into her. "God, what a tight, hot, slippery little cunt! Uh! Uhhh!"

Melissa barely heard him. There was a ringing and pounding in her ears as wave after wave of ecstasy coursed through her adolescent body. Ted's big, hard cock was driving her wild!

"Ohhhhhhh! God!" screamed Melissa. "Do it hard! Uhhhhngggghh! Oh, Jesus! Fuck me!... It's happening! It's happening again! I... I'm c...cummmmmming!"

She was coming alright, and Ted knew it was a big one when he felt the youngster's body stiffen under him. Her tiny cunt convulsed around his mighty cock with rapid, rhythmical contractions, her little hips bucking and twisting like mad, desperate for more of her lover's wonderful, pistoning cock. Ted gave her exactly what she wanted, fucking the sexy little fourteen-year-old as hard and as fast as he could, relishing the fantastic feeling of her tight, teenage pussy climaxing around his throbbing cock.

He plunged into her mercilessly, grinding his hard pubic mound against her throbbing clitoris, smashing his prick deep into her wide-spread cunt with long, powerful thrusts... thrusts that without the proper preparation would have split the girl's tight little pussy in two. Ted's patience and control had paid off and now he was fucking the horny little girl as he had wanted to since he had set eyes on her... deep and hard and fast... and to his delight, she was fucking him back with youthful eagerness, shamelessly throwing her hot, tight young cunt up at him like a little demon.

"Arhhhhh Uhhhhnnnnn! Ohhh! Ohhhh! Dadddddy! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeee!" squealed Melissa as Ted's pounding prick drove her over the edge into orgasm once more. She couldn't believe it! Never in her wildest fantasies, did the young girl ever imagine that a cock could make her climax so many times in a row.

It swept her breath away, and her reason with it as, spurt upon spurt, her pleasure-wracked pussy released its fluid to fill her little joy box with cum-juice time and time again. It was much better than when he had sucked her cunt... this time her pussy was packed to the hilt with ten solid inches of hard, thick cockmeat. Better still, with each stroke, Ted's groin mashed hard against her upthrust pubic mound, sending her little clit into wild spasms of intense pleasure.

"Ahhhhhhggggghhh! I can't believe it!" squealed Melissa as a third orgasm started deep within her highly aroused young loins. "I'm coming again! Oh, God!... Oooooo, don't stop!... Don't ever stop!... Make me come forever!"

Ted had no intention of stopping. The gorgeous little kid was one of the best fucks he'd had in a long time, and it was adding to his own excitement enormously to give her the ultimate female pleasure... multiple orgasms. Her cunt was contracting deliciously around his rigid prick as he rammed it ever deeper into the youngster's squirming twat, the grunting sounds she was making driving him crazy. Ted felt his balls slapping against her tiny asshole and couldn't help but imagine how much harder she would be able to grip him with that tight little hole. He bent forwards and tried to suck one of her tiny tits into his mouth, but he couldn't reach, so he bent his head and kissed her flushed neck instead. Melissa immediately grabbed the back of his head and crushed her parted lips over his, kissing him hard. Her hot little tongue stabbing into his open mouth with the same tempo and enthusiasm that Ted's cock exhibited as it plunged in and out of her bucking cunt.

Moving rhythmically and not stopping for a second, Ted worked to give Melissa as many orgasms as her hot little teenage cunt could churn out, struggling all the while to hold back his own. Even after her whimpers of pleasure had died down, Ted kept up his pelvic movements, till he was sure the girl had completely finished cumming. Then, when her body started to relax, and her muscles weren't quite so flexed, he withdrew and lay down on the grass beside her, his still-rampant cock resting wetly on her creamy thigh. Ted ran his hands over her hot, damp flesh as she lay panting beside him. Her eyes were closed and her breath came in deep, exhausted gasps.

"I bet none of your little boyfriends ever made you come like that, sweetheart?" Ted whispered hotly into her ear. He began stroking the girl's small, heaving tits, rubbing her nipples gently between thumb and forefinger.

"Ohhhh, God no!... Never!" she breathed, throwing her arms around him. "I've never felt anything so wonderful in my life!... It was fantastic!"

Ted looked down into her beautiful young eyes and smiled. "Anything to please my little baby girl!" breathed Ted slipping two of his fingers into her juicy, gaping cuntslit.

"Oooooo, you naughty, naughty Daddy!" giggled Melissa, rotating her hips lewdly on Ted's probing fingers. "Mmmmmm! God, if you keep that up, you're gonna get me all hot again!"

