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A deep massage
genre: straight
I unfold the sheet and drape it across the table. My hand on your shoulder as I walk up close to you, my body almost touching yours. "It is ok to be nervous, but you are here to relax right?". "I am going to leave for a moment to give you some privacy. If you would like to hang your robe up on the back of the door and lay face down and rest...
wrote on 2015-05-16 | by Clark
The pussy power
genre: pulp
The warm Cabo sun felt wonderful on my skin, so warm so relaxing, I could feel the stress of today melting away. The sound of the surf crashing on the beach below our villa balcony, so private I love laying there naked. As I sip a glass of chilled wine I try to go backward and recall the recent events. My husband Trent and I arrived last night...
wrote on 2015-05-15 | by L Lady
Dad's boxers
genre: masturbation
When I was younger my dad, my uncle, and myself would go on hunting trips to our cabin. We would just go and hang out talk about sports, drink beer, talk about sex. You know guy stuff. So after we got unpacked and all that we got the fire lit and started talking about girls and what we've done and all that good stuff. I think we talked till...
wrote on 2015-05-15 | by BradY
Caught her purple handed
genre: straight
It was summer a few years after my earlier story about fulfilling a good friend’s rape fantasy. I hadn't seen the same girl in a long time and being back at home during the summer can be so boring when you're used to late nights, lots of booze, and always someone being available to hang out with. I was cruising around and decided I'd swing...
wrote on 2015-05-15 | by Access
Her again
genre: lesbian
We left the club, she held my hand tight practically dragging me out the door. While standing waiting for a taxi to arrive we couldn’t keep our hands off each other, running my hands over her it felt so good she had an amazing body, her nipples were hard and I could feel the goose bumps on her back and arms, hungrily we kissed and she tasted...
wrote on 2015-05-15 | by Lillidress
A gift of five dimes
genre: domination
For a very tight pair of white lace brief panties, she stand, as the note instructed, naked in the center of the room. Back straight, eyes lowered. Thin drapes flutter as the evening breezes gently through an open window, causing her nipples to harden slightly. Behind her, the sound of a drawer slowing opening, then the creaking of polished...
wrote on 2015-05-14 | by BB Jack
genre: lesbian
After a stressful day, I couldn't think of anything i’d rather do than let my hair down and go out have a laugh, a few drinks and see what the night brings. Little did i know that my night would end the way it did. After dancing the night away with hot men bodies touching and grinding one another on the dance floor, I was feeling very of...
wrote on 2015-05-14 | by Lillidress
You do it, a beach experience
genre: exibitionism
We're on some island, nude beach, we're not nude but enjoying the sun and a glass of Margharita. I ask you to move your bikini top aside just to have a glimpse of your nipples. You do it. I talk you into removing your top and to sunbathe topless like most women here. You do it. Now we're facing each other lying on the sand my body blocks the...
wrote on 2015-05-12 | by Dino
Dad's celebration
genre: group sex
It was a big occasion to celebrate at the office, Dad had just completed his 10th year as Chairman of the company and it was decided to throw him an extravagant celebration party. There had been titbits and rumours left around the office and it had been admitted that some of the office staff wanted to show their appreciation for their...
wrote on 2015-05-12 | by PrevMind
I need and miss the touch of a woman
genre: straight
It has been so long since I have had what I need and miss. I need the touch of a woman, laying there, my eyes closed, the slight scent of her perfume filling the room. Listening to her as she undress, my eyes closed, my mind filled with mental images of her body. I feel the bed move and she slides onto it with me. Her hands gently touch my...
wrote on 2015-05-11 | by SingleDad
A full weekend of pleasure
genre: first times
She was my first, but I wasn’t her’s. I was 24 then, she was 35. She and her daughter, Shalini, lived in the flat across the hall from me. I tutored Shalini, 17, on weekends, even though she was a bright student, she still wanted me to tutor her as she said that I was lucky for her. I knew she had a crush on me but my eyes were always set on...
wrote on 2015-05-10 | by Lazy Wiz
Taking care of the wife's mother
genre: incest
This is a purely fictional story. Sharon and I had been going out for around three months and still we had an air of uncertainty to us, we hoped a wedding would bring us closer together like some couples that have children, but like most of them we tried it and failed. We were brought together as more or less childhood sweethearts and a bond...
wrote on 2015-05-09 | by perv74
Can You Handle It?
genre: romantic
I walk in the room with a chair, a sturdy chair! Walking towards you with a blind fold covering your eyes and slowly leading you to the chair. Sitting you down. I start to kiss you, letting my soft tongue intertwine with yours. I start to slowly undress you while kissing down your neck and chest and gently tugging on your nipples with my...
