THE BBC Cheating. Chapter I and II

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Alina - Kirill's wife, natural blonde, 22 years old, height 5,4 feet, breast size is 30 in / 76 cm, waist is 23 in / 60 cm, and her hips are 36 in / 92 cm.
Liza - Victor's wife, redhead, 23 years old, height 5,6 feet, breast size is 39 in / 100 cm, waist is 25 in / 64 cm, and her hips are 40 in / 101 cm.
Anastasia - friend of Elizaveta and Alina, natural brunette, 23 years old, height 5,5 cm, breast size is 39 in / 100 cm, waist is 24 in / 62 cm, and her hips are 34 in / 86 cm.
Sonya – Victor’s younger sister, natural brunette, 18 years old, height 5,5 cm, breast size is 29 in / 73 cm, waist is 23 in / 60 cm inches, and her hips are 33 in / 83 cm.
Ira - Victor's older sister, natural brown hair, 26 years old, height 5,7 cm, breast size is 29 in / 73 cm, waist is 23 in / 60 cm, and her hips are 33 in / 83 cm.
Kirill - Alina's husband, 28 years old, height 6 feet, penis 6 inches.
Victor - Elizaveta's husband, 24 years old, height 5,7 feet, penis 6 inches.
Lamar – muscular and height 6,1 feet, 32 years old, cock 12 inches.
Jared - very muscular and height 6,1 feet, 26 years old, cock 10 inches.
Prince – fat and height 6,1 feet, 28 years old, cock 12 inches.
Simon – muscular and height 5,7 feet, 20 years old, cock 11 inches.
Tyrell - very muscular and height 6,8 feet, 29 years old, cock 11 inches.

Action I
The meeting
            The friends decided to celebrate Nastya's birthday at the cottage. The situation was complicated by the fact that Nastya's best friend Lisa was released from work at the last minute because of an urgent meeting with a foreign supplier. But in the end the matter was resolved in the most unexpected way: since the supplier's warehouse was not far from the villa of Anastasia's parents, it was decided to meet the supplier directly at the villa. At first, Lisa protested and even wanted to stay late at work and arrive late at the party, but first, the others would have to share a car, and second, her bosses thought the idea of meeting her best partner in an informal setting was even better than inviting him to an office that was still unfurnished after the recent move.
            — It will only take 5 minutes to sign papers and look at product samples, — the boss told her yesterday, adding: — You can do it!
             In fact, Elizaveta had never met with suppliers in person. There was always either an interpreter or her direct supervisor, whose language skills were much broader than Lisa's. But she had "gone it alone" in the last few meetings, with her colleagues just helping her out, so deep down she knew she could handle it. And even if she couldn't, Nastya, who worked in a similar position in another organization and was always ready to help, was there for her.
            But there was another problem — the right outfit. The party was being planned in an all—female company (not counting Lisa and Alina's husbands, who were supposed to leave by the evening to either play PS4 or poker and let the girls do their own thing), and the dress code was initially something festive, and later changed to anything suitable for dancing. However, the rules of the company Lisa worked for required that foreign suppliers always be greeted "on parade". Finally, after almost an hour of discussion, it was decided that Lisa, Nastya, and Alina, as another best friend, would wear dresses to the foreigners' meeting to present themselves properly to the suppliers, and then immediately change into home and comfortable clothes. After all, if the meeting lasts only a few minutes, a little inconvenience can be tolerated.
            That's what they decided. Arriving at the cottage in a large group, everyone began to get ready for the party, and a few minutes before the supplier arrived, the girls changed and went downstairs, appearing before everyone in beautiful outfits. Alina wore a short black dress with bare shoulders, not perfect, but very figure—accentuating; Nastya was adorned with a light brown fabric dress that ended at the place of the thigh where the flesh—colored stockings began, showing slender legs; Lisa wore a lilac strapless dress that so erotically emphasized her juicy figure with firm breasts that it was almost impossible to look away from the girl.
            — Maybe we should all dress like this. — Ira, Lisa's husband's older sister, giggled. She hadn't changed yet and felt a little embarrassed in front of all the dressed—up beauties.
