Red cross nurse aunt

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Hi everyone!
On Halloween evening, aunt was invited to a costume party by some friends.
She asked me to come by in the late afternoon to show me the dress she was going to the party in.
I arrived at my aunt's, I went in and I was speechless, my aunt was wearing a nurse's dress, obviously much more sexy and provocative, a short skirt halfway down the thigh, an exposed belly and a blouse just above the navel. Her costume was only missing her knee-length red tights and her heels, in fact her legs were bare because she still had to finish getting ready.
Aunt was in the kitchen preparing some things to bring to the party, I didn't take my eyes off her even for a second.
We chatted for a bit, I couldn't help but look at her legs and her shape, A: "How do I look?", M: "Damn aunt, you're beautiful, super sexy and very provocative", A: "Thank you nephew" she said hugging me and giving me a kiss on the cheek.
In her embrace we touched each other, I touched her ass from under her skirt and she rubbed against me a little. Her breasts pressed against my chest and her pelvis moved, rubbing.
Auntie returned to the kitchen counter, I positioned myself behind her, one of her hands returned to her ass, I caressed it and discovered it, I remained to admire and caress it. Aunty made some movements with her pelvis, perhaps a way to give the go-ahead. I didn't hesitate, I moved the panty aside and with my fingers I went to touch her pussy, I stimulated her making her wetter and wetter, two fingers entered and began to masturbate her, A: "It always ends like this, you're the usual" we laughed heartily and aunt raised her leg right, placing it on the counter. I masturbated her faster and faster, kissing her every now and then, moving my torso forward. Countless minutes passed, A: "Come on, what are you waiting for?" I lowered my trousers, took off my aunt's panties, lifted my aunt's skirt which went around her belly. I aimed my cock and with one stroke I entered, I remained still to enjoy the heat of the pussy, with one hand I grabbed my aunt's skirt which was at belly level, I started fucking her at a high pace, the noise of my body colliding with her ass was firm and strong.aunt's bare ass was super hot and seeing my cock disappear under it was even more so. Aunty squeezed with every stroke and I enjoyed it like crazy. Aunt moaned and clung to the counter, Aunt urged me to fuck her and I did so, giving faster and faster thrusts and deeper and deeper. M: "Aunt I'm coming" I told her, it was all too exciting and I couldn't resist, aunt pushed me back, I leaned against the other side of the kitchen, aunt knelt down and took the cock covered in her juices in her mouth, I I gave a blowjob for a few seconds and I came in her mouth, a beautiful orgasm that culminated between my aunt's lips. She swallowed, stood up and hugged me.
Auntie went back to finish what she was doing, her skirt was still up and her naked ass was still in plain sight, she seemed to be talking to me and I was left staring like an idiot.
I went to the bathroom to fix myself and then I went back to my aunt, I approached her from behind, I grabbed her ass with one hand, M: "You're super hot dressed like that!" I whispered and brought my hand between her legs and caressed her pussy. Aunt turned and looked at me with a mischievous look, I could see that she was excited.
M: "Well come on, have a good evening" I left my aunt's house and went home.
At home I watched TV in total relaxation, thinking back to the nice quickie I had had just before. The phone lit up, it was a message from my aunt, "I'm not going to the party, come over here", I waited 10 minutes and went back to her.
I went in, she jumped into my arms, A: "I'm too excited, you can't leave me like this!" she told me.
I hugged her, touching her beautiful ass, out of the corner of her eye I saw her underwear on the floor which I took off before her, I was still super excited, aunt came down and we went to the room upstairs. Auntie came in first and immediately lay down on the bed, spread her legs, A: "Come", I didn't ask her to repeat it, I thrust myself into her pussy, kissed her inner thigh, first on the right and then on the left, in small centimeters I got to her pussy, licked and kissed that wet pussy, aunt caressed me with one hand and pushed my head towards herself. I spent a lot between aunt's legs, I felt her excitement and I didn't want to move from there, I only moved when she pushed me away with one hand.
I stood up, aunt sat on the edge of the bed, lowered my trousers and started giving me a blowjob, with her tongue she passed every inch of my cock, she passed over my balls and swallowed again, she gave her best, I held back longer I cannot.
A: "Sit in my place", I obeyed, aunt knelt down and continued the blowjob, with her hand I pushed her head to the base of my cock. Aunt pulled away, took off her blouse leaving her breasts free, took the cock between her tits trying to jerk it off with them, it's not her strong point but a great titsjob, A: "I want you inside me now", she got up and with her back to me she stuck my cock in her hot pussy.
She rode me wildly, M: "Fuck, be slow, I'll come right away otherwise" I said, trying to make her understand that I wanted to enjoy the fuck as much as possible. Aunty didn't pay much attention to me and after a while I patted her ass to make her move.
I got up, aunt went doggy style on the bed, resting her head on it, raising her ass, I licked her pussy for a short moment, positioned my cock on the soles of her feet, A: "Stop and I'll wank you" she said, she gave me a footjob that I really appreciated, those well-groomed feet drive me crazy.
I penetrated her and slowly started to fuck her, aunt moaned and I went to tease her anus with a finger, A: "Fuck, continue, I'm about to come", handfuls of seconds passed and aunt came with my cock deep in her pussy and my thumb in her anus. As soon as her orgasm ended I started to fuck her harder and harder adding some nice spanks on her ass, A: "Finish there, it's beautiful", I increased the pace again and after a while I came inside her hot pussy, both panting and enjoying a lot.
I remained inside her until the end of the cumshot, aunt moaned A: "Fuck, that's beautiful!", I removed my cock and kissed her ass.
Auntie got up and gave me a kiss on my cheek and she hugged me.
A: "I really needed it!", She winked at me and we went down to the kitchen to eat the things that her aunt prepared for the party, to which she preferred a good dose of cock.
Thank you.

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