wrote on 2015-05-09 | by Casimir
Ladyboy affair
genre: trans
As I walked out of the divorce court I was one pissed off individual, I got to keep the house and car but lost everything else including $800 a month in spousal support. I didn’t want to go home to an empty house so I decided to visit the Mall and see a movie hoping that would take the anger away. I selected “Toy Story 3” entered and...
wrote on 2015-05-08 | by IBM
I had been curious for years
genre: bisexual
I have always been into girls mostly, though a part of me was curious what it would be like to suck a cock, even to be penetrated. My friend was sometimes the target of these fantasies but never acted upon them. About a year back I was really into it, I had posted a couple of pictures of myself on a couple websites, and did some webcam chats,...
wrote on 2015-05-08 | by J4
Asteria in control
genre: pulp
Asteria rode her motorcycle down the center of the old I-15 in southern Idaho. Catching the eyes of stray foxes, feral cats, and wolves as she plowed through the night, she wondered how many of them served as the eyes and ears of her enemies. Not that it mattered to her. She was a vampire hunter and she was tough. She was going to win no matter...
wrote on 2015-05-07 | by Achilles
Can it come out and play?
genre: straight
You sit on the edge of the bed in-front of me. I drop down to my knees between your legs and begin to rub my hands over the growing bulge inside your pants. I lean down and playfully nip along its length. Looking up I ask, “Can it come out and play?” “Yes, it wants to play really bad,” you reply. I reach up and unbuckle your belt while I...
wrote on 2015-05-07 | by bkLover
Finally meeting him for real
genre: first times
I’d been chatting to him for a couple of months, and we’d finally decided it was time to meet. We’d watched each other on our webcams quite a few times, so I knew what to expect from him, and the thought of seeing his thick hard cock exploding for real right in front of me made me go wet straight away. It was such a horny sight on cam, it...
wrote on 2015-05-07 | by F_U
He wanted me to abuse him
genre: domination
Okay you answer the door to me wearing a robe. I immediately drop to my knees and start sucking you off. I suck you really hard and really deep so your balls are on my chin. You pull my hair ad move my mouth up and down over your cock s I am now gagging on your massive cock. I can feel you coming to get up and kiss you hard and spit in your...
wrote on 2015-05-07 | by nsfw
Obscene daughter
genre: voyeur
I had known for some time that my Wife got annoyed when I walked around the house naked, especially when I got home from work early and showered and never bothered to redress and crash out on the couch and watch television, that pissed her off enough, but when I sat there erected while our 20 year old Daughter Charly was in the room, that really...
wrote on 2015-05-07 | by ExPer8
Wanton desire
genre: masturbation
Something wakes me from my dreams, opening my eyes I realize it must have been the hail and sleet bouncing off my bedroom window god i hated this weather cold, damp and dark, summer couldn’t come quick enough. Instead of wrapping up in layers of blankets hugging water bottles, you could sleep naked with the warm air coming in from the open...
wrote on 2015-05-06 | by Lillidress
Moonlight & submission
genre: S&M
My bedroom is so hot tonight, even with the windows open wide, it’s so humid even the fan turned on full isn’t helping there’s just no air tonight. The moonlight shines through my window and highlights the sweat as it glistens on my silky soft skin. It’s so warm lying here naked on top of the covers; taking a drink of my cold ice water,...
wrote on 2015-05-06 | by Lillidress
What can you expect after a long tiring day?
genre: straight
You have been alone and single for too long and rattling about that house with no-one for company; not real meaningful and loving company anyway. I said those words to you when we got serious, do you remember? But that is going to change my Darling, now that I have moved in. I know you have heard these words a thousand times from those you...
wrote on 2015-05-06 | by ExPer8
Queer bent bastard
genre: gay
Jason and I had just spent the better part of the afternoon skateboarding all over town. Now, reasonably exhausted, we were lounging around on my back deck, drinking Cokes and munching on some brownies my mom had just finished making. It was a typical Sunday afternoon. For the last six years, Jason and I had spent nearly every free minute...
wrote on 2015-05-05 | by GeorgHerbet
It was hard
genre: poems
Poking along behind old men with tobacco drool running off their chins and never my idea I resented being ten years old too young and scared to force my parents to admit I had a real job so I worked behind old men for a buck an hour it was enough almost to buy the gun I needed to put those old tobacco sucking fuckers away but...
wrote on 2015-05-05 | by GeorgHerbet
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