            — Well, wear what you're going to congratulate me in! — Anastasia winked at Ira and Sonya, Victor's other sister, who had just come down from the second floor. — And we'll take care of our foreigners in the meantime.
            — It's a deal! — Ira grabbed Sonya's hand and ran to get changed.
At that moment, loud music and the sound of a car pulling up in the courtyard could be heard. 
            — Here they are! — Lisa exclaimed. — I'm a little worried!
            — It's okay, we're with you, — Alina encouraged her friend. Nastya nodded confidently and slapped Lisa's firm ass:
            — Tear them up, girl!
            The foreign suppliers were dark—skinned men who had arrived in a bright yellow Humvee. There were five of them, and as soon as they got out of the car, it became clear that the girls had overdone it with the beautiful clothes. The men, or rather young men — only one of them looked like a man "a little over thirty" — were simply dressed in T—shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants. Looking at them, it was immediately clear that they had come to relax, not to do business. The girls froze awkwardly on the threshold as they watched five men get out of a huge SUV. The foreigners, or rather, as Lisa said, South Africans, were remarkably similar in facial features, differing only in height. They were all athletically built, broad—shouldered, and only one was seriously overweight.
            — Hallo, Elizabeth! — The man who represented the supplier for the company Elizabeth worked for raised his hand in greeting. His name was Lamar, and she had always seen him in a formal business suit. Now she appreciated the man's abstractly tattooed and pumped arms peeking out from under his tank top.
            — Hallo Lamar! Goed om jou te sien. Dit is my vriende Anastasia en Alina. — Lisa spoke fluent African. The girls could see the eyes of all five Africans turn to them, but they could not hear what the fat man standing closest to Lamar said to his friend:
            — Kyk watter hoere (Look at the whores)!
            — Ja, wat 'n teef! — Lamar replied with a grin. But that's not what he said to Lisa:
            — Bly om sulke skoonhede te ontmoet! Dit is my sakevennote, sowel as my vriende Jared, Simon en Tyrell. Die vet man se naam is ...
            —... my naam is Prince! — The fat man interrupted Lamar, bowing his head in greeting. 
            — Lekker om jou te ontmoet! – Lisa replied. Then she turned to Nastya, who understood most of the conversation, and Alina, who understood nothing and translated:
            — This is Lamar, my company's counterparty representative, and these are his colleagues and friends Jared, Simon, Tyrell and Prince.
            — Prince? — Nastya smiled. — Is that a name?
            — How should I know? — Lisa smiled disarmingly. Then the girl invited the men into the house, where she offered to sign the documents. Lamar's friends stayed at the car, and Nastya unexpectedly offered Alina to stay with them — the girl obviously wanted to improve her knowledge of the language, in which she was not very strong. Alina did not like the prospect of staying with strange men, but Nastya took her by the hand and led her to the SUV. Alina felt that all four guys were literally undressing her with their eyes and adjusted her dress. Nastya, on the other hand, just seemed to enjoy the men's attention.
            — Do you speak English? — She asked the man closest to her, a chubby negro named Prince.
            — Of course I do! And in Russian, but only a little, — the African winked at the beauty. — Your name is Anastasia?
            Nastia laughed.
            — Just Nastya, please, — she pretended to be embarrassed.
            — Of course, of course — Prince repeated. — And you... Lina?
            — Alina, — the blonde corrected the African. — Prince is your real name?
            Her English was nowhere near as good as her friends, and even Ira and Sonya spoke the international language more fluently than she did. But she could still form simple sentences.
            — Yeah! — the man replied proudly. — But it's also a nickname... 
            — En dit is so groot soos kondome (And it's also the size of a condom)! — remarked one of the black men behind Prince. All the men laughed, even the Prince. Nastya either did not understand the meaning of the sentence or pretended not to.
            While the girls talked to the Prince, his companions came closer, and now the beauties stood in the middle of a ring of tall, dark-skinned men. Alina felt uncomfortable, although Nastya definitely liked what was happening.
            — Where are you from? — Nastya continued the acquaintance.
            The guys took turns naming different places, which didn't tell the girls anything. Then Prince explained in English that they were all cities of the Republic of South Africa.
