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Moonlight & submission
genre: S&M
My bedroom is so hot tonight, even with the windows open wide, it’s so humid even the fan turned on full isn’t helping there’s just no air tonight. The moonlight shines through my window and highlights the sweat as it glistens on my silky soft skin. It’s so warm lying here naked on top of the covers; taking a drink of my cold ice water,...
wrote on 2015-05-06 | by Lillidress
What can you expect after a long tiring day?
genre: straight
You have been alone and single for too long and rattling about that house with no-one for company; not real meaningful and loving company anyway. I said those words to you when we got serious, do you remember? But that is going to change my Darling, now that I have moved in. I know you have heard these words a thousand times from those you...
wrote on 2015-05-06 | by ExPer8
Queer bent bastard
genre: gay
Jason and I had just spent the better part of the afternoon skateboarding all over town. Now, reasonably exhausted, we were lounging around on my back deck, drinking Cokes and munching on some brownies my mom had just finished making. It was a typical Sunday afternoon. For the last six years, Jason and I had spent nearly every free minute...
wrote on 2015-05-05 | by GeorgHerbet
It was hard
genre: poems
Poking along behind old men with tobacco drool running off their chins and never my idea I resented being ten years old too young and scared to force my parents to admit I had a real job so I worked behind old men for a buck an hour it was enough almost to buy the gun I needed to put those old tobacco sucking fuckers away but...
wrote on 2015-05-05 | by GeorgHerbet
Ghost from the past
genre: threesome
Ed was an aging lothario. A title he clung too proudly. He was forty-two, six foot, two hundred pounds with an athletic build. He had all his own hair. He still looked good enough to make woman turn and usually they were getting a little wet between the legs. He spent weekends in the nightclubs around town. He would probably be the joke of the...
wrote on 2015-05-03 | by Lucia
genre: zoophilia
This happened a couple of years ago when I worked for a manufacturing company in a small town in the west. There were three personal assistants / secretaries working at this company, don't get your hopes up, it's only about one of them. This story is about Karen. Karen was a single mother, about 32, she had black hair cut into a bob, sometimes...
wrote on 2015-05-03 | by toKaren
My wife enjoys the glory hole
genre: swingers
My wife and I once in a while stop at an adult bookstore when we drive back from her parents. We are both 40 and we left the kids home and we drove the 2 hours to her parents for the day. On the way back my wife suggested we stop. As the kids now are getting older and gone a lot more, my wife has enjoyed watching a porno once in a while. So I...
wrote on 2015-05-03 | by Lonely husband
Being a team player
genre: first times
She was a cheerleader at the State College and was also doing her student teaching that fall semester at a local high school. The afternoon football game was the last of the season, the last of her college career and traditionally there was a heck of a party put on by the team after the game. This is the story of that party and team spirit. And,...
wrote on 2015-05-03 | by Fredan
In the shower room
genre: lesbian
Bart Engle stood under the burning needles of hot water as the day’s tensions seemed to rinse away as easily as the grimey sweat and dirt that had accumlated during his job as a heavy equipment operator. At least four or five other men were also taking their showers, when the female operators came sauntering into the shower room, dropped their...
wrote on 2015-05-02 | by Business Lady
The Story Of Annie
genre: domination
This is a story about my first marriage in 1985. Annie, my wife and I were both students at North Dakota State when we met. I was a junior, and she was a freshman. While I was a city boy (Fargo) she came from a tiny farming community in the western end of the state. At 21, Annie was 5′ 3″, natural blonde (everywhere), very muscular, pert 34B...
wrote on 2015-05-01 | by A&me
Night Out
genre: group sex
It's late at night. I haven't really spoken to you and have been out of the house since the cinema and you're not sure why. Am I punishing you? Have I lost interest? You normally wouldn't care except you've been horny ever since and nothing seems to do it. Unexpectingly I walk in the room and come over to you and give you a passionate kiss. My...
wrote on 2015-04-30 | by Arnu
A man comes to grips with his girlfriends feelings for her ex
genre: cheating
March 1st My girlfriend still has feelings for her ex. We talked about it in detail last night. I found out because I checked her phone and saw that they had been texting for a couple of weeks. When I asked her about it she denied that anything was going on but I could tell she was lying. I knew that if she tried to suppress her feelings about...
wrote on 2015-04-30 | by Murse
Back into the light
genre: masturbation
It’s been over a month since I’ve seen him. Our reunion was short lived. Too much time has passed. Too much water under the bridge. People change. What they want and need changes as well. I miss him and the way he made me feel. Before him, I’d been celibate for almost four years. Long story; bad relationship leading to very dark and lonely...
wrote on 2015-04-29 | by Manxie
Big like the ocean
genre: straight
She sat still, watching the waves.  She watched them roll in, peak in crowns of white foam and fling themselves at the lagoon’s pebbly beach.  And, having made their point, roll silently out again.  She sat watching them come in an endless progression, never growing weary of it, as she did every day.  All day she watched them, reading...
wrote on 2015-04-29 | by Arun
Terry’s backyard adventure
genre: group sex
At about 11:30 a.m. Terry and I went out in the backyard to sunbathe. Our patio is fairly secluded. As we lay there I reached over and began rubbing suntan oil on her back. I slipped the straps of her bathing suit off and worked my way down her back. I then moved to her legs and then up to her ass. I pealed down the bottom of her suit, exposing...
wrote on 2015-04-26 | by NT Loader
The business trip
genre: lesbian
Men who travel on business regularly have a unique opportunity to get in a little fun that for the most part goes to waste. I was luckier than most on my last trip and spent all my nights with three of the most sexually active ladies I have ever met. I had initially thought that this trip could be better than most as I and my traveling...
wrote on 2015-04-26 | by Business Lady
He fucked my girl
genre: cheating
This happened in college. One night my girlfriend Jen and I were making out in my bedroom. I had one hand inside her blouse and another up her skirt, and it was just getting really good when my roommate Ricky walked in. "Whoa, sorry," he said seeing us. "Don't worry, I'll sleep on the couch." I felt bad because I knew he'd get no sleep outside...
wrote on 2015-04-26 | by glover
Car Wash
genre: exibitionism
"You folks are welcome to come inside out of the heat while your car goes through." The pimply faced attendant said with a goofy grin. Ginny and Carl just smiled and waved him off politely. "No, we’re good. Like watching the sudsy things wash the car." Carl said and realized instantly that if this kid had a brain his statement would sound...
wrote on 2015-04-26 | by getNaughty
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