Sarah's Raincoat

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By Jennifer Wilson

Sarah, a woman in her mid twenties loved to keep fit, partly for maintaining good health but mostly to maintain her trim figure. Any opportunity to exercise was not missed and her lunchtimes from work almost always involved a brisk walk around the local shopping centre. She wouldn’t loiter at the shop windows so as not to break her walking rhythm; however there was just one shop window where she would occasionally pause to check out the display. The shop was a high end ladies fashion outlet for a major Italian fashion chain and often had very beautiful garments on display.

Sarah’s employment involved looking after files and documentation for the local solicitor, the wages were quite low, just above the minimum wage for the position, but she was happy enough to have a steady reliable job. She was well aware of the costs of the goods in the fashion shop as she had once enquired about a summer top that she admired and was aghast at the asking price and quickly exited the shop. She was disappointed at not being able to afford to buy anything from the shop as she really loved many of their range of clothes. Never the less it didn’t stop her from dreaming of the day she might just be ably to buy something from them. She enjoyed imagining herself dressed in the garments that the mannequins displayed and going on a date with an Orlando Bloom lookalike (or, better still, the real thing).

During one of her lunchtime walks the window mannequins were displaying rain clothes, two of them in cream gabardine, one calf length and the other somewhat shorter. It was the third coat that took Sarah’s attention as it was shiny PVC and reached down to the calves, chocolate brown in colour and extremely slick and glossy, reflecting the shop window spot lights all around. Sarah was just mesmerised with the coat, loving how it fitted the model perfectly from the tightly belted waist to the buttoned up collar and the very nicely shaped hood surrounding the girls face. The lower edge of one side of the front was held out by a fine nylon thread to reveal the beige knee high boots the mannequin had on. It looked so sexy with a sort of ‘come hither’ look that she liked and thought Orlando might just sweep her into his arms inside the raincoat and whisk her away to a posh hotel room. She imagined herself in the raincoat with him smoothing his hands over her shiny bottom and breasts and wondering if he would enjoy the coat as much as she did.

Day dreaming over Sarah continued with her walk but her thoughts keep returning to the shiny brown raincoat and how much she would like to try it on, although buying it might be out of the question knowing the extremely high prices of the garments in the shop. There were no price tags on the coats in the window and Sarah kept thinking how much the coat might be and could she even if afford it? She turned around and hurried back to the shop went straight in and asked the assistant about the coat and if she could try one on.

“You certainly may, we have other colours too including moss green, indigo blue, burgundy and cream. The sizes are the same as the brown one in the window so if the fit is OK and you wish to purchase then I can get it out of the window.”

The assistant, Sarah guessing was about 20 years old, and very pretty with a page boy hair style with maybe just a little too much make up, especially the deep pink lip gloss. Her figure was more boyish than girl with a small chest and a quite slim waist. She was very cheerful and pleasant and fussed around Sarah a little as she showed her the hanging raincoats and all their colours.

She picked out the burgundy PVC coat for Sarah to try on and held it open to allow Sarah to slide her arms into the smooth satin lined sleeves, then she came around the front to close together the coat and as she did so Sarah felt the girls forearm lightly brush her left breast as she was closing the buttons, she made no apology and seemed to be unaware of it. The girl asked Sarah what her name was as she closed the top button.
“Sarah, and yours would be commencing with an ‘A’ I assume from the lovely embroidered ‘A’ on your blouse?” replied Sarah.
“Well spotted Sarah, and yes my name is Amanda, and I just love this coat myself as my favourite colour is burgundy it just exudes a fashion statement that says ‘look at me’, and the smooth shiny PVC says ‘sexy’ all over.”
Amanda circled around Sarah’s back and eased her long blond locks from inside the coats collar to flow over the coat as the back of her hand seemed to caress her nape as she did so for a second or two. Sarah thought that’s twice now she has sort of touched me or am I just imagining it?

“You have lovely hair Sarah and the chocolate would really compliment it and of course you would need the beige boots to complete the vision.”

“Thank you Amanda and I think I am really falling in love with the coat it feels great on me and so smooth and shiny, almost slick looking. Is there a belt for this one?”

