Using my Neighbor

Written by , on 2023-11-02, genre straight

Having recently broken up my girlfriend and had plans for the Labor Day long weekend, I wasn't interested in going out to find another woman. I just wanted a woman to fuck no hassles, hookers weren't an option either. I don't like paying for sex and wanted free sex with no conditions. Main reason my girlfriend decided we were thru; I couldn't make a commitment. I was sitting watching the neighborhood and bored, I notice my neighbor 55 getting home from her job earlier than usual and she didn't look happy. Later listening to the news, I heard about a police raid and an illegal gambling house was closed down. Then it hit me I remembered my neighbor worked at the same building. Her job was receptionist for the man who had been arrested for the illegal gambling house. Her employer ran the casino at the back of his legal loan business, but it was a front for the casino you could say. He also provided loans to his casino clients, with the casino closed down and her boss in custody she was out of a job. Whether she knew about the casino isn't any concern of mine, I knew it would hard for her as she had financial problems. Her late husband's hospital and funeral costs, I'd heard she was just keeping her head above water financially and losing her job would sink her. My mercenary streak kicked in; my neighbor was a sexy woman for her age, and I was at a loose end. I thought I could hire her as my assistant and use her as my ball drainer. At 33 I'm a user of people and always put myself first, second and third and then maybe someone else. I was entitled to an assistant but hadn't bothered to get one. Anyway, I went into my yard and saw her sitting dejected and worried. I said Hi and she said Hi back and so I took the chance to asked what was wrong as if I was interested. I wasn't, but it got us talking and the conversation got to point I was looking for an assistant and I used the words special assistant when I said mention the job. Which was to make her think I wanted extra from my assistant, which wouldn't be in the job description. She picked up on it straight away as I'd hoped she would and asked what special extras I required. I started telling her what the pay would be and then just said personal services. The pay was higher than she had been getting and she knew sex on the extras I wanted. I knew I'd her interest when she said Pity, I'm too old for such a job. I replied why do you think that, and she said you would want a younger woman. I said No I want a more mature woman as younger women can complicate things. She then knew she had a chance and asked did I think she could do the job and I said Yes certainly if you're willing to do everything required. How do I apply was she response, I suggested she come over and show me her expertise. She came over and she stayed the whole long weekend, I could've ended there and say she had missed out on the job. But I'd really enjoyed her company and the sex and having her as my assistant meant I would get more extras in future. So, she my assistant and also being my neighbor means she is always close by. I've been so busy with my assistant; I haven't found a new girlfriend yet. She is happy with her job and providing me with the extras.

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