My Sexual Training.

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I'm George now 56 married 4 children and a lawyer. When I was 20 and at law school, I wasn't one for the ladies. As I was shy and quiet around females, I had been raised by my father from the age of 6 after my mother died from cancer. So I had little interaction with women or girls, at the age of 8 I was sent to a all male boarding school. Only home for holidays, this was how it was till I started at law school. Which I was in the company of women on daily basis and kept a distants. My father wanted me to join him in the family law practice and was keen for me to excel. I was doing well, than my aunt Ruby my father's younger widowed Sister moved to the area and as she had the room. My father arranged for me to board at her home. Ruby was 39 at the time, a accountant and 5'3" little overweight, no children and a compulsion to cuddle me when talking to me. I was quite quiet and she done most of the talking and I just listen. A month after I first moved in, she asked If I was seeing any one special. I said No, then she asked If I was seeing anyone at all. I said No, she didn't press any furhter. Then a week or so later she had women from her office over for a Hen's party for the one getting married and she introduced the younger ones to me. But I was shy and disappeared as soon as I could. Later that evening when all guest had left, I was in my room studying and entered and said Don't you like women. I replied I'm shy around women and girls as I haven't had much to do with them over the years. Then she asked Have you ever kissed a girl. No I replied, I have only been kissed on the cheek by female relatives. With that she left the room. A hour later as I was getting ready for bed, she came back into my room, this time she was dressed for bed and said You need to be taught how to get along with women and feel comfortable with them. You are very nervous around females I've noticed, even me. So I have decided that you will sleep together with me in my bed. There was no sexual contact and I had a little trouble getting to sleep. After a couple of nights sleeping together, I started to relax and during our daily interactions I was less reserved. But with other women I was still a bit to shy for Ruby's liking. I would talk to them, but be on the defensive and uncomfortable around them. She showed me naked pictures of women and pointed out the differents, trying get me to relax around females. I didn't improve much if any. Then on a Friday evening she called for me to come to her bedroom and on entering I found her naked. I stopped at the door with a look of shock horror on my face. She said I know I'm no supermodel, I'm not that scary. I just want you to join me in my bath tonight and relax. With that she came over and took my hand and led me to the bathroom, she had already got the bath ready and undressed me and then she got into the bath and told me to join her. She had get between her legs and lean my against her chest as her rest hers against the bath. With a sponge she started to wash me and when she got to my groin area. She found that I hard got a hard on, she noticed that I was feeling a bit ashamed because of it. She said Now that is a very good sign, I starting to worry. She continued to wash me all over. When she finished I still had the hard on so she started to masturbate me. We went to bed together that night no other sexual interaction. Saturday night same thing except she was in front and I had to wash her. After I finish washing her, she moved forward a bit and feeling behind with one hand she grabbed my shift cock. But she didn't stroke it this time, she just told me to get out and dry off. Which I did and she did as well, she was finished drying herself. She grabbed my still shift cock and led me into the bedroom and told to lay on my back on the bed. She got some cream and then started to masturbate me, as well put the cream on cock she then started to cover my body with it. After a little while she stopped stroking my cock and layed face down on top me and started slide up and down on me. Always talking to me, telling me to relax and enjoy it. After a bit, she slided down and took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it. I couldn't hold it in any longer and said I going to cum. With that she took my cock into her mouth and swallowed the load. We stayed there for while cuddling and then she told to go down on her. With her giving instructions I did, then she went down on me again and soon I hard again she mounted me and she drained my cock again inside her. That was the start of my sexual training and I learnt a lot from Ruby. Ruby couldn't have children so no protection was needed, I became a lot more comforable around women and slept with a few as well. On finishing my Law Degree I returned home to join the family firm. Ruby also came and started her own business. A couple of years later I met Rachel who had started to work for Ruby and we married and purchased the house next Ruby. Rachel knows about me and Ruby and has been involved with us both in threesomes and twosomes. Rachel became a full partner to Ruby, we still spend a lot of time together and sometimes till have threesome, even now Ruby's almost 75 and retired.

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