Daddy Daughter Bond On A Crowded Beach

Written by , on 2024-06-19, genre incest

Jim Thorpe lay back on his beach towel and surveyed the
scene before him. Sparkling blue water rippled in the
dazzling sunlight, golden rays bouncing off of the wave
crests to reflect back into his blue eyes. He sighed
heavily; he was in heaven. The sounds of teen girls playing
all around him in the sand filled his ears and sparked his
brain. Surreptitiously he let his gaze float over the
closest two girls playing nearby with a bucket and sand.
Two girls, crouched on the sand dumping shovelfuls of the grainy stuff into the buckets . Their one-piece swimming suits clung to their shapeless bodies tightly, molding their undeveloped shoulders and hips and behinds.

Jim Thorpe took this sight into his mind and relished it.
You see, Jim Thorpe just loved teenage girls.
He loved looking at them, he loved being near them, he
loved fantasizing about them. Jim Thorpe was also 35 years

Jim was in heaven because his wife had gotten a migraine
headache this morning and said that she wouldn't be able to
go down to the beach with him and their daughter, Jennifer.
Secretly, Jim thanked his lucky stars for that. Now he
could lay here on the beach and watch all the cute daughter running around and playing on the sand. And his wife
wouldn't be there to wonder what he was looking at.

Jim was 35 years old but he was a much younger-looking man.
He had a muscular, lean body that he liked to keep in
shape. He had short cut dark blonde hair and a ruggedly
handsome face.

His chest was broad and though he lacked hair on it his
muscles more than made up for it. He was wearing a pair of
loose-fitting dark-blue-with-black-stripes swim trunks,
with the legs of the trunks running down to his knees.
Almost like shorts. He had purposefully picked these to
wear because he didn't want anyone to notice his erection
as he watched the pretty swimming-suit clad girls run by.

He looked out towards the water now and squinted into the
glaring sunlight at the bathers out in the clear blue
water. He tried to find his daughter among the crowd but
she was lost in the multitudes. Funny thing, even though
Jim loved teen girls he had never had a sexual thought
concerning his daughter. Perhaps it was the stigma of the
I-word--Incest! He didn't know. Another thing was that
Jim had never touched another teen, even though the
very idea of it was fuel for his masturbation fantasies.

Jim took another peek at the two girls playing with
the bucket and shovel, noting that the one girl was now on
her knees in the sand and her tiny buttocks were pointing
right at him. He could see where her one-piece suit rode
up slightly into the crack of her butt. He closed his eyes
and imagined that he was behind her, his hand cupping the round butt cheeks and squeezing them. As the girl
played, his hand slipped in between her thighs in the back
and proceeded to trace a path along her swimsuit crotch,
playing over top of her covered mound.

His finger was just about to slip underneath the elasticlegband of her suit when he heard----

"Daddy! Hand me my towel, will you please? It's cold onceyou get out of the water!"

Jim opened his eyes to see his daughter standing before
him, dripping wet, arms hugging her tight body as
she stood there shivering in the sun. Jim reached to the
side and grabbed her beach towel and handed it to his

"Thanks, dad! Were you falling asleep?" Jennifer asked
her father as she wrapped the towel around her shoulders
and closed it in front of her.

"Nah, just daydreaming, honey," Jim answered her. Lucky he
had on the loose swim trunks, he thought to himself.
Wouldn't look too good for his daughter to see her old dad
sporting an erection now would it!

Jennifer Thorpe was beautiful girl . Well,
nine in three months, anyway. She liked to be called
Jenny, and her parents only called her Jennifer when they
were angry with her or wanted to impart something of major
importance to her. Jenny was a very pretty little girl,
with dark blonde hair like her father's. She usually kept
it shoulder length and today her mom had tied it into a
ponytail in the back of her head in order to go swimming.

Jenny was wearing a two-piece swimsuit. It was pink with
pink-and-white daisies on it. The top part was a
halter-top type, with strings going around her neck and
tying in the back. The bottoms were bikini style with the
elastic waistband a few inches below her belly button.

Jenny had pretty blue eyes and a smile that could melt yourheart.

Jenny walked over to her blanket on the sand and sat down
on it crosslegged. She was warming up now and the sun's
hot rays were beating down on her. She unwrapped the beach
towel from around her body and dried off her legs and face
with it. She set the towel aside and rummaged through her
carryall bag and brought out the bottle of tanning lotion.
Jenny wanted to get a nice tan before they had to go back
home after their vacation.

