She was my fantasy

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Hi I’m Dawn and even though this happened 10 or so years ago every time I think about it it makes me very wet and turned on. I hope you enjoy it. She was a good friend of the family and had moved from Germany and she had a place in the country that was very private. She was the kind of woman that was built with a big body not fat but more like a body builder and when she talked it was in a very commanding way and everything about her really turned me on. Many times I would have to run to my room and play with myself because I wanted to be used as a submissive nasty toy by her and I wanted her to do the most perverted nasty degrading things to me and degrade me. I had fooled around with a few girlfriends but I wanted to be used by a older women who would talk the way she did. So one day when she asked me if I could help her with something at her house I told her I could be there the next morning and the way she said very good made me so wet I had a wet spot so I decided I would leave my place that evening and I will surprise her but it was me that got the surprise when I got there. I had been to her house before but never over night she was about an hour away from me and on the way i smoked a little weed and I couldn’t stop thinking that maybe I’m going to see her naked she had a very hot body her boobs are huge and her nipples most of the time are hard and looked like fingers and the best part that I was caught looking at many times is the size of her clitoris that was always showing the outline thru her pants or whatever she was wearing and every time she caught me staring at her she would make a noise like clearing her throat that made me look and she always had a sinister smile and then give me a wink I took as her approval. I got to her house and knocked her door with no answer and the door was locked so I walked around to the back and I saw the lights on in the barn so I walked to the barn. I heard her talking in her demanding way to someone and I wanted to be as quiet as possible and peek in and see what she was doing and I looked thru a window that was open a little and was able to hear and see. She was with a woman and a few men she was wearing a very sexy black leather pants that looked crotch less and I got my first look at her magnificently huge clitoris her top pushed her huge boobs in a way that they looked like they were going to spill out then I heard her say that I was coming to her house and will be there in the morning and I saw the girl she had there was about my age and had a similar look like me and I saw Greta putting a gag ring in the girls mouth and she slapped her butt and she told her to be a good girl and I heard one of the guys say that she hopes that it was me she was going to be a submissive perverted toy for her and she said that’s exactly what she is hoping to happen in the morning. When I heard her say that I gushed so much I fell and hit the window and she turned to see what made the noise she told the guys to take a look to see what the noise was. I was found by a few men who had me by my arms and walked me in the barn and told her I was peeping in on them. She told them that I was the hot little cunt she was telling them about and she asked me in her demanding way what was I doing there because I wasn’t going to be there until tomorrow morning. Then she told the guys that since I’m here I should be a naked little slut and she wanted me to be her good girl and she wanted me to look at her clitoris because she knows I’ve been staring at it for a very long time so now it’s not covered by her clothes she told me to get on my knees and get a good look at her because she wants my mouth on her clitoris and she asked me if I wanted my clitoris as big as hers. She told the guys before I’m on my knees my clothes come off. She gave my body her full inspection and when she put her fingers in my hole she said her little bitch is soaking wet then she used two fingers like a scoop to get as much of my juice and she put them in my mouth and said she hopes i like the taste of cunt juice because I’m going to get a lot more than I dreamed of swallowing. Then she told the guys to get the machine set up she asked me if I had ever been fucked senseless I told her no not senseless she told me that she was going to make sure I am and she told me I’m not going to be able to put 2 words together because she has something very perverted for me after the machine is done with me. But first she wanted my pussy shaved and smooth and she wants my clit pumped as big as it could be and she leaned to whisper in my ear that the dog are going to make me crazy when they lick my pumped up clitoris and she told me to look at the girl on the table and she told me that her clitoris was a very small and couldn’t be seen at all when she started with her and now her clitoris is almost the size of a mans thumb and is very very sensitive and can give her 10 very strong orgasms and she isn’t able to walk and has to be carried out when they’re done using her holes. Then she said she’s going to use the vacuum pump on me and she told me for tonight I’m going to just watch what the other girl has done to her so I know what she’s going to do with me tomorrow and the guys asked if they could use my mouth and she told them they can use any hole they want but they will dump their loads in my mouth so I’m fed because that’s what I’m going to eat while I’m at her house she asked me if I am hungry and she told a guy to jerk off and give me the first load and she oppoligized for not being a good host. He was next to my head stroking himself and when he ready to blow his load he told me to put my lips on the head and use my tongue to lick around the head and he blew a huge load and I almost wasn’t able to hold it in my mouth and she told me to show her how much was in my mouth and she told me to swallow it and she told me that when she is done with me I’m going to be begging her for more spunk to swallow. That night I watched the other girl blowing and her holes getting used by a few dogs and Greta told me that tomorrow it’s my turn and she has a pony I’m going to be put in a harness under the pony and she is going to take the pony for a walk with me under it and his cock will be in my cock hole and I’m going to be rocking under the pony and I’ll be fucked and she told me her pony is a runner and she wants to see how I handle the speed of it going in and out of my hole.
I have to take a break and play with myself and I will continue my story with second part

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