My Neighbor


I'm 30 single and enjoy myself and in no hurry to marry if I decide I might do so in the future. My neighbor is 58 widowed 2020 and okay on the eye even at her age, the apartment building we live in is full of mainly couples married or just in relationships. Everyone is very friendly to each other, so get togethers happen at least once a month. I noticed at the get togethers my neighbor was always standing really close to me. Which I thought a little too close at first but said nothing. I read that people stand really close to people they fancied. I'm a person who pushes the boundaries and decided to test what I'd read. So, the next get together I waited to see if she would again stand really close to me. This time I was sitting when she arrived, and she toured the room talking to everybody like she always did. Ending up standing next to me and she was touching the arm of the chair, I offered her the chair. But she said she preferred to stand, a short time later she was still stand really close and I decided to test the theory. First, I put my hand on her dress touching her ass. No reaction, but it was a light touch and so I press a little harder, so she had to feel it and still no reaction. Emboldened I put my hand under her dress and started rubbing her upper leg and still no reaction. Again, I felt emboldened enough that I started rubbing her vagina thru her panties and got a small reaction, she put her hand on my shoulder. With that as the green light I worked my fingers under her panties and started to finger her. A short time later she said not here, come to my place and so we left together, and I stayed the night with her. It was fairly normal for and her to leave fairly early and nobody took much notice if any. That was in March, and she is my go-to ball drainer, we aren't in a relationship just a friend with benefits you could called. She likes sex and so do I, I still don't have a steady girlfriend and use my neighbor for sex fairly regularly and I see her after failing to get sex on a date. She is right next door and I get the urge; I go and see her.
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