            — Are you married? —One of the guys, called Simon, asked suddenly. His gaze was fixed on the ring finger of Aline's right hand. She nodded, which caused a strange stir among the men. Someone said "getroud slet" (married whore), but neither Alina nor Nastya knew the rough Afrikaans slang, so they didn't know how to react. Nevertheless, the blonde decided to ask her new acquaintances about the reason for such attention.
            — They were very upset, — Prince replied in poor but understandable Russian. — You are too beautiful.
            Alina shifted a perplexed look from the big African to Nastya, but she just laughed:
            — He means they're sad that such a pretty girl is busy! Don't worry, guys, it's not a problem!
            — Hey!
            — What?! — Anastasia shrugged with an angelic flutter of her eyes. — That didn't stop you at the last party!
Alina's breath caught. Especially since Nastya was distorting the facts. At the last party that had taken place here, the girls had gotten so drunk that they had kissed each other almost all night long, and so passionately that Lisa, Nastya and Alina would have had a threesome if Kirill and Viktor hadn't been playing poker in the next room. But lesbian flirting can't be compared to cheating on your husband — or so Alina thought. And the fact that Nastya suggested she forget her husband and talked about it so openly in the presence of dark-skinned men angered the married blonde:
            — It's not true! 
            The girl's mediocre knowledge of English forced her to choose her words carefully, and from the outside her statement looked so insecure that it provoked laughter among the dark-skinned men and rude, unmistakable whispers. Fortunately, Nastya changed the subject:
            — Waar handel jy (What are you trading?)?
            It was a harmless question that made the boys laugh strangely, as if embarrassed. Prince answered — he was the most talkative of the group.
            — Dit is baie delikate dinge. Klere, speelgoed vir spesifieke situasies (These are very sensitive things. Clothes, toys for special occasions).
            Nastya rounded her eyes.
            — You mean...
            — Seks speelgoed en goedjies. Dit is produkte vir volwassenes (Sex toys and stuff. These are adult products), — one of the guys behind the Prince's back replied. Before Nastya could react, one of the guys reached into the car and pulled out several bags, apparently containing clothes, and handed them to the girls. Alina and Nastya looked with interest at the clothes in the cellophane: some very vulgar bodices, dresses and T-shirts with vulgar inscriptions in English, as well as chokers and sexy stockings.
            — A gift, — Prince said. The girls were embarrassed, but did not return the parcels. Alina wondered if her husband would appreciate such outfits on his wife, but for some reason she doubted it. Even if he did, he probably wouldn't last more than a few minutes. Nastya was just happy about the update of her wardrobe - she didn't tell anyone, but in her room on the top floor she kept a real collection of erotic costumes, which she wore from time to time to spoil herself and her partner.
            — Thank you, — Alina said a little embarrassed.
            — Probeer later weer (Be sure to try it on later)! — Prince winked at the girls. Nastya smiled:
            — Natuurlik! Sal u bly om te sien? (Of course! Will you stay to watch?)
            The boys whistled. Nastya obviously allowed herself more than her friend.
            — Ons moet nog nie soek waar ons kan oornag ni, — Prince replied. Nastya clarified:
            — U het nie gevind nie?
            — Nee, ek dink ek sal die nag op die parkeerterrein op die lughawe moet deurbring.
            Nastya smiled and said, obviously pleased with an idea that had struck her:
            — Waarom bly u nie by die gastehuis nie? Dit is baie gemaklik daar, en dit is nader aan die lughawe as van stadshotelle.
            The men obviously liked the idea. They smiled, and Prince thought for a few seconds, then nodded:
            — Dan saam met ons nog 'n paar geskenke. Stem jy saam?
            — Meer as! — Nastya blossomed.
            Only Alina did not understand the meaning of the dialog. She shifted her perplexed gaze from one satisfied dark-skinned face to another and finally looked questioningly at her friend.
            — I suggested they stay at my guesthouse since they hadn't found a place to stay for the night yet. And it's closer to the airport from here than from the city anyway.
Alina frowned:
            — I don't think that's a good idea....
            — And in return they will give us some more boxes with interesting things! — Anastasia whispered quickly to her friend. — Make your husband happy, because you said yourself that you have a little problem with it.
