On My Knees

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On My Knees

It’s one of my all time favourite places to be, on my knees with a lovely cock in front of me just waiting to be sucked. That’s the moment when I get to look forward to everything that’s coming. Don’t get me wrong; I’m thrilled that the guys enjoy it. But right then, when I’m licking my lips and running my palms up and down his thighs, I’m probably just thinking about me, and all the wild and varied sensations ahead. The look on his face and the occasional cry or gasp are just bonuses.

You see, whatever he thinks…when I’m running the tip of my finger around the base of his cock, or brushing against his sack, always careful not to give too much too soon…I’m being terribly selfish. I like this. Love this. Part of it is about control. I can make him feel good. I can catch his eye, smile, lick my lips…drawing his attention to my mouth and making him that little bit stiffer without even touching. What part of that isn’t a thrill? I can make him twitch with just a little puff of air across the head of his dick. I can make him groan just by tossing my hair out of my face, and moving towards him half an inch. I can close his eyes by running my nails down the back of his legs. I’m in charge of everything, right at that moment. And nothing’s really happened yet.

And then there’s the infinite variety of cock sucking, it can go so many different ways. All sorts of options available to exactly fit my mood. I can be wildly aggressive, and shock him a bit by seeing how far down his shaft I can dive my mouth in that first second. Then reward his fearlessness by sealing my lips around him and sucking hard as I pull my head back. That sort of start usually means the rest of the encounter is going to be fast and furious, that I’m hungry for it, greedy, demanding. It’s great fun, but that mood is really the exception to the rule. Ordinarily I’m much more of a tease, moving slowly and steadily until he begs, enjoying all the in-between stages.

The teasing, selfish part of me usually wants to start at the head. The tip of a cock has the most amazing skin. It reminds me of raspberries, somehow. And there’s nothing more luscious than holding him with one hand and guiding that sweet skin across my lips. There are an astounding number of nerve endings in the lips, and I’ll happily play that head across them until each and every one has been heard from. Sometimes, just sometimes, I’ll rise up so I can brush it over my nipples as well…but I digress. This is often when I open my mouth just enough to hold that sweetly soft head while I loosen my grip and stroke my fingertips back and forth along the shaft. I’m playing now. I’m directing his attention back to my hand…running my fingers down, then across, then back up along the underside. I’ll cuddle his balls into my other palm, and when I’m certain he’s got nothing but my hands on his mind…I’ll remind him I have a tongue.

Just a quick flick across the end, and then another, and another…as my fingers move more slowly and finally stop. The contact with my tongue can feel almost electric for me, which usually sparks my interest in more demanding things. My hands have explored him, and my tongue is jealous. I want to trace the shape of this glorious cock. So I’ll swirl my tongue around the head as I pull him in, spiralling down the length…. well, not the entire length. It’ll be a while before I’ll let him all the way in. I’ll stroke my tongue along the underside as I slip him out, with one little flick at the end. That’s when I can start exploring the entire cock, inch by inch with my tongue. Comparing the slickness of the skin with the hardness underneath. Feeling all the textures, tracing the veins and ridges…following my tongue with my hand, feeling the skin slide with it. Finally kissing my way back to the tip to taste the sweetness and the salt.

Back at the head, mmmm…still incredibly soft. I can’t help running it back between my lips…then further, then further, and then further. See, at this point he may be enjoying the feel of my mouth wrapping around his cock, the back of my throat gently pressing against the head…but that’s not all that’s happening. I’m enjoying the feel of him rubbing across my tongue, pressing against my lips. I’ll lean forward to take him in that little bit deeper, partly to cross his eyes and partly to quickly brush my nipples up against his legs. Then I’ll slide him quickly back out to start the whole process over again. And again. Half the time, around now, a little pinch on the ass is required to get his eyes open again. I like having him watch me give that hard cock one long, slow, ice cream cone lick. Then I wink as I suck him back in, as far as I can.

Again I’m overwhelmed with options. I can start moving on him fast or slow. I can wriggle my tongue or just use it to press against him. Sucking hard, soft, or pulsating. A world of options that taste good and feel better. I can finish him fast if he’s been good…. or slow if he’s been better. I can bring him off while he’s just barely between my lips so his come runs down the full length of my tongue…or so deep it shoots straight down my throat. Or, if I’m in a particularly playful mood, I can sit, up, lean in and tuck his now extremely wet shaft between my breasts and “polish” him off that way…giving him back my tongue only afterwards, to lick him clean.

And, of course, it is over all too soon. But no problem. I can repeat the scene again with variations. As often as I want. As often as someone lets me get down on my knees. Anyone want me to give you blow job please contact me.

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