Sarah could see the coat was just oozing with quality, the perfect stitching and the fit of each of the panels, the cut of the coat was heavily waisted and fitted her waist closely even without a belt. The satin lining was exquisite in its fit to the PVC. Amanda felt into the pocket of the coat and retrieved the belt and she threaded it through the tabs at each side then tied it at the front and smoothed the coat down on Sarah once again brushing her arm lightly against her breast. And then reaching behind to also smooth down the rear against her bottom and straighten the belt.

She pulled the belt tighter around her slim waist and admired the shape of her bottom through the shiny material. She thought she just had to have the chocolate coat no matter what it cost.

“How does that look Sarah? Come to the mirror and see your self full length, you look just wonderful. There is also a hood and if you would like to see it on it fastens on with small studs hidden under the collar, would you like to try that on?”

“Yes please the one in the window looks very stylish.” Amanda brought the hood and gently fixed it to the coat and raised it over Sarah’s’ head after first easing her hair down inside the coat and once again brushing her hand against her neck.

She asked “Would it be possible to try on the brown one? I really have my mind set on that colour it even though this one is very nice too.”
“Well it is quite a lot of effort to get it out of the window, but if you are really serious then I will get it for you.”
Sarah replied “I do love the coat but I am concerned that I may not be able to afford it so I do not wish to put you to so much trouble should I not be able to buy it.”
“I’ll tell you what, we don’t normally let customers onto this but next Monday when we change the window dressing and take the coat out I will put it aside so you can try it on then, also I think we may be able to discount the price a bit to get the sale rather than send it back to the suppliers. The cost today is 235 pounds and I know that sounds a lot but the quality is first rate.”

“Wow, that is expensive and much more than I can afford on my pittance of a wage, how much do you think you may be able to reduce it next week?” Sarah asked.
“It depends really on the boss and what sort of mood she is in on the day but usually it is around 35 to 40%.”

“That is still a lot of money for me, I know that quality is expensive but that is almost a weeks wages for me so maybe I will have to give it a miss, but I do love it so much. If I call in on Monday and if it has not been sold can you please ask your boss for the lowest price she can go for me?” pleaded Sarah.
“I will do my best for you, but can’t promise anything, we will just have to see then.”

Sarah left the shop wondering if she should have bitten the bullet then and bought even if was a small fortune for her. She really wanted the brown coat but at 235 pounds, but at nearly weeks wages it was really too much and if she could get it with 40% off then that was just about doable.

Monday was such a long time coming around and Sarah’s mind never strayed far from the chocolate brown coat, and indeed to Amanda who seemed to be especially friendly with her almost to the point of flirting, or maybe that was just in her mind and she only really wanted a sale to boost her commission. Any way she liked the girl and was not put off by her subtle touching, indeed she sort of enjoyed it.

On Monday Sarah was pleased to see that the window dressing had been changed to a series of lightweight spring fashions with the mannequins displaying tropical print shorts and tied blouses.

She entered the shop and Amanda cruised over “Hi Sarah, great to see you again” and gave her a kiss on the cheek as she held her hand. “I have great news for you as the boss has made an offer of 50% off if I sell two of the PVC coats. She knows I really would love to have the burgundy one and if I can persuade you with the chocolate one then we can both have the coats of our dreams. Now I will fetch your coat to try on I am sure you have been patient waiting for this moment.”

“Actually not at all patient Amanda, I couldn’t think of anything else since last Wednesday and was even having trouble sleeping just thinking about it, and I didn’t thankyou enough for being so attentive and helpful with me, you were very kind. 50% off sounds so fantastic and I can just afford that much even if it means skipping restaurants dinners for a few months. Can you manage OK if you bought the burgundy one Amanda?”

As Amanda was helping Sarah put the brown coat on she replied “It will mean I have to do extra shifts on the next four weekends but I too really want it as they are so lovely and I haven’t bought myself anything this nice for ages.”

Once again Amanda allowed her arm to brush Sarah’s breast as she closed the buttons and lightly caressed her neck as she eased her hair from inside the collar. “You look very nice Sarah, this colour really does suit you and the fit is exactly right, stylish and smart, just lovely.”

She then fetched the burgundy coat and asked if Sarah would help her on with it, which she did. When they were both enclosed in the PVC raincoats and belts tightly fastened around their slim waists and their hoods around their faces Amanda said “Aren’t we just couple of good looking ladies together like this.” She took hold of Sarah’s hands. “So what do you think Sarah? Shall we buy them, they are a good price at 50% off and we do both love them very much.”

