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Babysitter gig
genre: straight
I lucked out; one of the moms in the neighborhood asked me to the babysitter gig tonight for her young son. I am so babysitter gighappy he’s the only one I haven’t fucked yet. That pre-teen is going to be my fuck toy tonight. It’s so hot knowing I am being paid to catch his first orgasm and his first pussy fuck. I arrived early, so I...
wrote on 2015-09-19 | by Sydney
The ”I” in bi
genre: bisexual
I’m very bad at recollecting dates and ages at which stuff happened to me, but I must have been around six years old when I had a penis in my mouth for the first time. Not my uncle’s, or my teacher’s, no abuse by an adult involved. Just a school chum my age. From as early in life as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by cocks. At four...
wrote on 2015-09-17 | by Bi Desire
My maid's husband
genre: straight
"Anita" "What is it?" "Where have you kept my tie. I just can't find it anywhere. " "It's inside the wardrobe. " Amit always expected her to attend to him when he was getting ready for office. When they had got married ten years back she could do that. But now with their two kids going to school her morning schedule was hectic. Getting up...
wrote on 2015-09-17 | by luv2luv80
My romp with Salim Ahmad 3
genre: cheating
As he pulled his penis out of me, I prepared for the return of the ram. I held my breath and just then, I felt him re-enter and attack my inner back walls, attempting, it felt, to break them down. I felt the pain again, too, but this time it didn't startle or hurt me as much. I enjoyed knowing that the sharpness was from this huge organ hitting...
wrote on 2015-09-15 | by luv2luv80
My romp with Salim Ahmad 2
genre: cheating
Salim stood for a moment and gazed at my body, appreciating my firm, round breasts, nearly perfect tummy and shapely legs. He reached forward and cupped my breasts, lowering his face to their softness. With expertise and gentleness, he removed my bra, allowing it to join the rest of the clothing on the floor. I don't know how long he spent...
wrote on 2015-09-14 | by luv2luv80
The slave explained
genre: domination
Slaves as Property Owning a slave is a serious responsibility. A slave is valuable property and should be treated as such. I would never permanently damage any of my slaves. It would be pointless to damage something you own and value. A damaged slave cannot work effectively for you. As my property she is an asset. If l did become continually...
wrote on 2015-09-13 | by LadyCruella
The fiery rose
genre: funny
It was seven years ago.. Seven long years on an oddly cold summer night. If you asked me to remember everything about that night, I'd be at a loss, but the one thing I will remember. It was the night I met her. I was walking on a bridge over looking the lake down below. I remember thinking to myself, "Why put a side-walk on this long ass...
wrote on 2015-09-13 | by Renee
We told each other no love
genre: romantic
She was like a Venus Fly Trap. Complicated. Dangerous. She pulled me in. Her exterior was sheer beauty but her inner beauty? Deciphering that was like wading through molasses on a hot day. Wait, you must excuse me, I need to pour another scotch. You see, we told each other no love. That was the principal problem. I was jumping out of a...
wrote on 2015-09-12 | by Laura Levot
He loves the 'girlfriend' experience
genre: masturbation
He called me late last night. My lover rang telling me how much he missed me. He loves the “Girlfriend” Experience. I’m always anticipating his scenarios. Tonight’s fantasy phone sex includes us dressed in our evening wear. We had a great dinner followed by the theater. He guided me back to the room with his hand on my lower back. He...
wrote on 2015-09-11 | by HollyG
Second date to the rooftop
genre: straight
I am waiting for Scott. I look down at my phone, 7:58, he still has two minutes. I don't understand why I even care, why I would at all be worried about being stood up. Our first date wasn't good, why do I want a second one. I'd probably be happier in this bar by myself, then at least I wouldn't have to share my onion rings. But for some reason...
wrote on 2015-09-10 | by NBrandy
My romp with Salim Ahmad
genre: cheating
My name is Vidya Venkatraman. I am 26 years old. Though I am educated, as I came from a very poor rural family, I had to get married to a well to do software professional of 27 years. My husband's name is Rahul Sharma. I am a beautiful looking woman - very fair, long hair, about 5' 6" in height, a figure of 34 - 27 - 38 and good skin texture...
wrote on 2015-09-08 | by luv2luv80
He owned my pussy
genre: domination
I had the most exquisite experience with a caller. He called late at night during a thunderstorm….the mood was just right. He Owned My PussyBettySeX from the start of the call with his deep voice ready to dominate me. He asked what I had on and I told him, my little red silky camisole with matching thong panties. He started with having me...
wrote on 2015-09-05 | by Betty
genre: gay
Alfonso de Castro was wondering. For years, he had longed to be in the position he recently obtained: working in the Institute for Research in Innovative Techniques. He did like some of the work, true. But, what first seemed attractive, to work in an all-male environment, was also getting on his nerves. Correct that: it was working on his...
