A White hot secret part two

Written by , on 2018-06-06, genre threesome

The story continues with Rose and I exchanging daily taunts falling further out of control. The tension had built to an unbearable level and over the last weeks, it is clear we both wanted the same thing.

We exchanged looks as I entered the office, we both smile at each other thinking about the long hot night we had. It is hard to believe such tension could come from words alone. Throughout the day we shared short looks that screamed out how we both felt "fuck me please!". It made for a very hard day at work.

That night we were both alone messaging each other about how hard it is to work when all you want is to fuck each other. I wanted one thing that night and it was to drive her up the wall, to the point where she would beg me to relieve her.

I taunted her by telling her about how my bath water felt on my skin, how good it feels with the soft coconut oil mixed with the water. I sent her a few photos hoping that she would ask for more. She told me how wet i was making her and how she had to get undressed because her underwear was dripping wet. I wanted to see her naked body so badly and made it clear that i wanted to see her naked, i wanted to be there with her so i could please her with my tongue i wanted to softly move the tip of my tongue over each fold of her soft, wet, pussy. She snapped and demanded i make her come.

I had done it, i had driven her crazy, she was mine and would do anything to climax. I could have demanded anything from her but, all i wanted was to give her a powerful orgasm.

I continued teasing her telling her how i want to fuck her deep and hard, how i would fill her to the point where she would scream out my name. She sent me videos of herself being careful not to give any of her body away, just enough to tease me. But it was clear that she was indulging to the thought of me fucking her. I wanted her to come, i wanted to be there to see her crumble under a fantastic climax. I could see she was close so i sent her one last video of my bare body, hot form the summer sun revealing to her how hard she had made me. Immediately I received a reply, it was her rubbing her wet pussy moaning with pleasure, calling out my name!, her face blush red, Moaning so amazingly loud. Her body started to shake as she bit her lip, she tightened and gave out a moan as she came. At that moment i so badly wanted to bury my cock inside of her so that i could feel her tighten down on me. The video ended with her licking her fingers clean (this weakened me, i have never felt so much greed), biting her lip one last time before giving a cheeky wink goodbye.

I lay there rock hard unfinished, and filled with greed. A large smile ran over my face knowing that I had made her My Dirty Girl. I took pleasure knowing it was just a matter of time before she would be there wanting to please me in every way she could.

I can't wait any more i want to fuck My Dirty Girl.

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