“Yes” Sarah replied. “I could not live with myself if I missed this opportunity, so wrap it up for me but not before I enjoy this moment wrapped in my gorgeous raincoat with you. The burgundy does suit you Amanda and you look very smart and ready for anything.”

“Sarah squeezed Amanda’s hands a little and gave her a peck on the cheek. We could maybe go for a coffee together if you like after work and admire each other’s coats.”

“That would be lovely Sarah, I would like that very much.” responded Amanda.

Sarah and Amanda met after work at a local coffee shop both dressed in their PVC raincoats. They complimented each other on how great they looked and thanking the stars that they were able to buy the coats that they loved. The talk turned to finding out about them selves and Amanda whispered to Sarah that she was not really what she appeared to be but really wanted to be friends with her and not to be too shocked at what she was about to tell her.

Sarah was puzzled as to just what Amanda was about to reveal and replied “I hope I haven’t done or said anything to upset you Amanda?”
“No, nothing like that, it has nothing to do with you at all, and if I didn’t like you so much I would even say anything, but I think in the short time we have known each other we can be honest. If what I say embarrass or repulses you I will understand.” And with that Amanda told her story.

“I grew up with two sisters, Emma just 18 months older and Jane 4 years older. They both cared for me very much as my mum became quite ill when I was about 3 and dad was away at work for much of the time. Jane and Emma would dress me up in their clothes when we played indoors and I enjoyed the attention they both gave me. Jane, being the eldest took control, thinking that I couldn’t look after myself and made sure that I was properly dressed and that the tops and bottoms were matching, or at least complimenting each other. I would wear many of her clothes by the time I was 15, but only indoors, never outside as she was considerate like that and would not cause me any embarrassment. Jane did seem to like to be in control of what I wore, and often made me wear her clothes all day long and even her nighties when in bed.”

Amanda could see that Sarah was looking confused and said, “I think you are guessing where I am going with this so I’ll come right out and say that I am really a boy.”

Sarah sat back in her chair and put her hand to her mouth not knowing what to say. “Please hear me out Sarah, I am not trying to trick you into anything but I cannot continue to mislead you. I love being a girl and being with girls, I like boys too, but not as much. I am not gay, I just like the things girls wear and do the clothes and things, and girls talk to each other much more intimately than boys do. I suppose my mind maybe messed up but I am happy being as I am and make no apology for that.”

Amanda continued “It was Jane who introduced latex into my life; she had been given a latex skirt by a boyfriend of hers and had me try it on one evening. We both love the texture and smell and how sexy it made me look, so at every opportunity I would slip it on and get aroused very quickly and spoiling the frontal appearance somewhat so Jane bought me a pair of latex panties with extra thick front panel to control the appearance of my erection.”

Sarah listening intently said, “I was taken aback just then but now I think about it, being a boy, you make a beautiful girl and I would still like to be friends with you, though it will take some getting used to.”

“Thank you for that Sarah, I take great comfort in being accepted as I am, and not be condemned. Now I do like dressing in girl’s latex things, like a chemise or negligee, I have both of them as well as a camisole which is my favorite. They make me feel so sexy and I love the cool feeling of the latex on my skin. I am too shy to wear any of it in public but I would like to show you my little collection if you would like me too.”

Part 2

“I have seen celebrities wearing latex dresses and things and thought that they looked quite sexy so I can see how you would like them. Yes I would like to see your clothes and as we are about the same size maybe you would let me try one on.”

“Oh I would be over the moon to share them with you, I am sure you will like them as well. We can go to my flat when we finish our coffee and do a little dressing up together.”

Sarah had already finished her coffee but Amanda, as she was doing most of the talking, quickly downed the last drops and with her eyes indicated they should leave the coffee shop and head for home, still dressed in their precious new raincoats, tightly belted. On the short walk to Amanda’s flat Sarah asked what her real name is. “Andrew,” replied Amanda, “But I would prefer it if you call me Amanda as I am happier with that.”

“Amanda is fine with me as I still think you are a girl and would like to keep thinking that way. You are far too pretty to be a boy.”

Amanda took hold of Sarah’s hand as they walked and Sarah gave a gentle squeeze in acceptance. Amanda was so happy that she liked her the way she was and didn’t judge nor condemn her. She didn’t have many friends (apart from her sisters) that she could confide in, so she valued Sarah’s understanding and comfort.