The girl winked at the blonde, who pursed her lips. Nastya guessed what Alina was thinking:
            — And if he still can't satisfy you, look at all the hot guys out there.
            Prince coughed, signaling that he had heard everything. And the guys standing behind him looked so satisfied, as if Nastya had not only offered them to spend the night as guests, but had also promised to give each of them a blowjob at night. Apparently realizing that they should be thanked for girl's hospitality, Prince gestured to his friends, and they quickly unloaded several more boxes and bags of various erotic toys and clothes from the car. In addition to the sex goods, the guys also pulled out fruit and some drinks with African names.
            — There are presents! — announced the Prince. Nastya smiled and invited the men into the house:
            — Bring huis toe! Ons hou vandag 'n partytjie, so maak gereed vir die pret!
            When the whole group returned from the street to the house, they were met by the sisters Ira and Sonya, who had changed their clothes. Ira wore a snow-white little pencil dress that showed off her slender legs in white stockings, and Sonya wore a coal-black short-sleeved dress that completely covered her small breasts, but also showed off her wonderful legs in black stockings. Wearing different colored dresses, as if they had been chosen to contrast each other, the girls occupied the eyes of all the Africans for a brief moment. 
             By this time, Elizabeth and Lamar had finished their business and were leaving the hall. When Liza saw the group of dark-skinned men in the hallway, she looked at the girls with a puzzled expression. Alina shrugged, giggled, and nodded to Nastya.
            — We have more guests, — Nastya said cheerfully. Actually, it was not her idea to have a "purely female" gathering, but Lisa and Alina's. Anastasia had always preferred the company of men, and the more of them the better. That was why she had broken up with her last boyfriend. To be exact, they did not break up, but took a "break", but for the girl it was the same as a breakup. She wasn't the kind of person who felt strongly about a broken relationship. Especially when there were so many good-looking guys around.
            — What do you mean? — Lisa didn't understand. Alina and Nastya quickly brought her up to speed. 
            — You might want to talk to your husbands about this. — Sonya giggled. Alina opened her mouth to answer, but Lisa interrupted her:
            — They went fishing and won't be back until tomorrow.
            — Really? — Alina was surprised, but not much. Kirill was not a fan of parties, and Victor, Lisa's husband, preferred the company of the forest and nature to that of his wife. Not surprisingly, they left the girls alone - they thought the party would be more interesting and fun without them. But they could not imagine that there would be male company, and what kind.
            The Africans, however, were clearly comfortable: they walked around the house, talking in their own language and admiring the girls' outfits. Only Lamar and Prince stayed with the girls. The latter had just finished telling his boss that he had traded some of the goods for a night's stay at the guesthouse. Judging by Lamar's smile, he was not against the idea.
            — Well, — Anastasia smiled, probably the most slutty smile Alina and Lisa had ever seen. — Then let's start celebrating!
Action II
The dancing
            While Lisa, Alina and Sonya finished setting the table and adding more seats, Nastya and Ira took the men to the guesthouse and showed them where they could spend the night. The Africans complained that they had to stay in the same clothes they had come in. Nastya joked that their gorgeous bodies would be a great addition to the girls' dresses, Ira flirtatiously supported the flirtation and suggested that the handsome guests sit one by one between the girls so that each beauty would be courted by a beau. Nastya managed to explain the idea in English to Lamar, who nodded and waved his hands:
            — Your house — your rules!
— U hoere — ons lede (Your whores — our cocks)! — The Prince echoed it so that only the boys could hear. They laughed and patted each other on the back in agreement.
            — Are you sure this is a good idea? — Alina asked her best friend as she took the pizza out of the oven. She was arranging the bottles of wine and drinks the Africans had brought on the table.
            — Why not? — Liza replied. — You know, I haven't enjoyed the company of men for so long that I'm actually glad that Vitya left. Thanks to your husband, by the way, he would hardly have gone alone.
            — That's for sure. They're inseparable, they'd rather stare at the water than dance with their wives…
            — You don't say! — Alina was supported by her friend. — And it was not just about dancing!
            — What do you mean?
            — Well... you know.
            — Uh—huh?
            — I told you that Vitya and I are trying to have a baby, — Lisa put the bottle on the table louder than it deserved. The plates and glasses rattled.
