Getting Divorced, but widowed instead

Written by , on 2023-09-16, genre straight

I was being divorced by wife and she and her boyfriend/boss got killed while on a skiing holidaying. Got in an avalanche, they had entered the off-limits area and to get away from other skiers. I was home when I got the news from my mother-in-law (mil) 52 as she was informed not me. luckily, we had no children and only been married 3 years, marrying while at university. Anyway, that ended the divorce proceedings, and I was still shocked and saddened by her passing. But her mother was very upset losing her only daughter and I tried to comfort her, her son was much interested in his mother distress as he wasn't close to her even before his father death in 2018. But he came to his sister funeral and left straight after without talking to his mother. So, I took it as my duty to watch over her, till she could cope. I wasn't dating or going out much at the time and so would see my mil regularly. Then I lost my job due company being bought out and restructuring, but I got another job interstate almost straight away. The job was closer to my parents both in their late 60's retired and living 50 miles from my new home. My mil decided to move also as she saw me as more of a son than her own son due to his ignoring her. She was well off and sold her home and move to be close to me, so close she would be living with me until she found a place to suit her. I was given a house bought by my parents; it was only 3bedrooms 1bathroom. But it was all mine not rented like the last one, as my mil and parents got on very well, I would take her with me to visit my parents on weekends. We got on well as usual and then on a very cold night the power went out and the automated message said it would be late next morning before being fully restored. As my house require electricity to heat it was going to be a very cold night. At my mil suggestion we would share the same bed, rugged up we went to bed earlier than usual. The 2 of us in bed made it very warm and I took off the extra layer I had on, likewise my mil done the same. But we kept the extra clothing in the bed with us to keep it warm for morning. As the night progress it got colder and instead of putting on the extra clothing again, we cuddled. I got aroused and my hard cock was poking my mil, and she felt my hard cock with her hand and started to stroke it. I said sorry, but she decided we should use it and we fucked. Fucking again in the morning, after our second fuck we were laying there, and the light came on it was only 8am. We stayed together waiting for the house to warm up and so we fucked again. Finally getting up at 9.30 and showering together, ever since she shares my bed. She wants me to find another wife, but lets me fuck her anytime I want, I've been on several dates no-one special as yet. My mil hasn't found her perfect house yet and really likes the inhouse servicing provided at my house. So, we're both getting a benefit of sharing a house together. I'm still her actual son-in-law as I was never divorced as it wasn't completed at the time of her death it stopped. I'm on the lookout for a new wife and yet to find one.

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