Once in Amanda’s flat, a one bedroom affair with lounge kitchen combined, but very neat and organized. Amanda thought she is a clean and tidy girl as she would not have expected to have a guest coming in with no notice and yet the place is clean as a new pin. They removed their raincoats and Amanda hung them up on hangers in the wardrobe.

“Would you like a light tea as I have some ham and salad in the fridge and half a bottle of chardonnay?”

“I don’t want to put you to any trouble but that would be very nice. I can see that you do enjoy being a girl but do you still dress as a boy sometimes?”

“Only when I have to present myself as Andrew, for say banking and such like where I am expected to be a boy so to speak. I don’t mind that so much but I don’t have much in the way of boy’s clothes. My employer knows my situation but she is happy with it as long as I toe the line and don’t interfere with any of the lady customers, which I would never do, although I did a tiny little bit with you when you tried on the rain coat but I sensed you didn’t mind, you are so lovely Sarah and I am fortunate that you like me, it means so much to me.”

“You are a gentle soul Amanda, and I cannot imagine anyone not liking you, but I guess there are people around who cannot handle a situation like yours, but never fear we can be the best of friends. Now let me help you with the salad, can I make some tea or coffee?”

“Sure Ok, the tea is in the cupboard next to the sink and cups in the top draw next to it.”

Amanda and Sarah enjoyed their salad and tea together whilst Sarah told her about her life up to now and past boyfriends some of whom were great and others not so, but rather boring compared to Amanda’s. With the meal finished Amanda asked if Sarah would like to see the latex clothes. “Absolutely, I am very curious to see what they look like and feel the texture, how much of them do you have?” asked Sarah.

“About seven or eight items, I would like much more but they are quite expensive for the good quality, I have tried a couple of the cheaper brands, but the fit is severely wanting and the general quality is poor. I have managed to buy something about each two or three months but with just buying the raincoat today I fear it will be quite some time before I can afford any more latex. I haven’t worn any outside my flat as I am in fear of ridicule so I just wear them here.”

Amanda led Sarah to the bedroom and took out a negligee from a draw and hung in front of her as if she was pretending to wear it as you do in dress shops. “It looks just lovely, but please put it on for me so I can see it properly” requested Sarah. Amanda placed the negligee on the bed and began to undress. Sarah picked up the negligee and pressed it to her face to feel the latex and the aroma. “It is so smooth and sexy, you’re right to adore it, and the smell is lovely too.”

Amanda was down to her satin panties and Sarah could not help but notice her erection bulging out the front of them, “I feel embarrassed now but I am still a boy and cannot help the natural things when I am about to wear one of my favorite latex items, I am sorry for this,” looking down at her crutch.

“Hey don’t be sorry, I would be disappointed if nothing happened down there.” She took the negligee and slipped it over her head and smoothed it down over here body.

“Let me help you with some smoothing down if I may,” and with a smile from Amanda she caressed her hands down her body and round to her buttocks. Amanda hugged her pulling her close to herself and smoothing down Sarah’s hair and started to weep a little. Sarah pulled back, “What is it? Have I gone too far?” “No not at all, I am just so happy to be here with you in my latex and you not being offended or repulsed but encouraging me, it’s so nice.”

“May I try on something Amanda” “Oh would you please, I have a nightie and a couple of dresses hanging up in the wardrobe, please take your pick. Sarah chose the burgundy chemise (remembering it was Amanda’s favorite colour) and as she was about to undress Amanda asked if she could undress her.

“Yes I would love that.” Amanda unbuttoned her blouse and carefully slipped it off Sarah’s shoulders folding it up and placing it on the dresser, she then unhooked the waist band on her skirt and allowed it to drop to the floor where she picked it up and also folded and put it with the blouse.

Sarah, now down to her bra and panties allowed Amanda to unhook the bra and slide it over her arms releasing her breasts which Amanda very gently cupped and kissed each one. Sarah again placed her hands softly on Amanda’s bottom and caressed it very slowly as they brought their groins together. Sarah could feel Amanda’s penis pushing hard into her tummy and pulled her harder into herself. She then eased her fingers into Amanda’s panties and eased then down her legs and she stepped out of them, Amanda did the same to Sarah, and then passed the nightie over her head and down her body. She again cupped her breasts and whispered “This is how latex should be enjoyed, slowly and carefully but with lots of emotion.” They eased themselves to the bed and lay down together.