            — You did, — Alina nodded. — And how's that?
            — Absolutely nothing! — Lisa growled angrily. — Excuse me for the details, but how can I get pregnant when my husband prefers camping and friends to sex with his own wife? And when we do get it going, it lasts about five minutes. I can't even get aroused in that time. I'm tired of him coming as soon as he puts his dick in my vagina. Every time I feel like my husband is winning some kind of shitty racing championship.
            Alina laughed:
            — I think Kyrill can also compete with him.
            — Really? — Lisa was surprised. — I thought... You don't have a problem with that.
            — I wish we did’t, — Alina sighed. — The sex isn't bad, but lately he's getting off earlier than he should. And this constant "I'm tired", "I have to get up early tomorrow" ... If he didn't sit at the computer so much, he wouldn't get tired!
            — Oh, girl, I think we both need to spend some time with real men!
            The girls laughed.
            — If only to spend, — Alina clarified. — I'm not as open as our desperate Nastya.
            — That's for sure, — Lisa confirmed. — She seemed ready to sleep with all of them at once, even though she had the most alpha-male guy. Remember Anton?
            — You bet I do! Handsome, it's a shame they didn't get together.
            — Let's see, maybe they'll get together again, — Lisa suggested, arranging the napkins on the edge of the table.
            — I think Nastya will find herself a new alpha male today, — Alina giggled.
            — Maybe a few, — Lisa winked at her friend. — We'll remain unnoticed, as always.
            — Judging by the way they're staring at you, girls, Nastya isn't the only one who's going to have some fun tonight, — came Sonia's voice, who had returned from the cellar with several more bottles of alcohol. Alina and Liza looked at each other and blushed. At that moment Ira's head poked through the kitchen door - she, Nastya and the Africans had returned to the house:
            — All right, chefs? Is everything ready?
            A few minutes later, everyone was seated at the table. At Ira's suggestion, there was a rotation of negros and girls. Nastya sat at the head of the table as the main celebrant. To her right was Lamar and to her left was Prince. Next to Lamar, as his old acquaintance, sat Lisa, to her right - very muscular Jared. Next was Alina, then Tyrell, as tall as a basketball player with the figure of Apollo, and after him Ira. Simon, the smallest of the guys, took a seat between her and Sonya. On the other side of young Sonya sat the Prince, who looked at the girl with a strangely predatory expression. But he was looking not so much at Sonya as at her long legs, hidden under the table and adorned with dark stockings.
It seemed as if the Africans were sitting like that for a reason. Each of the blacks clearly enjoyed looking at the curves of their neighbors' bodies, which were only accentuated, not hidden, by the beauties' outfits. Perhaps only the Prince looked at all the beautiful women at once with a vulgar gaze.
            The toasts began. First to the meeting, of course, then to the birthday girl, her house, her parents, the wonderful food and the girls who prepared it. After almost all the salads were eaten, four bottles of wine were drunk, and the plates of pizza and pies were half emptied, the guys decided to switch to stronger drinks. On the table appeared African rum, expensive whiskey and a few more bottles of alcoholic beverages of the strangest and most daring colors the girls had ever seen. There were still a few bottles of wine on the table, but Lisa, Nastya and Ira expressed a desire to try what the men had brought. At least a sip. 
            It did not escape Alina's attention that the Prince and Lamar glanced at each other as they poured the poison-blue drink into glasses, but she did not pay much attention. The toasts came again, now more specific. First to all the women in the world, then to the beauties at the table. The Prince raised his glass to the attractive bodies of the girls around him, but mixed up English and Russian and ended up saying something incomprehensible. Nevertheless, everyone laughed and the atmosphere became more and more friendly and relaxed.
            Lisa, Nastya and Alina were already ready to dance and gradually began to move to the dance floor. The blacks were also very danceable - they moved really well and their muscular black bodies looked very hot in the half-light that descended on the room at the beck of Anastasia's hand. Someone turned on a disco ball and colorful circles danced around the room. Only Sonya wasn't dancing, but she wasn't bored — Simon was sitting next to her, and he seemed to be persistently persuading her to try a colorful drink from his shot glass. Sonya left the only one who drank only wine. 
