Jasper's Beastly Affair.


Once upon a time, in the virtual realm of DeviantArt, there lived a talented artist named Jasper. Known for his intricate and imaginative illustrations, Jasper had garnered a considerable following on the platform. However, his peaceful online existence took a dark turn when he claimed to be the target of a relentless stalker named Nathan. He hated how Nathan stalked him and his friends to the point of claiming he had moved on when he actually just had talked about him on more than one occasion. Even on his After-Dark bluesky account which was just his after-dark twitter account which just had nothing but fat men on it, he wanted his own boyfriend to be like the feeder boyfriends in the fat acceptance tiktok videos, his boyfriend never gave him the time of day hence why Jasper always had to masturbate alone. His only friends being his suck-up squad consisting of Gavin, Bernie, and Kochu.

Nathan, another user on DeviantArt, seemed to be fixated on Jasper's every move. He left unsettling comments on Jasper's artwork, sent creepy messages, and even created multiple accounts to keep an eye on him. Jasper, feeling cornered and disturbed, decided to take matters into his own hands and report Nathan to the DeviantArt moderators. However, Nathan always managed to come back, continuing his disturbing behavior.

One fateful day, after receiving yet another ominous message from Nathan, Jasper decided he needed a break from the online world. Seeking solace in a forgotten part of the internet, he stumbled upon a mysterious website that promised a unique solution to his problems. Intrigued and desperate, Jasper clicked on a link that transported him to a hidden corner of the digital universe.

As Jasper traversed this mysterious realm, he encountered a mythical being known as the Artisan of Change. The Artisan explained that it had been watching Jasper's plight and was willing to grant him a single wish to rid himself of Nathan's torment forever. However, the wish came with a twist - Jasper would be transformed into a beast, a creature beyond the boundaries of the virtual world.

With little hesitation, Jasper made his wish, he wished to become a monster. In the heart of the real world, Jasper's transformation into the Beast of DeviantArt brought unexpected consequences. One evening, as the moon hung low in the sky, casting an ethereal glow through Jasper's room as he slowly bloated up with fat and his body slowly covered itself in thick shaggy fur as his clothes ripped open, a long tail with spikes on it burst out of his pants as spikes grew out of his back, two long curved horns grew out of his head and his teeth sharpened and his face deformed, his long black hair very much becoming messier, he cried for help but he couldn’t do anything apart from think about how horny he was.

That’s when his boyfriend stepped in and Jasper made out with him aggressively before biting him, his boyfriend panicked as he too began to bloat and swell and turned into a monster just like his BF. Dirty thoughts about wanting to bang Jasper entered his mind and instinctively the two of them began to hump each-other.

This made Gavin and Kochu jealous, they wanted Jasper to be theirs and so they tried to become monstrous too, as Gavin slowly found himself deforming and shrinking as he took on a half fish-like appearance and his teeth sharpened as his hair fell out, he turned into a human/male anglerfish hybrid as he saw Bernie slowly bloating and losing her/his/their hair as he/she/they swelled, hands and feet lengthened into fins as an illicim grew from her forehead and her teeth sharpened, taking on the appearance of a human/anglerfish hybrid.

Gavin found himself being attracted to Bernie as she let off pheromones, and he bit into her skin as he slowly but surely began to get obsessed into her body, his privates being the only part of his body left and now part of Bernie’s. Bernie had always wanted to have male private parts, and now her dream had come true.

Kochu watched as the beast that was his friend Jasper lunged at him, scratching him and infecting him, turning him into a horny beast-man like what had happened to Jasper and the three of them (he, Jasper and Jasper’s boyfriend) banged each-other on the floor. Nathan’s voice echoed…’You were warned not to go about me you little shithead. True I have trouble moving on but you mentioned me only once last year and only to mention me just last week, foolish Jasper. If you weren’t too preoccupied by your fat guy induced fantasies this wouldn’t have happened and now you and your dum friends have to pay the price.’

Jasper no longer felt like talking about Nathan, all he wanted was to infect his beast-men curse to others and create more beast-men so he, Kochu, and his boyfriend infected every single one of their online friends and made them into horny beast-men. Gavin was now just a pair of testicles on Bernie’s body.

All of their deviantart and social media accounts in general were eventually deserted and then were deactivated for good, Nathan’s work was done and he no longer had to deal with people like that.
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