My Brother David

Written by , on 2018-06-05, genre incest

I'm Debbie 45 divorced 2 grown children both over 20, I'm average build and looks. I'm a coach for a women's football team. My oldest brother David is 56 and over 6 foot tall engineer and has travelled the world working on large projects. He is now divorced and has 6 grown children, 2 sets of twin girls and 2 boys. Youngest beening 20 and all live closer to their mother than him. I recently moved in with my David after a forest fire destroyed most of the area I was renting in. He had spare rooms and I asked could if I could stay till I find a new place, he said " Stay as long as you want". David is always working or thinking of things, he's working on. He has a rough looking face, a bit like Lurch from the Addams family movie. He was boxer in university and done Judo and Karate as well and keeps very fit. He belted my ex husband before our divorce for hitting me and my ex didn't touch me again and than we divorced. When I moved with David, I saw him naked when I walk into his bedroom to talk to him. He was in his ensuite shaving and he didn't see me. He was standing shaving and I saw his cock hanging between his legs and I reckon it was at least 5 or 6 inches long on the slack and about 3 inches wide. I left the bedroom straight away and all I could think about was his cock, I was getting wet just thinking about it. I wanted him to fuck me, but didn't know how to get him to do it. So after he left for work, I got on my computer and started to at porn sites for idea's on how to get my brother to fuck me. After several days of checking different sites I decided to start walking around the house in revealling clothes and bending over in front of him. As well masturbating in my room with the door ajar a bit and making a bit noise to attach his attention. After 2 weeks and nothing seemed to be working, I thought I might just asked him to fuck me. So I arrived home after a game and went and had shower and I was going to asked him straight after I had showered. I came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, but he was on his phone talking to someone overseas. So I went to my room to wait for him to finish the call. I started to masturbate while waiting and then David walked in and asked if I wanted company. I didn't answer, just spread my legs and he joined me in bed. He fucked me hard and we slept together that and the rest of the nights till he went away on a trip. I enjoyed the sex greatly and can't wait for his return next Friday. He rings me every 2 days and he tells me that he can hardly wait to fuck me again. I have told him, that I'm masturbating thinking of him everyday and I'm will come to the airport and pick him up and I will have a room at an motel booked. So I don't have wait 2 and half hours for a fuck, because of the drive home and I also said the drive will take longer as I expect to be fucked on the way as well.

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