The Prince, by the way, was also sitting next to the girl, on the other side, but while Simon was entertaining the beauty with conversation, and she was blushing and giggling every minute, covering her lips with her hand, the fat man was just looking at the girl, mentally imagining in which positions and how long he would fuck her. But no one noticed — the dancing girls were the center of the guys' attention, and next to each of the beauties dances the guy sitting next to her at the table, which confirmed the theory that Africans have long since sorted out their "hoere".
            For example, Lamar danced next to the star of the evening, Nastya, and there is no other word for it, because she moved extremely erotically. His hands wandered so often over the girl's body that she had to pull them away with a smile. Nearby, Lisa twirled her ass in her provocative dress, and she was joined by tall Jared, whose muscular torso was only accentuated by his tight t-shirt. He was more modest than his "boss", but still he put his hand around the blonde married woman's waist or neck a few times. Alina and Ira found themselves dancing next to the giant Tyrell. The girls hugged each other several times, neither of them knowing what was causing such a hot sensation of desire. Alina found herself thinking that if her husband were there, she would definitely lock herself in the bathtub with him. But even Ira looked so damn attractive in Alina's eyes now, especially in that tight white dress. And the negro man was a real god in the flesh - Alina looked at his gorgeous body with open lips and was a little jealous when his black hands stroked Ira's body instead of hers.
            — Oh my God, there's something huge in his pants! — Nastya shouted into the girls' ears and pushed her way over to Lisa and Alina. She was red and sweaty. The girls couldn't help but notice that she smelled of alcohol. 
            — Maybe he forgot to take the bottle out of his pocket? — Alina giggled. She noticed that Tyrell, who was dancing next to her, had allowed himself too much again, and his huge palm moved from her back to her buttocks in a commanding but gentle motion. The blonde smiled at the handsome man and moved her hand upward in a sharp motion. Having taken the hint, Tyrell was immediately interested in Ira, who allowed herself to be fondled where "getroud slet", as the Africans called Alina, forbade it.
            — It seems to me that the movies didn't lie about what Africans hid in their pants, — Nastya continued to tell about her "discovery".
            — Come on, — Lisa waved her hand and leaned back a little — she clearly liked the way Jared held her against him, rough and sharp, not at all the way her husband had treated her. Lisa wished she could feel more authority from Victor. She was tired of being the head of their little family...
            Pressing her plump ass against the man's groin, Lisa suddenly laughed and turned to Nastya and Alina, who looked at her with a look of envy and surprise at the same time, and shouted:
            — Nastya, maybe you're right!
            Nastya and Alina laughed back. 
            However, dancing in dresses might have been pleasing to the eye, but it was not very comfortable. Soon Lisa, out of breath and flushed, flicked her beautiful hair from her forehead and suggested that the girls go change. Nastya, judging by her behavior, was ready to share this process with Lamar, who was already hugging the beauty by her hips. Alina did not hide the fact that Nastya was rubbing her thighs against his groin for all to see.
            "I wonder if she really feels something big in there!" — Alina thought to herself, a little surprised at the vulgarity of her own thoughts. Lisa, however, was more sober and aware of both her own and her friend's actions, and so she led Nastya upstairs under her arm. Ira, Sonya, and Alina followed them. They came down five minutes later, having changed into more comfortable clothes, but it couldn't be said that they were less attractive to men's eyes. 
            The first to appear before the men's eyes was Anastasia. She had changed her tight dress and even removed her stockings. Nevertheless, her outfit now fit better with the men's outfits — like the Negroes, she was dressed in a sporty way. The girl's bottom was covered with leggings made of thick black fabric, which made her long legs look simply amazing. In addition, the pants very attractively emphasized her small ass, which now became the object of attention of all the men in the room. On the upper part of her body the girl wore a very tight top, which just looked great on her impressive breasts. It's so tight around Anastasia's roundness that the guys could see translucent nipples at a closer look. But most importantly - there seemed to be no bra under the top, which in itself affected the men like a red rag on a bull. The Africans immediately began to shower the dark-haired beauty with compliments and various vulgarities. Of all of them, Anastasia, who did not have a full command of the African language, understood one best: Dit is boobs! (What boobs!).