“I do love this latex Amanda; it feels so erotic and naughty,” whispered Sarah. Amanda purred into her ear and caressed her hair and neck as Sarah smoothed her hands over the latex of her negligee and raised it up and very softly stroked her penis feeling the heat emitting from it. Sarah maneuvered Amanda onto her back and eased herself onto her and with her left hand carefully placed her penis into her vagina. Amanda very slowly raised herself to go deeper into her as she carefully rotated her hips around her. Amanda caressed her through the latex and thrust further into her but with great care so as not to hurt her and with a few strokes Sarah sang out “Harder, much harder, I am coming now, so lovely, Yesssssss.” Amanda thrust twice more and she exploded into orgasm too.

The two of them lay connected for several more minutes before Sarah rolled off exhausted and said “Amanda, I do believe that was the best love making I have ever had, so gentle and slow, the way I like it.”

“I loved it too Sarah, especially as we have our latex on it feels so good to be with you like this I wish it could go on forever.”

“I noticed a few other latex garments in your wardrobe when I selected this lovely chemise, may I have a closer look?”

“Certainly Sarah, I would be pleased to have your opinion on my taste, or lack of it. I have not had anyone to help me with my clothes since Jane got married and we don’t see a lot of each other nowadays. So let me take them out, my favorite is this dress I bought a couple of years ago from Honour Latex when I was down in London, they are lovely people and helped me pick this out. I especially like the three quarter sleeves with the ruffles at the cuffs to match the neck and hem ruffles, they only had it in this blue colour in my size but they said it suits me just fine”

“Try it on for me Amanda so I can see it properly and how it fits you. I like the colour and I am sure they were right.” Amanda took off the negligee and put on a padded bra and looking a bit embarrassed about it, Sarah saw this and said, “I can see that without the bra the dress would not fit at all properly so don’t be shy.” Sarah helped her to slide the blue dress over her head and slip her arms into the sleeves. The dress fell down around her hips to a mid-calf height, it was closely fitted around the waist and looked gorgeous on her.

“Twirl around for me Amanda,” and she did just that with the lower half of the dress belling out. The bodice fitted well with the false breasts just the right size, not too large at around a 30 or 32” was her guess, which made the back nice and smooth without wrinkles.

“I just love it, the fit is fantastic and the colour does suit you. I like the ruffles and the waist band with the pretty bow at the back, very feminine and you look really great. It is a shame you haven’t been able to show it off before, apart from Jane of course, so why don’t we go down town for a coffee in your dress but with our new coats on that way no one will know except us.”

“Umm, I am not so sure about that.” responded Amanda.

“OK what if I try one of your other dresses on and it if fits me we can both be dressed in latex and coats.” Sarah replied. A big smile appeared on Amanda’s face as she reached into the wardrobe and brought out a green blouse and a black skirt.

“I think these will fit you, so off with the chemise and on with these.”

Amanda stepped into the skirt and carefully hitched it up to her waist, it was a tad tight but it felt good on her. It hung down nicely and shimmered in the bedroom lights. Amanda helped Sarah on with the green blouse and fastened the buttons on the sleeve cuffs and the front panels. The green was a sort of pale metallic shade and subdued but went very well with the black skirt. “This feels lovely and it fits really well so we must be very similar in size, I like the way it hugs me and make me feel sexy.” “I will just put on some shoes to go with the blue and then we can go and get that coffee,” said Amanda.

Sarah and Amanda donned their raincoats but removed the hoods as they thought as it was unlikely to actually rain the coats looked more stylish without them. With the belts tightly fastened they departed the flat and motored to town. The walk from the car park to the shops gained a few looks from both the ladies and gents as they held hands and walked in step. At the coffee shop they chose a table outside and loosened their coats to allow just a glimpse of the latex beneath.

“I feel a bit like I am showing off but it is nice to be able to enjoy wearing my latex dress outside of home. Thank you for suggesting this and again thank you for being so friendly to me, it does mean a lot to me.”

“Please Amanda you don’t have to keep thanking me as I am enjoying you just as much and especially your latex collection. We seem to fit well together you and I, and let’s look forward to continuing our friendship.”

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