That's the cure for my problem

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When you dress in a slutty Batgirl costume and your date is your twenty-one-year-old son that you relentlessly tease all night.

When he tries to seduce you later and has a cock four inches longer than his father and twice as thick.

You let him do as he pleases to you.

My name is Emma.

I'm thirty-nine years old.
I'm built better than most twenty-five-year-olds.

I'm 5'8" tall, 129 pounds with a very toned and lean 37-24-36 hourglass figure with a fantastic set of 32I tits.
I have raven black hair and lusty grey eyes.

My son Conner is 6'2" with a fabulous physique.
Without an ounce of fat on him.

He has black hair and grey eyes.
Broad shoulders and a square jaw.

I have no idea where he got his dick from.
Because his father is only six inches long and kind of thin.

Conner's is almost ten inches long and as thick as my wrist, making it over seven inches in diameter.

I took every inch of it.
In both my holes and almost puked trying to swallow it.

My husband and I had been invited to a costume party by some friends of ours.

It was a benefit dinner and costume party.

Plans were made and our room was booked.

I rented the honeymoon suite.

I figured hey.
Why not.
We could have some fun and then go have some raunchy sex.

I found what I thought was a great outfit.

I knew it would turn my husband on.

The slutty batgirl.

On the day of the party, I went to the spa.
I wanted to look good and be smooth and fresh.

My husband was already home when I got home.

I was gonna tease him and make him wait till later.

Well, it didn't turn out like I had planned.

"I just can't go." My husband told me.

We were in a heated argument when Conner walked in.

"What's going on?" Conner asked.

So informed him that his father was backing out on our date.

"Hell, I'll go as your date." Conner smiled.
"I might find a sexy milf there." Conner finished with a smile making his father chuckle.

I thought about it for a minute glaring at my husband.

"I won't be back till Sunday." My husband said.

"Go find something to wear," I told Conner as I glared at my husband.

Looking at the black lace thong and matching push-up bra the words Conner said popped into my head.

"Sexy milf" Well, I just happen to fit the description.

I wasn't planning on fucking Conner.
But, I was sure as hell gonna enjoy him as my date.

I figured he would just jerk off later.

I took the time to make sure I was perfect.

Just as I went to walk out of my room.

My phone beeped confirming my reservation for my room.

It was to late to cancel.

I figured if Conner did find a sexy milf to fuck.

I would let him have it.

When I entered the living room I got the shock of my life.

There stood Conner dressed as a shirtless wolverine.
Complete with a cigar.

I will admit.
He made my pussy burn the way he looked.

It was just under an hour's drive to the Hotel where the benefit was to be held.

So Conner and I had plenty of time to talk.

I didn't say anything when I caught him several times checking me out.
Even though my pussy said attack.

I knew I was the one going home and jerking off tonight.

Once we got to the benefit.

I lost track of Conner and went on the search for him.

I found him talking to a busty milf that I knew by the look in her eye what she had on her mind.

Instantly a fit of jealousy ran through me..

I can't explain it.

But, it pissed me off that he was hitting on another woman.

So, I decided to keep him close.

As the night moved along.
I decided I was getting fucked and the fucking I was gonna get was gonna be from my son.

I rubbed up against him and leaned on him.
Kissed him on the neck.

I gave him every indication he was getting laid tonight.

And as the night went on I got more and more aggressive.

Conner did respond.
But, it was very low-key.

Then when we were dancing.

I turned and pushed my ass into his crotch.

Just as I figured.
He was hard as a rock.

I could tell then.
That he had a bigger dick than his fathers.

Looking over my shoulder.
I smiled at Conner and wiggled my ass on his hard prick.

Which made me all that much more hornier.

Before, either of us realized it.
It was 1 a.m.

"Well, it's to late to drive home.
Besides, I already rented a room." I smiled at Conner.

I just forgot to mention it was a single king bed.

I thought about jumping Conner in the elevator and started to.
But, the door opened and a couple stepped in.

"Nice catch." The woman whispered to me.

"Yes, he is." I smiled lustfully.

"Does he know what he is getting into the women?" Whispered.

"He is going to have the night of his life." I smiled.

When the door opened.
Conner started to step out being it was the third from the top.

"When still have a couple more." I smiled at Conner.

As soon as the door closed I turned and looked at Conner.
Stepping forward I pulled him to me and started kissing him as I rubbed his hard cock amazed at the size of his prick.

I knew my little pussy was never gonna be the same after tonight.

When the elevator door opened.

Conner grabbed me and picked me up cupping my tight ass.

Wrapping my legs around him I kissed him passionately as he carried me to our room.

Getting the door open was a trick since I was trying to get his pants unbuttoned and get his big prick out.