"That's the whole idea, sweetheart!" grunted Ted, sinking his fingers as far as he could into the slick velvet depths of her gaping cunt. "Play with my cock while I get you good and ready for more, baby!"

Melissa reached for his prick and gasped with surprise when she felt its pulsing rigidity.

"You didn't come!" she said with wonder. "This afternoon when Robbie fucked me, he came before I did! It wasn't much fun at all."

"Little boy's are like that, Melissa honey. What you need is a man's cock," said Ted nodding down his formidable hardon.

Melissa stared at the huge throbbing organ nestled in her hand. It glistened with moisture, and her little heart skipped a beat with excitement as she realized it was still covered with her cunt juices... her own sticky girly cum. It looked so big and red and angry against the whiteness of her tiny fingers. The look, the feel and even the smell of it excited her terribly! Now that she knew how utterly fantastic it felt plowing in and out of her hot little cunt, she wanted more... much, much more!

Ted saw the hungry look in her eyes and smiled to himself. She was hooked, he thought. His fingers found her clit and he played with it, stroking and rubbing the stiff little bud expertly. He watched her squirm.

"How many times did you come before, baby!" he asked.

"Oh, Jesus! So many times I lost count! I think I even blacked out for a moment, it was unbelievable." Suddenly, she looked up at him longingly.

"Will it be that good every time?"

"I certainly hope so, honey!" smiled Ted.

"Good, let's do it again... right now!" she said enthusiastically, pulling on his prick. Melissa lay back as she had done before and spread her pretty little legs wide, her tiny, gaping slit more than ready to receive his big, stiff cock.

But Ted had other ideas. He grabbed the naked girl by the hips and rolled over, pulling her on top of him until Melissa's little cunt was poised above his erect cock. She was on all fours, her knees straddling his hips, and her hands on his shoulders, supporting her weight on stiffened arms.

"Now, sit on my cock, Melissa honey!" groaned Ted. "That way you can have as much of it as you want... You're in control now, baby... go for it!"

Melissa reached down between her thighs and grasped his cock with trembling fingers, pressing the swollen, purple tip against her open cunt. It pulsed and jumped anxiously, nuzzling her slippery pussy-lips with its bulging head. The girl shivered with pleasure at the delicious contact, moaning deep down in her throat as she rubbed his cockhead up and down the length of her juicy, quivering little slit.

Her involuntary response made Ted's cock twitch, the rigid organ throbbing with excitement at the sight of the youngster's undisguised lust. He could feel the tender tissues of her cunt opening as she lowered herself slowly onto his upthrust prick. Ted watched and felt with growing excitement as her cuntlips parted, and his cock entered her, slicing deeply into her hairless cuntmound as the girl hunched downwards onto him. Although her little cunt was well lubricated from their previous fuck, her weight alone wasn't sufficient to overcome the resistance of his thick cock in her tight pussy. Ted grasped the cheeks of her ass and literally pulled her cunt down onto his upthrust prick. The fit was tight and hot, and Ted moaned once more as he felt his entire cock deeply imbedded in the girl's snug little fuckhole.

"Oh, baby girl!... Damn, that's tight!" he gasped as Melissa settled herself fully on him. "God! Jesus, you gorgeous, sexy little cunt!... Am I ever gonna give you a fuck to remember, baby!"

"Oooooh, Daddy!" she purred. "Oooooo, yesssss, fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Oh, yes, yes! Mmmmm, you're cock feels soooo good up there! It's all the way in, Daddy! Now, fuck me good! Fuck my tight, juicy little cunt real good!"

"Unnnggghhh!... Jesus!... I will, baby!... Mmmmmmm, believe me I will!"

Ever so eagerly, the excited young fourteen-year-old began to hump her tightly-stretched little quim up and down on Ted's cock, whimpering and moaning incessantly as the rock-hard shaft fucked in and out of her tiny cunt. Her firm young buttocks clenched and relaxed with the effort and her slender back arched in ecstasy as Melissa took her pleasure. Her cute little ass and firm, budding breasts wiggled sensuously as she bucked around wildly on his upthrust prick.

Ted's grinding hips moved solidly as he worked his long, steely prong ever so deeply inside of the young girl's bucking hole. Her bright pink cuntlips were pushed wide apart by his massive cock, and mashed repeatedly against the base of his thick shaft each time he lunged up into her.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhh! Goddddd! Fuck, what a cock!" squealed Melissa, bouncing up and down on him like crazy. "Ohhh, fuck me Daddy! Fill my hot little snatch with your big, fat prick and fuck me!... Ohhh! Ohhh! Daddy! Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Hearing her urgent cry, Ted hunched his cock up at her as hard as he could, burying his stiff, throbbing pole as deeply as possible inside the girl's slippery, squirming little twat.

