The Buzz

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They finally arrived. A long flight and a long bus ride but they finally checked in at the resort. 1:00 in the afternoon they wasted no time getting in bathing suits and heading directly to the pool.

They found two loungers pretty much in the middle of the vast resort pool. He set up their towels on the chair and finally they had their feet up. In less than a minute the waiter came buy with two drinks and placed them on the small table between their loungers.

They clinked glasses and laid back, soaking up the warm sun. It was starting to get busy so he thought now would be a good time to really kick off the week.

"Here," he said, handing her a small bag.

"What's this?" she asked.

"Open it," he said.

She opened the little bag and found what looked to be a large rubber clamp of some sort. She looked at it puzzled

"What?" she asked.

"Where do you think that might fit?" he asked.

Her eyes lit up with understanding.
"Ohhhhhhh! I like it!" she said excitedly.

"Put it on," he told her.

"Now?" She asked.

"Yep," he said, pulling the remote out of his pocket.

"Ohhhh baby," she exclaimed.

He handed her a little bottle of lube for the toy.

She got up to go inside to put her toy in plus but he stopped her.

"Put it in right where you are," he instructed.

She was already wet with anticipation and this made it worse/better. She placed a small amount of lube on the vibe and looked cautiously around the now crowded pool . Boldly, she stood up facing him. Feigning adjusting her bikini bottom, she discretely slipped her hand in the front of them and slid the toy inside.

He could see her nipples harden through her top. He also felt himself hardening at her actions. He watched her settle back in her chair, put on her sunglasses and broad sun hat, and lay back, assumably with her eyes closed.

He pressed the button in the remote to start the inside vibe on its lowest speed. He saw her grip the arms of her chair so he knew it was working. He let it run for about 20 seconds or so then turned it off.

She smiled. Laughed, really.

He turned on the other end of the vibe, the one resting on her clit, on its lowest speed.

She gripped her chair again.

After about 20 seconds he turned it off. Then he turned the other one back on. He let that run for a full minute then turned it off. The the clit vibe again, 20 seconds, then off.

She was squirming now in her lounge, definitely in need of an orgasm. He was going to oblige, but only when he thought it was time.

He waited a minute until the waiter came back over to refresh their drinks. Then he turned both ends on to the 2nd setting. He watched her as she gripped her chair again, tighter this time. The waiter asked he if she wanted another drink, she could only nod. The waiter left.

Now, he got serious with the game. He alternated buttons. One off, one on, back and forth for a couple of minutes. Then each one a little longer at a higher setting. He watched her excitement grow rapidly. She went from gripping her chair to squeezing her thighs together. When she couldn't hold it in any more and she let a whimper and a moan escape, he turned everything off.

"Oh fuck!" she whispered.

He laughed.

The waiter retuned with their drinks and he turned the volume way up. If it wasn't for the chatter and the music around the pool you could probably hear the soft buzzing between her legs.

She had slipped her legs off the lounge and had one foot planted firmly on each side of it. She was getting ready to cum.

He stood up and pretended to adjust his swim suit. He was really adjusting his very hard cock. He looked over at her to see her watching him. He discretely out his hand inside his trunks to stroke the length of himself. He let the head poke out of his trunks briefly so she could witness how hard she was making him, playing this game. He moved over and sat at the end of her chair.

He turned the control all the way up and all the way down repeatedly. Watching her, he could see the toy vibrating between her legs under the fabric of her swim suit. She reached down and pulled it to one side to give him a better view.

He watched the little purple toy moving ever so slightly, but more than enough to drive her crazy. Now it was time, he decided. He cranked both ends up to their highest speed.

Letting go of her suit, she gripped the arms of the chair tighter still and pushed her head back into the headrest. She was rocking her hips and squeezing her legs together now to heighten the feeling. She was doing all she could to stifle the moans and loud whimpers that usually accompanied her orgasms.

He knew she was ready to explode. He turned everything off again.

"Oh my God!" she whispered. "Please!" she begged.

He obliged. Slowly each end of the toy was turned up to high again. She smiled and braced herself to cum.

A young couple walked up beside them and started to set up in the next chair.

"Anyone sitting here?" the girl asked her.

A nod of her head and a breathy "no" was all she could muster. She started to cum.

He watched the top of her breasts turn beet red and she reached orgasm. He grip tightened on the chair and her knees pulled together. How she managed to stifle the moans was beyond him. She rocked her head back and forth on the lounge as he watched the crotch of her suit get very wet instantly as she gushed wetness with her orgasm.

Gradually she slowed, and the spasms lessened. He was so turned on just watching her he was almost ready to cum himself without even touching himself. He knew they were heading up to their room shortly. She always wanted more after playing like this....

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