I didn't care if the door was open or not.

I was getting him inside me.

I had just started wiggling my horny cunt down his large shaft when he popped the door open.

"SHUT THE FUCKING DOOR!" I almost screamed as Conner's large cock bored into my pussy stretching me open wider than I ever thought possible.

Holding Conner tight I worked my horny cunt down his large shaft as my pussy juices flowed freely and grunting hard with need.

Setting me on the back of the couch.

Conner ripped the rest of my clothes off me.
Cupping my plump ass cheeks he started fucking into me as he looked me directly in the eye.

Holding my legs wide. I held onto his broad shoulders and left him wreck my tight little pussy.

When he slipped free.

I pushed him off me and went to my knees in front of him and started blowing him.

I always wondered what it would be like to have a cock that big in my mouth.

Conner didn't just want his dick sucked.

He wanted to eat my pussy.

Picking me up.

He turned me upside down and started devouring my horny fuck hole.

He eats pussy a lot better than his father.

His father eats my pussy for my pleasure.

Conner was eating it for his own pleasure.

As soon as my pussy could take his cock again.

I made Conner put me down and climbed onto the couch and stuck my ass in the air.

Good thing we were the only room on that floor.

Because I didn't hold back as Conner plowed away at my greedy fuck hole.

I was loving it.

Conner wasn't making love to me.

He was fucking me like the slut I deserved to be fucked like.

Pushing Conner off me.

I set down on the couch and spread my legs.

Again Conner buried his face between my legs until I pushed him off me.

Then he shoved his fat cock back in me and started pounding away at my gaping cunt again.

For the next two hours or so.

We fucked and sucked all over the apartment.

He even fucked me with my head in the refrigerator and sucked him off as I pissed.

Conner used me and I used him.

Neither of us cared.

We both just wanted to fill a void and desire.

When I rolled to my belly and told Connet to fuck me in the ass.

He chuckled softly.

I couldn't believe how easily my asshole opened up to accept his large prick.

His father had only been in my ass twice in our entire marriage and here I was laying on my belly pushing my ass up in the air begging my own son to fuck me harder as he shoved his entire length into my guts balls deep.

With a deep gruntle grown Conner slammed his entire length into my guts and erupted filling my ass with his molten seed.

Rolling over onto my back.
I got up on my and spread my legs.
Proud of the way my asshole looked.

My pussy had pretty well relaxed back to normal.

But, my asshole was a gaping oozing black hole.

"Look what you did to me." I smiled at my son.

Conner just looked down at his dick for a moment.

I knew what he was thinking and wishing.
If his cock would have been able to get hard at that moment.
I would have let him fuck me some more right then.

After a good rest, I led Conner to the shower.

It surprised me how soon his young cock got hard.

Leaning against the shower wall I let him fuck some more as I stood on my tippy toes grunting hard enjoying the feeling of him inside me.

When the water got cold.
I dried Conner off.

Then I pushed him over the kitchen sink.

Pulled his ass cheeks apart and rimmed as sucked his cock and jerked him off.

The rest of the night was random fucking, sucking, and licking.

We woke just in time to order the last breakfast.

"Check-out isn't until 2" I smiled at Conner as we ate our breakfast.

Good thing too.

Conner laid me up on the table and fucked me right in the middle of our food.

I was on my hands and knees with my face shoved in my pancakes, butter, and syrup when he emptied his large hairless nuts into my pussy.

Looking in the mirror.
I laughed at what I looked like as Conner stood behind me caressing my plump ass.

We just barely made it out of the hotel by check out.

I know what I looked like when I walked through the lobby.

I looked like a woman that had just taken a powerful fucking and I wore it proudly.

When we pulled up to the house.

I looked at Conner for a long moment and started to tell him thanks for the great night.

But, what came out was different.

"You know your father won't be home until late tomorrow evening and I have lubes and toys that haven't been used in a long time." I smiled at Conner.

I had just finished making the bed when my husband walked through the front door.

I knew my husband was going to want some pussy later.
I was exhausted.
My pussy and asshole were sore and my jaw hurt some fucking bad I couldn't suck dick even if I wanted to.

I laid under my husband that evening fakely softly moaning as he fucked away at my stretched-out fuck hole.

I could just barely feel him inside me and when he came it was like a drip from a faucet.
It was nothing close to the load that my son had pumped into me just a few hours earlier.

It was almost two weeks later before I called Conner.

"I need to see you." I told him over the phone.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"Be alone and have plenty of time," I told him.

Then I sent him a picture of a jar of lube, a vibrator, and a butt plug.

He sent me a picture of his cock.

"That's the cure for my problem." I sent back.

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