I found out her Secret


Recently divorced and restarting my life, still very well off financially, as we both have careers and so made a 50/50 split. No alimony, no children so no child support, I moved away so restart my life. Once settled in my new apartment and job, I started looking at dating again and soon was enjoying myself. But in the offices, I worked, I was attracted to the office manager 48 single and not in a relationship. She is a stunner in looks and body and even those she is 7 years older than me, I was really attracted to her, nobody got anywhere with her was the story I'd been told. Forbidden fruit syndrome set in; I was determined to have her at least once. So, I started looking into her history and found no trace of her prior to 15 years in the past. That got me more interested and thru changing the spelling of her name, finally found her earlier years. Back to her university days, after university she had trouble and had become an escort to pay her way and finally getting a start with firm I was now working for. All work and no play was her new lifestyle, and she worked her way up to office manager. With a no-nonsense approach to work. As I said I wanted her at least once and armed with my new knowledge of her, I waited for the best moment. I get high profile cases, had one dropped on me at the last moment. Which was an out of state case and I needed an assistant, my usual assistant was away. No suitable assistant's available short notice, except one the office manager she is the most highly qualified of all. So, I asked her to assist me, and she agreed as she knew the case was important. We travel to deal with the case and nothing else was on our minds. The case was resolved after several days in our favor and being settled late in the day. We were staying an extra night before returning, it was then I let her know I knew all about her past. Shocked and scared about her future, she was willing to agree to anything to have it kept secret. I strangely for didn't press my advantage and told her I would keep her secret. Nothing happened that night and we returned the next day. But one thing had changed, we had less tension in our working relationship. In fact, we were very friendly towards each other and at the office Christmas party we left together and became lovers. It's a friend with benefits relationship and we spend at least a weekend a month together for sex and just hanging out. We help each other in our careers as well. I feel I've a stronger relationship with than I did with my ex-wife.
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