            Elizabeth came down the hall next. The blonde beauty also wore tight leggings, but in gray. Her big ass looked rather provocative in them, but the guys were obviously satisfied - the love of Africans for "big butts" was known to everyone, and if the beauty wanted to attract their attention, she succeeded. The beauty gathered her hair into a ponytail so that it would not disturb her and revealed a beautiful face — the girl washed off her evening make-up (unlike Nastya) and only lightly painted her face, emphasizing her lips, cheeks and large expressive eyes. The upper part of Lisa's body was also hidden under the top, but the neckline was noticeably smaller, in addition she wore a bra of unknown color under the top. Despite the more modest image of the beauty, the guys obviously could not remain dissatisfied with what they saw - the sporty outfit perfectly emphasized the young woman's juicy figure, but most of all the Africans were attracted not even by that, but by the wedding ring on her ring finger. Like Alina, Lisa was married, and that was a trigger for the blacks. Someone whispered, "Nog 'n getroude slet!" (Another married bitch!), but the last exclamation Lisa heard and understood was "Ek wil haar aan die hare neem en haar op haar knieë laat sak!" (I will take her by the hair and put her on her knees!).
            Alina took off her dress with great difficulty and stayed upstairs for a while to wash off her evening makeup, so she had to decide very quickly what to wear — her friends had already changed. The choice fell on dark blue leggings. They were the most comfortable clothes for girls, not restricting their movements and not looking too open at the same time. But if Nastya's butt was not hot enough and Liza's was a bit overweight, Alina's was perfect. The curve of her hips, the pumped up glutes — even when she wore only jeans, men went crazy when they looked at her from behind. Her ass looked great in leggings — Alina knew that and liked to wear them to the gym after another bad night with her husband. The blonde loved to feel the men's eyes on her ass and now she felt them again. She enjoyed the attention, so much so that the nipples on her small breasts swelled slightly, reminding the beauty of the fact that she was not wearing a bra. But not because she wanted to draw attention to her breasts. It was just comfortable. The Negroes didn't know that, so they appreciated the outfit in their own way. Someone in the audience said, "Ek sal hierdie getroude esel naai!" (I'm going to fuck this married ass!) — but Alina didn't know the language and didn't understand the meaning of the sentence.
            While the girls were changing, the guys obviously did not waste any time. They moved the tables aside, leaving only a small table with alcohol and glasses. The girls noticed that everyone had already been poured - even young Sonya. Liza thought about telling the men that the girl didn't drink strong alcohol, but at that moment Ira's cheerful voice sounded:
            — Well, Sonya, it looks like you're going to have to have a little drink as well!
            The sisters came down last. Their appearance also impressed the dark-skinned males. The males reacted like animals smelling females. And there was a lot to react to. Ira did not support the sporty style of her friends and wore a very light summer dress with floral print that would have been embarrassing even on the beach. A bra was out of the question - with every movement of the beauty, her little pretty breasts almost jumped out of the neckline. Sonya wore a bright green top with long sleeves that hugged her small breasts tightly, as well as a very tight, obviously a few sizes smaller than necessary, black skirt above the knee. At the same time, the young beauty did not consider it necessary to change her evening makeup for something simple and looked extremely vulgar, as the phrase of the guys "Ek betaal vir albei se monde!" (I will pay for the mouths of both!).
            Nastya and Lisa laughed when they saw the guys' excitement. Everyone had another drink. The girls didn't realize it, but with each new drink their view of what was happening changed. Whether it was the alcohol or something else, the beauties did not understand, but what seemed unthinkable, wild and abnormal before - for example, the presence of five almost unknown handsome guys in the same room with them - did not look unusual now. Anastasia realized that her ex-boyfriend Anton was no match for these stately and powerful dark-skinned beauties. Elizabeth and Alina regretted that their husbands did not have such attractive bodies and did not react with such passion when their wives in similar clothes flaunted in front of them. Lisa found herself thinking, not for the first time, that none of the dark-skinned men would have preferred a camping trip, a fishing trip, or a weekend with a friend instead of a lavish sex session with her. Alina admired the men's muscles and tried to figure out if her husband had a chance to look as powerful. She couldn't even understand when she had become so attracted to muscular male bodies. The blackness of the Africans' skin made their already beautiful figures even more exotic and desirable.
