Home Alone

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I'm George 23 student, I live at home with my family. Mom, Dad and 2 younger brothers and go to the local University. My Dad is a international banker and travels a lot, my Mom is a socialite. My brothers are 4 and 6 years younger than me and are great at sports unlike me and are away most weekends playing sports. We have a live in maid Maria 48 a little overweight and is always smiling. Last year my brothers went away for 2 weeks playing sport and Dad and Mom went together overseas, Dad on business and Mom went along for a holiday and would be for 12 days. They left Saturday the day after my brothers, I stayed behind for I had University courses to attend and I left at home alone with Maria, who would cook my meals. That first night I was alone I watched some movies of Dads and drinking. I knew were he hid his porn in his office, after watching a couple I got horny and started to masturbate. I was sitting on the lounge naked masturbating, when in walked Maria. She stopped and said " Sorry " and turned to leave adding " I just wanted to know if wanted anything". I quick to overcome my shock at being caught masturbating, replied " You can suck my cock for me and strip naked as well". " No sir your Mother would fire me" was her reply. "I'm not going to tell her, are you" I replied. " You don't want a an old woman like me, you should a younger woman". was her reply. " Do you see any younger women here and anyway your too old to get pregnant and you can teach me to be better in bed" I added. I had had a bit much to drink and was bold with it. I got up and walk over to her and said " How about it, Maria". I started to think that she wasn't going to let me. When she " Okay, don't tell your family about this promise. I need this job". " I won't tell them" I said and I took her to my room and I fucked her. She was my first fuck as I wasn't great with women, too shy. It must have been the drink that gave me the courage to ask Maria. She with me the whole night and than got up, showered and made me breakfast. Later in the morning I went into the laundry room were she was working and put my arm around her. She let me do what I wanted and soon I was fucking her on the pile of bedsheets waiting to be washed. This was how the days went while the family was away, after uni I would come home study till dinner and after. Then around 9 I would go and get Maria and we would go to my room for sex. After the family returned sex with Maria was not as frequent and we don't sleep together alnight while the family is home. But when they go to training or some other things and I'm home alone I go to maria's room for sex. We almost got caught last month when Mom came home early from a fundraiser with headache. But I was able hide behind Maria's door just before Mom opened it. Maria had just enough time to put her uniform and zip up the zip, which is on the front of the uniform. No undrwear and she was leaking a bit of cum. They went into the kitchen and I sneaked up to my room, putting on my clothes on the way and when I was dressed I came down and talked to Mom. I enjoy having sex with Maria and I will keep doing as long as she lets me.

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