Round two at the cabin

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My mom had a big fight with my dad and told him to fuck off for a few days to his family up north. I never seen her so livid. Not from the time I first got arrested as a young offender when I ran away. Even then she wasn't that angry but compassionate. My dad, not my real dad of course. They only adopted me nearly a decade ago. So after he packed his bags and high tailed it, my mom asked me if she and I could go to the cottage alone. I asked if the others will come. She kind of snapped at me..."If I wanted the others to come, I would have asked that.... Now go get packed. I wanna leave before anyone gets home!" This was at around noon.

I got packed in 30 minutes. We left around 1 and headed for the cabin. We stopped for gas and food then off we went. Since I didn't have a license to drive yet so my mom drove us two hours East. I have never gone alone with her to the cottage before. I was silent all the way there. Once we got there I got to drive the boat to the cabin. Out away from all onlookers. We unpacked and settled in.

During the up and down trips on the rock steps,I could not help but notice my mom's bubble bum get hugged by those jeans of hers as she climbed the stairs ahead of me. Not since 7 months ago when we fucked the first time. I was getting a hard on but I would think of something else to make it go away. Once I was in the cabin and everything was put away, I rested on a bed by the window. Mom came over and sat on my bed and started to cry. I asked what was wrong. She said "I think your father is having an affair. He doesn't want me anymore. I really shouldn't give a shit since he is shitty fuck anyway. We only fucked three times since you and me did it that night. I have been longing for your cock since then. I love how you made me feel."

With that being said she went on to say that she was glad I was around and that she doesn't want the other members of the family knowing about us. So she ditched town with me. "If he is going to have fun, so am I. Take your fucking clothes off and let's fuck. Fuck me like you fucked me the first time !" With that I ripped my mom's button shirt open revealing her sexy small 34B boobs I adored so much. We acted like animals. I picked her up and took her to one of the cottage rooms. "Oh my boy, don't worry about the noise I will make. No one is around for miles." I then had all my clothes off as did she. I fucked her missionary for two hours. Boy did she fucking scream. I didn't know my Mom had a dirty side to her. I was extremely turned on by it. She pulled my hair and then wrapped her legs around me and told me to keep fucking her hard. I immediately came as I was so turned on by her aggressive attitude.

She decided to light up a smoke. I said "Mom I didn't know you smoked." " I don't but this is a special occasion hun and I won't be returning to it after this weekend. You and I are going to fuck all weekend, do you hear me. Oh I want you to fuck my mom too. You have my permission and my blessings. At least I know my mom, your grandma, will enjoy your nice cock." I was shocked to hear that. But I remember checking my Grandma out. Nice 38B droppies. Nice pointy brown nips. Her ass was just like mom's. A supple round bubble bum that needed a cock in it.

I fucked my mom all weekend. I couldn't get enough of her yelling my name constantly. I still even am in love with her today some 20+ years ago when I first fucked her. This is the second time but my last bang was 8 years ago in 2009. I was 35 and she was 63. She isn't my real mom and if I ever lose my last name legally and she finally gets a divorce, she could legally become my wife. I would love to have a threesome with my mom and my current girlfriend who is 18 years older than me as I am currently 45. I love granny babes. Tighter pussies and they are fucking good in bed.

So I was just drunk with my mom's pussy aroma and I made her gush clear looking juices. I even got to fuck her in the ass. I just loved her white bubble bum and her pink eye wrapped around my cock. Nice tightness and I came profusely into her backdoor. I pulled it out and heard gurgling farts as my cum seeped out of her pink asshole. I just jerked off in front of her and squirted cum on the rump of her huge voluptuous bubble bum and her back. We rested and my cock was raw. We decided to go for a swim. It was night time and all boats weren't roaming around. So we skinny dipped. My mom's bubble bum was so sexy walking down the steps. My cock was hard again. I washed her back and grabbed her big ass. I turned her around and kissed her. Raw or not we fucked in the water for an hour. I knew she came several times as the water felt warmer in my cock region. Again we went upstairs and again my cock got hard looking at her bubble bum going up this time. I was like a greedy kid in a candy store as I hungrily fucked both my mom's ass and pussy all night.

I knew when we got home that I was going to fuck my grandma too. I really wanted to and I didn't have to hide it since my mom encouraged me to do so. I definitely was fantasizing about my mom catching us fucking so as she could join us in a menage a trios with her mom. That is strong family love. Especially when they ain't really my blood. Who cares. I hope I reincarnate into a similar situation in the next life where incest is not taboo.

How about you?.....

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