            "Lucky the girls they fuck", — Alina thought to herself. And from Lisa's look, the blonde was sure that her friend had the same thoughts.
And as for the sisters Ira and Sonya, they simply enjoyed the attention they got from the men. Ira's thoughts were similar to those of Nastya, Lisa and Alina - none of the guys she knew had such an article, such authority and power that came from the Africans. The girl even thought that if humanity were not bound by the norms of morality and decency, she would easily resemble some animal female and give her body to those hot black men. Even the presence of her very young sister would not have stopped Ira - because Sonya looked at men with the expression of a fully established woman. 
            And her whole demeanor said that she might lack in flirting experience and the ability to show off her sexiest features, but she was more than willing to make up for it with the openness and feigned innocence that so attracted all the guys. Although Ira knew that Sonya was not so innocent - there were videos in her browser history that made even the experienced Irina blush. Also, Sonya was clearly not a virgin. And although her parents and Ira had never seen her with a boyfriend, the older sister couldn't rule out the possibility that her younger sister had lost her virginity, either with a boyfriend or on her own. Maybe she put something a little deeper than she should have?
            The dancing started again and this time lasted for almost an hour. This time everyone danced. Lamar and Nastya stayed close to each other and seemed to be able to feel each other's bodies. Jared also tried to get closer to Lisa, but failed for several reasons. First of all, the girl preferred to dance with Alina, singing non-musical to famous pop songs. Second, when he put his hands just below Lisa's waist, the girl stubbornly lifted them up, and when they went over her belly - down.
            Alina roughly understood what Lisa was feeling because the same emotions were raging in the blonde's soul. When Tyrell, who mostly danced with Ira, turned his attention to her and pressed his powerful, pumped-up body against the petite beauty, Alina wanted more than anything to press herself against him in return. But the realization that she was a woman first, and that her husband was not so far away, stopped her. There was a third reason - despite his attractive looks, Tyrell was still a stranger. Flirting with him went against everything her mother had taught Alina, and what Alina wanted to teach her children. And the young married girl had no doubt that Lisa, her friend in misfortune, was tormented by exactly the same contradictions. They really wanted what the guys were offering - but couldn't afford it. 
            As for Sonya, she was the center of Simon's attention. At one point it seemed that the girl was kissing a dark-skinned handsome man, but it turned out to be just a play of light - the girl just put her head on his shoulder in the process of dancing.
            Another song ended. Nastya asked the guys to help open the windows and air out the room — it was getting very stuffy. While everyone was drinking, not alcohol this time, but something that could refresh them, Prince took Jared aside and talked to him about something, showing him the screen of his phone. Then the two of them approached Lamar, and after a brief dialogue between them, he stepped forward.
            — Ladies and friends, may I have your attention, please? — The man spoke in good English, using simple phrases so that even Sonya and Alina could understand him. — I suggest we take a break and play a game.
            Nastya groaned unhappily. All games, whether board games or active games, were a waste of time. Alina, Liza and Ira were not happy either — they all wanted to take a break and continue dancing. Only Sonya shared Lamar's enthusiasm — she enthusiastically sat down on the sofa, showing that she didn't mind relaxing with something less active than dancing.
            — Oh, come on! Everyone loves this game. Besides, it's a game that allows us to get to know each other better.
            — Which one? — Alina was interested.
            — Truth or dare, of course! — Prince said. He showed his mobile phone and the cable that came out of it.
            — Can I connect my phone to this TV, Anastasia? — He asked, pointing to the huge plasma screen on the opposite wall. The girl said yes. A few minutes of manipulation and the name of the game appeared on the TV screen: Truth or Dare 18+, Hot Edition.
            — What a name, — Ira laughed, but her voice sounded very interested. 
            — Yes, it's not an easy task, beauties, but we'll start with the easy level and maybe with 'truth' instead of 'dare'. Wouldn't you agree?
            — I can, — Nastya said hesitantly. The other girls seemed very interested.
            — Who's going to start? — Lisa asked.
            — Let the game decide, — Prince replied.
            It was decided to play in English - everyone present knew it more or less, and if someone didn't understand something, it was translated.

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