"Mmmmmm! Damn, that's fantastic!" he moaned. "Uhhhh, yeahhhh! Hot and tight and wet!... Jesus, I love young pussy! ... Ooooh! Shake that cunt for me, baby! Yes, that's it, grind it down real hard!"

They both made noises like wild animals, the inner muscles of Melissa's tight little cunt clasping Ted's plunging cock like a vice. He began pumping harder, knowing the horny young teenager was ready for everything he could throw at her. Melissa gasped aloud with each powerful stroke, arching her back and thrusting her hips down to meet his pumping cock. She bucked and jumped wildly around on top of him, whimpering deep down in her throat as she worked to push Ted's rock-hard cock further and further inside her. Melissa felt as though she was loosing her mind, his huge throbbing penis was ramming so far up her drooling little cunthole it hurt... but it hurt so good that the girl only wanted to feel more and more of it.

"Daddy... Daddy... Daddy!" she screamed, unable to contain herself any longer. "Fuck me!... Ohhhh, fuck me harder, faster! OHHHH! GOD! FUCK ME!!"

Her tiny, naked titties heaved and jiggled, and her long brown hair swirled around her shoulders as Ted rammed his cock in and out of her eagerly bouncing pussy. The rigid cock between her legs seemed to be getting bigger and harder with every deep penetration, and soon Melissa began to cry out, screaming with ecstasy at the excruciating pleasure caused by the battering her sex-starved little pussy was receiving far up between its tautly stretched lips. Her cunt was on fire, and each stab of his prick sent waves of pure ecstasy coursing up her spine. Soon it became just too much for her.

"Ohhhh, God!... Oh, God! Ohhhhhhh, Goddddddd!... Yes! Yessss, Uuuhh, uuuuh, I'm gonna come!"

Her cunt-juice covered his balls now, and as Ted continued pumping, more began to flow from her cock-ravaged little cunt, saturating both their crotches with her warm, creamy fluids. He was close to orgasm too and speeded up his strokes so that they would come at the same time.

"Come, baby! Come with me! I'm gonna shoot too, I can feel it!" grunted Ted. Melissa suddenly felt his cock swell to unbelievable proportions, stretching her pussy even wider as the spunk welled up in his balls.

"Oh, Daddy! Yesss! Come in me! Fill me with your fuckin' spunk! Uhh! Uggh!" Ted felt the hot little teenager stiffen and shudder, whimpering with pure pleasure as she climaxed. Her tiny hole gave his cock a mighty squeeze as her spasming cuntal muscles contracted in orgasm once more.

But still Ted hadn't come. He was real close, he could feel it, all it needed was a few deep jabs and he'd be there.

"Fuck, baby! Squirm your cunt on my prick! Uhhh! Mmmmm! That's it! Squeeze your pussy! Oh, christ! Here it comes!... Uhhhhh! Fuck, Melissa!... FUCK!... Fuck your cunt onto my cock like crazy, honey! Arghhhhhh! I'm cummmmming!"

She felt him tense up, then his prick jerked inside her. In a flash, there was an eruption deep in her twat that sent her young mind reeling. A geyser of hot, steaming jizz splashed against her womb in jet after jet, making her climax immediately. All she could do to keep from fainting was to scream.


It seemed to Ted that his balls were being milked dry by the girl's tight sucking cunt as the last drop of semen dribbled from his tool and he went limp. Melissa had slumped forwards onto his chest, and the two of them just lay there panting with exhaustion for several minutes, trying to catch their breath. Ted's prick was still buried deeply in the girl's twitching cunt, he could feel the muscles of her satisfied little pussy massaging the throbbing shaft from base to tip. He reached down and cupped the cheeks of her ass. The firm little mounds fit perfectly into his hands, and as he began squeeze and fondle them, Melissa reacted by grinding her cunt down onto his cock, the fires of lust quickly rekindled in her adolescent loins.

"Ohhhh, Jesus, that was even better than the first time!" she moaned, nuzzling his neck. "I came so hard I almost fainted. Was it good for you too?"

"You bet your cute little ass it was, honey!" replied Ted. "I don't think I've got a drop of cum left in my balls. Your cunt has sucked them dry, baby!"