She looked over at her father sitting forwards now and
looking around at all the people. Jenny really loved her
father and thought he was very good-looking. Compared to
the other girls' fathers back home, anyway.

"Daddy, will you please rub this tanning lotion on me?"she asked her father.

Jim was startled out of yet another fantasy and he turned
to look at his daughter sitting on the towel next to

"What? Oh, yeah, sure, honey! I'll do it," he said,
taking the bottle of lotion from her and turning around on
his own towel to face her.

Jenny had unfolded her legs and had stuck them straight outnow. Jim got onto his knees and knelt in the soft sand.

"Lean forwards a little, honey, so I can get your backfirst," he told his daughter.

Jenny leaned forwards and reached behind her and moved her
ponytail out of the way. Jim squirted some lotion onto his
hand and rubbed both his hands together to make them wet
with the lotion. He placed his hands on each of his
daughter's shoulders and began to work the tanning lotion
into her skin. He slid his slick hands onto her back,
smoothing the lotion out over her shoulder blades. He
moved his hands down her back, over the knot where her suit
top was tied. He lifted the knot up and spread some lotion
underneath it. He slid his hands down her smooth back,
feeling how incredibly smooth and supple his daughter's
skin was.

As he swept down her back smoothing out the tanning lotion,
his eyes swept downwards. His gaze fell upon his
daughter's swimsuit bottoms in the back, right at the top
of her butt. He could see the two halves molded by her
pink swimsuit bottoms. They jutted out nicely as she
leaned forwards. Jim cleared his head and shook away those
thoughts. This was his daughter, for crying out loud!

He swept his lotion-covered hands down Jenny's back and as
he rubbed the lotion into her lower back, his hands brushed
against the elastic waistband of her swimsuit bottoms in
the back.

"Okay, Jenny, all done in the back! Sit back up now,honey!" he said, and his daughter straightened up again.

He squirted more lotion into his hand and rubbed them
together again. He started slicking down Jenny's arm,
lifting it up and holding it out from her body as he did
so. Her upper arm felt so soft and silky to his hands as
he worked the lotion over it. God, did all little girl's
skin feel like this? It felt incredible!

When he was done with that arm Jim lifted his body up
somewhat and stretched across his daughter to do her other
arm. When that was done Jim went back down on his knees.

"I guess I'll do your legs next, Jenny," he said, andsquirted more lotion into his hands.

After he slicked both hands up, he started applying the
tanning lotion to his daughter's legs. He started right
above her knee. For some reason he didn't want to get near
Jenny's swimsuit crotch. He applied the lotion from her
knee on down to her ankles. Then he did the other one.

"Daddy, what about my upper legs? I don't want them to getburned!" Jenny said, eyeing her father.

"Uh, okay, honey, I'll do them, too!"

Jim applied more lotion to his hand and placed his hands on
his daughter's lower thigh. As he slicked his hands
upwards along her thigh, he marveled at the softness of her
skin there.

As he neared her swimsuit crotch he swiped his hands
quickly around her thigh where her leg came out of the
swimsuit leg opening. Then he did the other thigh, doing
the same thing and not getting near or touching his
daughter's swimsuit crotch.

"But Daddy," Jenny said, "what about my legs on the insides? You have to get them, too!"

Jim sighed and applied more lotion to his hands. Jenny
spread her legs apart in order to allow her daddy to rub
the lotion onto the insides of her legs. When Jim started
applying the tanning lotion to his daughter's inside thighs
he thought he would die! His cock was now starting to grow
erect in his loose swim trunks.

He couldn't believe how good his daughter's body fet to himas he rubbed lotion all over it.

His hands smoothed out the lotion along the insides of her
thighs. Jenny's legs seemed to be spreading wider apart as
he did this and his eyes were drawn to her swimsuit
bottoms. He could see the crotch of her pink swimsuit
bottoms and swore that he could make out the fleshy lips of
her little slit. His cock started pounding now, growng to
its full seven inches inside his trunks. He rubbed his
hands dangerously close to Jenny's crotch now, and as he
lost all inhibitions now he even let his knuckles brush
against his daughter's mound through her swimsuit.

This was crazy! Jim thought to himself. What am I doing?
I'm trying to feel up my own daughter! In
public, yet! And on that reminder, Jim looked around him
quickly but saw no one near them that was even remotely
interested in what he was doing.

"Okay, Jenny, that's done! I guess that leaves your upperchest and your tummy!"

