Family Honor

Written by , on 2023-11-01, genre incest

I've always been very horny and fancied my younger sister greatly. But due to family honor taken very seriously I couldn't act upon my urges with her. Then she was engaged to a much older man 48, which is the custom especially in making new business relationships. My sister being 20 and a virgin was the icing on the cake as they say, her wants or views weren't taken into consideration at all. Of course, she was examined and was indeed a virgin and I as her older brother was put in charge of her. That would finish when was married, anything happening to her would be bad for both of us. But when they check her virginity, they only check her Virginal chastity. As my sister is very trusting of me, I used my closeness to her to fuck her ass and have oral sex with her and her with me. Once she was married and had lost her virginity to her husband, I could and did fuck her anyway I wanted. Being her brother, I was trusted to be with her, especially when her husband was away. She also got pregnant to her husband fairly quickly after the wedding and before I moved to live closer to the newlyweds. So, I was given the responsibility of watching over her when he had to travel. He also found me a wife, a niece of his to strengthen the family bond between our families. I thru my family and my brother-in-law was living next to my sister and her husband. My wife is quite good in bed pleasing me, but the forbidden fruit attracts me still. My sister pleased him greatly by giving him a son, my wife just had a daughter. My sister is trying to pregnant again and once she does, I will continue our sexual relationship with her.

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