wrote on 2015-09-03 | by Bomobear
Escaping miracle
genre: romantic
Amelia finally finds the courage to leave her abusive boyfriend Jonathan and plans to escape through the woods on a long journey towards town. But what happens when she meets Adam? Will he be able to save her from her horrible relationship? Submitted:Apr 17, 2014 Reads: 567 Comments: 4 Likes: 4 "Look. At. Me." Jonathan...
wrote on 2015-09-02 | by EverAfterDarling
Forced shemale roleplay
genre: trans
Your friends have a surprise for you. Great you think… I can't believe that they got me a hot girl for my birthday. You still can't believe that even after the wrongs that you did to them last weekend. You know what I'm talking about. Remember when you pissed all of your bros off at that forced shemale phone sexparty you went too? Yeeaa. And...
wrote on 2015-09-01 | by Rickie
The cocksuckers hidden deep inside every one
genre: trans
Get on your knees and show me how much you need a shemale cock like mine. I know there are nasty fucking shemale cockcocksuckers hidden deep inside every one of us and you just need a shemale mistress to bring it out. My sissies beg and plead for me to fuck them but I make them serve me and carry out freaky tasks before they are allowed. I...
wrote on 2015-08-31 | by Alison
Night terrors will win in the end
genre: pulp
I bet those night terrors haunt you every night. They creep up on you while you sleep dreaming of those vampires digging those fangs night terrors right into your soft neck. Do you feel that pinch? Now stop and feel that warm blood oozing down your neck, my sensual tongue goes and licks it up. In those night terrors you become one if us the...
wrote on 2015-08-29 | by JYNX
Sex after birth
genre: witness
Every woman experiences motherhood differently so naturally our return to sex after birth will differ. I felt alone when the women around me were talking about how horny they were hours after giving birth. I felt there was something wrong with me. I never want another woman to feel that way. No matter what is going on you are not alone. This...
wrote on 2015-08-28 | by Abby Theuring
How much do you want to know?
genre: straight
I'll tell you about what led up to my intercourse. I started going steady with this nice boy who was polite and he had nice firm body with great biceps. 23 days into the relationship while we were parked on Front St, he pushed his long fingers up onto my red and white v-neck sweater. At about 10:30 I finally let his hand go under the sweater...
wrote on 2015-08-27 | by Lori
Crazy like a horse, or actually like a slut
genre: group sex
I absolutely love sex. So I was at a bar, wanting someone, really bad. I looked around to look for the sexiest guy there. I found someone I liked so I walked by him and when I went by, I ran my hand across his pants. He gave me a look so we went over to an empty table. He pulled off my shirt, and we started making out. His lips were...
wrote on 2015-08-25 | by loveCarrollton
I'm gonna pimp you out
genre: bisexual
Hey there my little sissy fags. I'm glad you stopped by. I need a loser like you to pimp out to some friends for the night. Sissy boy phone sex is just the place to call. I know what you want. You want to be one of my bitch's. I'm ready. Let's get you undressed and into a nice bath. I'm gonna shave you smooth and rub you down with lotion. Were...
wrote on 2015-08-23 | by Anastasia
Fruitful meeting
genre: straight
I'm starting a new job next week so I had to have a H&S meeting. At this meeting was this hot redhead with curly hair called Janet. Anyway after the meeting I invited her for a coffee. During the conversation I felt this pushing between my legs from Janet’s direction. She was opposite me. As I looked across the table at her I noticed how...
wrote on 2015-08-21 | by Graham40Uk
Guided masturbation
genre: masturbation
I bet you are so fucking horny. Does that throbbing hard cock need a quick release? No one wants to jack off alone I am there willing and waiting. I’ll tell you this little whore has the best-guided masturbation around. I’m so hot withguided masturbation my hand job talk that it will make that hard cock explode. I know it’s the summer...
wrote on 2015-08-19 | by Joi BJ
Making up for lost time
genre: first times
Back in the 60's in Ireland you were lucky if a girl let you feel her tits after taking her out a few times. The first girl that let me feel her tits got very "horney" but would not let me go any further. Time passed and I got married to another girl and forgot all about this first tit feel I had. Then two years ago my wife’s nephew was...
wrote on 2015-08-18 | by JoeDub
I love watching my wife sucking my friend's cock
genre: cheating
For years, I'd held a fantasy about my wife sleeping with another man. We finally made it happen, when my middle-aged friend Darren and his teenage son Brandon stayed the night. She'd always fancied Darren. Brandon went to bed early, and the rest of us continued drinking until late. I was both extremely aroused and jealous at the same time,...
wrote on 2015-08-15 | by Vortex
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