Jim worked some more lotion into his hands and began
massaging it into his daughter's upper chest, above her
swimsuit halter top. As his fingers worked the slick
lotion into her skin, his fingertips brushed over the
material of her swimsuit top and once or twice his ring
finger and pinky would slide beneath the pink top, going
underneath. Jim wasn't sure if he was near her tiny
nipples, but he did notice that suddenly two titty
points appeared poking up from underneath her top. Had he
brushed over them? Or was his daughter just reacting
to the sensual massage and rubbing by her father?

Then he started on her tummy. If he thought her legs and
thighs and arms felt smooth he was in for a shock when he
felt his daughter's tummy.

As his hands glided over her flat tummy, Jim got the
sensation of running his hands over a cloud, or at least
imagining what a cloud would feel like if you could touch

Jenny giggled a little when he smoothed the lotion over her
hips on the side--she was ticklish there. Jim felt the
elastic waistband of Jenny's swimsuit bottoms brush against
his pinky fingers as he neared her belly button. Jim
looked up at his daughter's face. She had her eyes closed,
as if asleep.

"Jenny, honey, why don't you lie down on the towel?"

Jim had come to the edge of the precipice and stoodthere--and then decided to take the dive.

Jenny lay down on her back, her eyes still closed. When
her father had been rubbing the lotion into her body she
had begun to feel warm and tingly all over. His strong
hands just felt so nice rubbing on her skin.

Jim glanced around him again and noted that no one was
looking his way. In fact, it seemed that most of the
people around him had gone into the water.

Jim began applying more lotion to his daughter's tummy,
drawing nearer and nearer to her swimsuit bottoms' top.
His fingers met with the elastic waistband. His hands
already slick with the lotion, they slid quite easily
uderneath Jenny's swimsuit bottoms' top. Jim felt the
incredible softness of his daughter's pubic pad. As his
hand dipped lower into her swimsuit bottoms he could feel
the hard pubic bone that led down into the vagina itself.

Jim looked up at his daughter's face but she still had her
eyes closed. She was letting him do this to her. She was
okay with it.

Jim snaked his hand down deeper inside Jenny's swimsuit
bottoms, until his fingertips suddenly felt the twin halves
of her fleshy labia.

He was touching his daughter's cunny! Her little slit! God, it felt so incredibly soft!

His middle finger separated the halves of her slit, opening
them up. His fingers were coated with tanning lotion so as
he fondled and probed Jenny's cunnylips his fingers were
not too rough on her smooth, babysoft genitals.

Jim was hunched over his prone daughter while he played
inside her swimsuit bottoms. His aching cock throbbed
hotly inside his loose trunks. As his fingers manpulated
Jenny's sexual organs, he suddenly felt a small hand
squeeze his erection through his trunks. He looked down to
see Jenny, his daughter, using her hand to squeeze his cock
through his trunks. Her eyes were still closed and she was
obviously enjoying what he was doing to her cunny. Jim
looked around him again and still no one was watching them.

Jim began to massage and rub Jenny's slit fully now,
running his middle finger up and down her puffy labia. He
searched for and found her swollen clit and when he
touched it his daughter jumped, and she made a gasping
sound. He continued to stroke her clit and rub her slit up
and down. Suddenly, he felt his daughter's small hand slip
down inside his loose trunks and grab a hold of his
seven-inch-cock! She was squeezing it inside his swim
trunks! As father masturbated daughter, daughter stroked
father's cock.

Jim's middle finger slipped down further underneath Jenny's
swimsuit bottoms and found the entrance to her cunnyhole.
His slick finger slipped inside the entranceway easily and
he began to slowly slide the digit in and out of Jenny's
cunnyhole. Jenny's hand increased the speed of the
masturbation of her father's cock.

Jim diddled his daughter's little sensitive clit again and
he felt her whole body stiffen and knew that she was
experiencing her first orgasm!

She relaxed again and her hand continued stroking his cock.

Jim removed his hand from Jenny's swimsuit bottoms and
knelt there hunched over as she continued jacking him off.
Jim could feel his orgasm building and on his daughter's
downstroke he erupted, shooting his seed into the front of
his swim trunks. As the last spurt shot out of his cock,
Jenny released her father's erection and pulled her hand
out of his swim trunks. She licked her fingers and tasted her daddy’s creamy load.

She opened her eyes and father and daughter locked stares.
Not a word was spoken. But a signal passed between the two
of them. A silent signal.

Father and daughter were bonded together.

There was much more to come in their new found relationship

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