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I'm nothing specials or build and not wealthy, but I do have one thing that attracted the proposal. I own a property in the foothills away from major roads and its isolation made it perfect for the women who made the proposal. They called themselves witches and they wanted a remote place (Coven stead) for their secret rituals, which my place was perfect according to them. As sex is a part of the rituals and they were not flush with cash, it was often as way of payment. I was then 30 and single not in any relationship and not that much chance of starting one either. I get by farming my land and raising some livestock. But the witches weren't interested in that part of my property, but hilly wooden back block of my land. There's a cave you could call it I suppose of 8 really large boulders leaning against each other making a hollow underneath surrounded by trees. The coven consisted of 5 women (unattached) ranging in ages from 43 to 54, they weren't centerfold models but better than my hand in regard to sex. I accepted their offer, and everything was going fine. Of the 5, 3 were divorced, 1 widowed and the last never married. That was 2015 and overtime there were slight changes to the coven, 1 of the divorced women remarried and left the coven. She was replaced by the daughter 29 (2017) of the widow 51 and likewise not a centerfold. But we clicked and she is now my wife and mother of my 3 children. I still get sex from others, and we all enjoy it, and my mother-in-law lives with me and her daughter. Accepting the proposal was a very smart move by me, I think.

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