I'm a widower of 3 years my late died freak accident, a tree branch broke off during strong wind and hit her. At 59 I was again single and now living alone, decided to give my house to my son and his new wife and move to an apartment. It was closer to my business, and I wouldn't have to drive miles to and from work each day. Settling in quickly, not interested in dating at all I kept to myself. After a year I started getting horny and still not wanting the hassle of dating. Decided to Leveridge my position and get sex from my employees. But a quick scan of the female employees, found the pool very limited. The married, young were off my interest assessment of the divorced and single mature employees most were overweight or smoked. I've never smoked in my life and can't stand the smell of stale cigarettes on people especially women. I was just about to look online for a woman, when I noticed an employee 54, I hadn't noticed before. She was slender and nonsmoker/nondrinker and single never married and as far as I could find out at the time unattached. She was the quiet shy type who didn't stick out, always at the back and good worker who never stood out. Other used her efforts to promote themselves, as they knew she wouldn't say anything. Perfect, I thought, but a shrinking violet like her would be hard to get alone as she was always out of the eyeline at gatherings of staff. I'd also shifted a lot of my work onto my 3 children and was only attending the business out of habit mostly and sometime providing advice. But still the boss, just not as involved as I used to be. I came across a project that would have some benefit potential for my business but needed more investigation. It was sitting uninvestigated mostly and I saw it as a way of getting my chosen woman out of the pack so to speak. Telling my children I would be investigating the project and would only take one employee to assist me. So, with my chosen woman I started the project and at first it was we did. She was so nervous around me, I needed her to relax a lot more before making my move on her. Which took time, but she did relax, and I found out more about her over that time. An orphan and no known family, a bonus in my book and so I ramped up my contact with her. Taking her away for our investigation, I could've done it all via the internet, but being there personally is better I said to cover our trip. Which just happened to be at a time when hotels were booked out for an event. I'd managed to get a room earlier and had chosen that time because of the event, but not interested in the event at all. The website showed 2 beds in the room so we could share, and she just accepted that. I would stay there until I'd gotten my way, I thought 3 or 4 days at most. Our arrival was early afternoon and we settled in our room; she was on edge I could see. I would let her relax; I'd told her we would start the investigation next morning and we saw the sights together and that help her relax. Over dinner that night, I decided I would make my move after dinner and seeing the show at was on when back in our room. The was okay and finally back in our room, she said she would shower before bed, and I just nodded at her. I waited a couple of minutes and then stripped naked and joined her in the shower. She was shocked at first but didn't try and leave just let me do what I wanted. We became lovers in the shower and again in my bed. I'd an entitled belief that I could do what I wanted with her, and she let me do whatever I wanted. The investigation went as I thought, and we would use the system in my business. I was finished the investigation the next day but stayed the full time I'd allowed. She was quite willing sexually and I decided to keep her as my PA and I'd her move in with me on our return. As she lived way across town from me it made sense to have her closer. After a year of regularly fucking her, I decided to change the arrangement. She was no longer my PA, but my wife as I stepped back from the business more. My children accepted her as their stepmother and were happy I wasn't alone anymore. She has come out of her shell as I put it and will e4xpress her views now more and I really think I chose well, and both our lives have improved as a result.
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