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Hello. Since I’ve discovered handjob at around 11 years old I liked masturbating looking at asses in thongs.
At around 13 years old I was spending a lot of time at one of my cousins. Their parents were a freaky couple since they had all sort of toys and kinky stuff.
My uncle was often away with work and on one Saturday night when he wasn’t home, my cousin was sleeping and my aunt was in her room. I was bored and took my aunts laptop to go into the living room and watch a movie since I couldn’t sleep. When I opened the laptop there was a folder named ‘x’. When I opened the folder there were pictures with my aunt in thongs and she was a very hot women. I couldn’t resist and started to jerk off to those pictures. I was so concentrated and I didn’t heard when my aunt came and she stopped in the living room door and watching me as I was jerking off to her pictures. After a while she called my name and got so scared.
She told me to calm down and stay quiet.
After that she asked me what I like about that photos. Ashamed, I’ve told her that I like to jerk off looking at asses in thongs and I saw hers I couldn’t resist and begged her not to tell anyone.
She comforted me and told me that she will not tell anyone about this and after that she asked me if I also fantasize about cumming on an ass in thongs. I looked at her amazed and ashamed … I didn’t know what to say… She continued saying ‘Well?’and after that I managed to say that it is my biggest fantasy.
After that she replied with those exact words ‘Well we can make a deal, if you promise not to talk about this with anyone never, just for this night and never talk about this I will let you to stay with me in my room and you can jerk off to my ass in thongs and cum on my ass in thongs for as long as you want until my son wakes up. I will wear also different panties. But after that we will never do this again and never talk about this again. Deal?’
Of course that I agreed with that, I was a horny child. And man how good it was.
The first cumshot was amazing, she had a red lace thong on her and I asked her if she could give me another pair of panties to rub them on my cock. She gave me a pair of black thongs and she put herself in doggy style and I started to jerk off having the panties on my cock and looking at her ass and in 1 minute maximu I’ve exploded. After that she got herself up took the black panties from me, looked at them and saw that there is cum also on them, she took down the red ones and put on herself the black thongs with my cum on them. I was so horny in that moment that all my body was shaking. After she put the panties on herself, she put herself in doggy style again also having my cumshot on her ass and asked me if I was ready to do it again. That was the best one of my life. Never had after such a experience anymore. I cannot count how many cumshot I have let on her ass on that night but were many… Since then we still see eachother often and never talked about that night but anytime I look at her I fantasize about that night and she knows that when I look in her eyes.

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