Three Sisters

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Ruth, Emma and Jane three sisters who lived together and never socialized much at all. I worked with Ruth and asked her out and got refused nicely. Anyway, my luck changed she accepted another request for a date, and we had a great time. The only awkward part was meeting her two sisters, their parents were deceased and no other siblings. Ruth is the middle child at 27 and Emma the youngest at 24 and Jane the oldest at 29 and I'm 31. They rented their home and watched out for each other. I'm from old money and not short of a dollar, I was very attracted to Ruth, and we were soon in a relationship including having sex. I decide Ruth was my perfect soulmate and asked her to marry me, she didn't answer and then said she would've to think it over. I was stunned I thought she would jump at marrying me, I was called later by Jane. Jane told me Ruth was torn between marrying me and leaving them to fend for themselves as they had been doing ever since their parents passed away. My spirits picked up as I knew she would've said yes if not for her sisters. I was unsure what to do at first, but I had money, and I could buy a house and put the sisters in it rent free and still buy a house for me and ruth no problem. While thinking it over I came upon a large house for sale it was nicely kept and in great shape, almost as big as my parent's house. I hadn't thought of a large house as I didn't want to hire staff to maintain it. I wanted something for me and Ruth, but I realize both Emma and Jane living with us I wouldn't need staff and all would be happier living together rather than parted. I made an offer on the spot via my cellphone, that even I took all 3 out after asking Ruth again to marry me and saying I would buy a large house for all of us. She accepted as her sisters would be living with us, we all got on very well. After dinner I drove by the house I was buying, I didn't yet have the keys or agreement to buy in place. But they all liked the house from the outside, next day my offer got accepted by the seller and I had the family lawyers finalize it. My mother, sister and aunts were all planning the wedding with Ruth and her sisters, I was going to pay for everything, but my father said he would as Ruth's parents were deceased, and she would be his daughter-in-law he felt it his duty to do so. The house sale was finalized, and Ruth and her sisters moved in straight away. I moved in fully the wedding night and now 12 years later I've 8 children, 3 by Ruth, 3 by Emma and 2 by Jane, we've kept inhouse you could say. My parents are very happy with their grandchildren and treat all the 3 sisters as their daughters-in-law.

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