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I was a wild child growing up and got into trouble a great deal nothing serious or really of a bad nature, more money related than anything else (gambling). My activity cut back by my family and letting everyone know the flow of money had stopped. So, nobody wanted to gamble with me anymore and my allowance cut back. I went from the party boy at university to a wannabe. Barely enough money to get thru each week, no extra money available from the family either. But as they say one door closes another door opens, in my case my aunt 54 widowed and my mother's sister. Had a health issue, as she lived close to the university and therefore, I was the closest relative. I was moved in with my aunt and expected to assist her, she had servants. But the family wanted a family member there also. Her health issue was bottle related and so no alcohol was kept in the house, and she was strictly watched. With a live in housekeeper and someday staff, I thought that should've been enough. But my family thought otherwise. Especially as the housekeeper was sound sleeper, I was lucky as my living costs reduced when I moved in with my aunt. My family didn't reduce my allowance but gave me a warning that it could be. It turns out my aunt had another problem which was behind her drinking, she loved sex and being of the social Christian elite made affairs far too risky, so she drank instead, and it was passed off as a health issue. Less of a scandal, than being a whore. I became aware of her excessive sexual desires, the third night I was there. Everyone else having gone to bed I also turned in; it was a Friday night. I hadn't even closed my eyes and my door opened and my aunt came in and dropped her nightgown to the floor revealing she was totally naked. She wasn't a stunner, but highly fuckable in my book as I also love sex and would fuck any woman with heartbeat. We had sex and she really drained my balls, and she of course told me not to tell anyone else. I already knew not to tell anyone; I saw the sex as a bonus. Not every night she visited me, but several times each week. After a year the family thought she had got over her drinking and said I could return to staying at the university campus. I said I'll stay with my aunt, and they accepted it and were a bit surprised. But I'm no fool regular sex is better than maybe sex with the girls at university and I was still able to date the girls and score now and then also. But if not, I would visit my aunt in her bed, and she would let me fuck her. Perfect arrangement for a guy like me.
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