"I hope not, Daddy!" giggled the girl, rubbing her body against him suggestively. "I want you to do it to me again!"

"You horny little nympho!" laughed Ted, slapping her butt playfully. "You can't get enough of Daddy's big, hard prick can you, darling?"

"Nope!" said Melissa with a grin. She felt his cock twitch and swell within her and added, "Ooooo!... and it feels to me that you can't get enough of my hot little cunt either, Daddy!"

Ted's cock, which started to deflate as soon as he climaxed, had surprisingly began to stiffen as she lay on top of him. The excitement of fucking this gorgeous, sexy little kid was like a drug, and his prick reacted accordingly, springing to immediate attention within her enveloping cuntal sheath.

"I guess you're right, honey!" he admitted. "I've never felt so damn horny!"

"Mmmmm!... Lucky me!" murmured Melissa, enjoying the delicious feeling of his cock expanding rapidly in the hot, juicy confines of her cunt. Soon it was as long and hard as it had been before, throbbing against the walls of her squirming twat in all its former glory. Without moving his hips, Ted made it twitch and jerk inside her.

"Feel that, honey?" he grinned lewdly.

"Oooooh, yes! Fuck!... can I ever! It feels so much bigger than before!"

"It might be, baby, but my guess is that your sweet little pussy has been fucked so much this afternoon, it's a bit swollen. Either way, it's still a nice tight fit, and like I told you before, I just love tight, teenage pussies."

"Good! Then shut up and fuck me with it!" groaned Melissa, hunching her little hips shamelessly up and down on him. She was eager for more of the mind-blowing pleasure that Ted's big, thick man-sized cock could give her.

"Okay, Melissa, honey!... But let's try something a little different," he suggested. "Hop off, baby, and I'll show you a new way to fuck!" Melissa reluctantly did as she was told, more than a little unhappy that it meant having to pull her cunt off his pleasure-giving pole.

Ted maneuvered the girl onto all fours and spread her legs, kneeling close up behind her, his cock throbbing rigidly between her open thighs. He held his huge erection in one hand and reached between her thighs with the other, running his fingers the entire length of her hot, dripping slit.

"Uhhhhhh! That feels so gooooood!... Mmmmm! But your cock would feel much... much better, Daddy!" she husked, smiling back at him over her shoulder.

It was the sexiest smile Ted had ever seen. Her long brown hair was strewn over her shoulders and her pretty face was looking at him with that sultry, `hurry-up-and-fuck-me' look that women get when they can't wait a moment longer. Her skinny thighs were wide apart, revealing the pink wet slit of her little cunt... swollen and glistening with juice... just waiting to be fucked. And in her excitement, she offered it to him shamelessly, waggling her cute little ass at him in wanton invitation.

"God, but you're a hot, sexy little bitch!" said Ted, rubbing his fingers through the pink, glistening flesh of Melissa's hotly aroused young pubes. The youngster moaned and pressed her cunt suggestively against his massaging hand.

"So, I'm a bitch, huh?" she murmured. spreading her legs even further apart. "Then do something about it!... Come on, Daddy! Put that big, fat thing you call a cock inside my pussy and fuck me like a bitch then!" The look on her angelic little face was pure wanton lust. "Isn't that why they call this the doggie position, Daddy?" she added.

Melissa's juicy, exposed pussy simply begged to be fucked, and Ted couldn't resist a moment longer! He grabbed her hips and pulled her against him.

"Ok, baby... you asked for it!..." he grunted, "...and now you're gonna get it!... get ready for the fuck of your life, you horny little cunt!"

Quickly fitting the head of his prick between the gaping lips of her pussy, Ted lunged forwards, and, with one powerful thrust, rammed his huge, throbbing cock inside her to the very balls.

"UUUUUUHHHHHHH! GAAAAAAWWWWWWDDDD! JEEEEEEZZZZZZZZUUUUUSSS!" screamed Melissa as Ted's prick sliced into her tight little hole. It went in a lot easier this time and with the new angle, it felt to be in a lot deeper as well.

"Baby! Ohhhhh, baby! That's fuckin' tight! Ummmmm, yeah! Squeeze it, Melissa! Squeeze my cock with your hot little cunt, honey!" groaned Ted as he began to throw his cock to her in ernest. Her ass quivered as he hunched into her, jamming his prick in as far as it would go, then pulling it almost all of the way out.

"Ohhhh, Daddy-Ted! Fuck me! Screw me! Stick that prick way up into my belly!... I love it! I just love it! Ohhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm! Fuck! Ohhh, fuck!"

