The Bus

Written by , on 2018-05-16, genre exibitionism

She loved teasing him. It drives her crazy watching how aroused he gets when she does. Today would be no exception.

There was a blues festival in town and they planned on spending the day there. Parking was ridiculous at the height of tourist season so taking the bus was the wise choice.

She wore a short skirt and as usual, no panties. She purposely sat across from him on a fairly crowded bus and didn't take long to start teasing him. She pulled the hem of her skirt up slightly as she sat there. He looked at her and she just smiled her sexy smile. She pretended to adjust her position in the seat but all she really did is flip her skirt up to give him a glance at the little patch of hair between her legs. He was growing rapidly in his shorts.

He was carrying their backpack, full of the day's supplies, in his lap. Under the back pack he was grazing the outline of his hardening cock with his fingers. She knew it, and it was turning her on. She rested her hands in her lap and lightly stroked her bare things, just enough that he could tell she was doing it. She fluttered her skirt a few times, again giving him a view of her pussy.

He was hard now and he had to adjust himself. He did it slowly and purposefully for her benefit. He slid his hand under the backpack and grabbed his cock, sliding it in his shorts so that it was pointing upward. She thought of the many times she had seen him masturbating for her enjoyment and imagined his hand on his cock now. Even through his shorts, or especially through his shorts, it turned her on.

The teasee can easily become the teaser in this game. He knew how turned on she gets watching him. He brought a little surprise for her. So as not to make a mess in his shorts at the very start of the day, he brought a condom so he could cum on the bus for her. He discretely pulled the condom out of his pocket and showed her. He reveled in the look on her face, one mixed with surprise and pure arousal.

Moving ever so slowly and discretely, he undid the zipper on his shorts, glancing at her throughout. He quietly took the condom out of its wrapper and put his two hands under the backpack. He wriggled slightly in his seat and was able to quickly position the condom at the head of his very hard and dripping wet cock. He looked at her and closed his eyes as he rolled the blue latex down the length of him. She was clearly flushed as a result of watching him. He could see her hard nipples poking through her white tank top. Knowing he was looking, she discreetly circled them with her fingers.

He wasn't going to last much longer and they were almost at their destination. His cock was standing in his lap under the backpack and he was stroking it firmly. He held it in his fist and his strokes were getting him close to cumming but the bus driving over the bumpy roads was actually getting him closer. He slid his hand up and cupped the swollen head in his hand and that was all he needed. He looked over at her and nodded, and started to cum in his hand.

He watched her cheeks blaze red as he felt the rush of orgasm course through his entire body. Trying to maintain composure was incredibly difficult. Feeling the hot cum fill the condom and the realization that he was arousing the hell out of her while surrounded by strangers caused a few more surges though his cock. Seconds later it was over, for him. He looked across the aisle at her and watched her mouth "you have to fuck me" to him. They both couldn't wait to get off the bus.

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