Her words excited him just as much as the incredible friction of her tight little cunt on his plunging cock. In no time at all, she was twisting and bucking her ass like crazy... moaning loudly as Ted thrust his massive cock into her frothy young pussy like a human battering ram. The pink, juicy flesh of her cunt pushed in and pulled out around the glistening shaft with every powerful stroke, clinging tightly to his pistoning cock. Ted reached forward to fondle Melissa's dangling tits, squeezing the small jiggling globes and rubbing the tiny, erect nipples.

"Oooh, yes! Play with my tits, Daddy! Play with my tits while you fuck me!"

Melissa closed her eyes and pretended that it was her real Daddy fucking her so wonderfully. She imagined her father's enormous prong stabbing and jabbing into her aching cunt as he fucked her. The added excitement of the incestuous daydream drove the hot little fourteen-year-old wild, and she orgasmed on the spot, moaning and whimpering like a wounded animal.


"Ok, baby! Do it! Come for Daddy!" grunted Ted as he fucked the writhing girl to orgasm. "Come on my cock!... Squeeze your hot little pussy around it, honey!... Uhhhhhnnnnn! Jesus, what a cunt!... what a fuck!"

Ted rammed his prick into the girl's pussy rapidly, making her squeal. He grabbed her narrow hips and pulled her back against him hard, his thighs slapping noisily against her juice-smeared little ass with every powerful stroke. Melissa was churning her hips wildly, feeling the waves of pleasure wash over her again and again as Ted's cock smashed into her. He looked down between their heaving bodies and marvelled at the highly arousing sight. His long, thick shaft glistened with wetness, throbbing visibly as it slid in and out of Melissa's stretched little cunthole like a well-greased piston.

"Uhhhh yes! That's it, baby! Grind those hips! Push your hot little snatch back onto my cock as hard as you can!... God, I don't think I can hold back any longer!" screamed Ted as he felt the hot tide of release rise in his swollen balls. He began to fuck her faster, ramming his cock in and out with short, hard lunges, ravaging her tight, slippery little cunt with relentless vigour.

"Oooooooh, yes, Daddy!" Melissa cried. "Go fast! Fuck me fast! Unnnnnghhh! It feels so good!... God! I can feel your cock throb... feel it jerk inside my cunt! Oh, ram it in deeper! Pound my cunt with your cock, Daddy! Uhhhhh!" The girl was having another powerful orgasm, thrashing her ass like mad, fucking back onto Ted's slamming prick in wanton ecstasy.

"OOOOOOH, DADDY!! I'M CUMMING AGAIN!... OH, GOD! OHHHH, GOD! OH, FUUUUCK!" she squealed, thrusting her cunt eagerly backwards. The friction of his cock on her tiny quivering clit sent intense tremors of pleasure through her young body. Ted gripped her thrashing hips tightly and fucked into her cunt hard and deep, shuddering with ecstasy as he climaxed also.

"OH, MELISSA, HONEY! AHHHHHHHGGGGGHHH! I'M CUMMING TOO!" shouted Ted, his cock jerking madly in her belly as it pumped spurt after spurt of hot, scalding cum way up inside her convulsing pussy. He felt her cunt grip him. "TAKE IT ALL, BABY! UHHHHHHHH! JESUS! I'M GONNA FILL YOUR HOT LITTLE CUNT WITH MY JIZZ, HONEY... TILL IT COMES OUT YOUR FUCKIN' EARS! AHHHHHHHGGGGHH!" Ted and Melissa moaned and quivered as one, jerking and bucking against each other like wild animals as the exploding pleasure of their mutual orgasm overtook them completely.

It was minutes before they stopped panting and fell apart. Melissa just lay there, recovering from the most powerful orgasm of her young life. Ted kissed her and stood up.

"Thanks, baby!" he said, pulling his jogging pants back on. "We'll have to do this again sometime. Can you meet me here tomorrow after school sweetheart?"

Melissa nodded her head enthusiastically. She was still on cloud nine. She had never felt so good, and was more than a little disappointed that it was all over. Robbie had never fucked her like that, ever! It had felt so wonderful, the little girl couldn't wait to try it again... soon!

Ted gave her a long, passionate kiss and left, jogging out of the clearing before she could say anything. Melissa just sat there for a while, staring after him, well-fucked but happy. Suddenly, she realized what time it was. Shit, her mother would kill her! In a flash, Melissa pulled on her clothes and headed for home, her new lover's spent jism still sticky between her creamy young thighs.

The End.
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