The Quiet Man

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I'm Juley 50 average build and a lawyer, I work for a large practise and mainly do wills and contract work for the firm's partners. Last year I was put in charge of an Estate of an old valued client who had passed away. The estate was large and had a lot of properties, bonds and shares to transfer or sell. Once the heir was found, the only living relative was Gary 47 single of no fixed address a traveller according to his late father. They had only met twice when Gary was 11 and 18. The last time before Gary went into the Navy. Gary's mother was an employee of the late Client, who he a fling with and got her pregnant. He had supported her and Gary till she died of Cancer, when Gary was 23. Gary was unable to get back in time for the funeral and when he left the Navy he started to drift around the country. Over the years after that his Father kept track as best as he could, losing track for months at a time and once for 2 years. The clients other relations died off as time pasted. Till it was just Gary and his Father left, Gary never sort out his Father and the Father left him be. Sometimes helping him out of troubles without contact. The last known living address of Gary was 3 months old when I was put in charge of the Estate. So I had to chase down any lead that came up or send investigators to track him. Gary was finally found 3 months later and I went to see him. I found a very quiet man and a person who liked to draw landscapes in charcoal. He didn't smoke or drink, just drew his landscapes and kept to his self. He was living in an old building in forest, no running water, no power and the lights was from old kerosene lamps. He had small cast iron cooking pot and a kettle and a tin plate and mug. He wasn't interested in his inheritance at first, but I told him he should look it all over before making a final descision. After a while he agreed to return with and look over the inheritance. The only thing he wanted to see was the rural land and the private forest his Father had owned. The City properties and Factories and such were of no importants to him. Nor were the Bond or Shares. But as I took around his properties, I noticed that he was very smart and new a lot about the way things operated and that he wasn't interested in them. We arrived a remote piece of land now owned by him, it had a well built house on it. With solar and wind power and a good flowing creek on the land. This got his attention and he looked all over the 450 acres property. It was late in the afternoon when he was finished looking. There was a storm in the distance and it was heading towards us. He said " We had better stay the night as the storm could be very bad". He found a fly fishing pole in the house and went down to the creek to catch some trout. I looked around the kitchen and found some canned food, sugar, coffee and a tin of condensed milk. Just as it started to rain heavy, he returned with several trout. He cleaned them and then cooked them, after we ate. I asked him what he wanted to do about his inheritance, he said " That he like quite a few of the Rural properties and the forest he also loved. After a bit I said I was going to bed and to my surprise he asked if would like company. I liked the look of him and said " Why not I could use a good fuck". So we had sex and went back to town next morning and got some food and clothes more sited for bushwalking and hiking boots mainly for me. I also rang the office and told my boss that Gary was of a mind to see some of the properties again and I would be away another week maybe 2. My boss told me not to rush back as Gary was a most valued client and I should to everything to keep his account with our firm. Twelve days later I returned to work and had convinced Gary to stay with our firm. I was still sleeping Gary and he was staying with me. All be it in his late Father's apartment, 2 days after returning to work, I was in a meeting with my firm bosses when Gary walked in and said to me " I've decided that we should be married what your answer Juley". I was taken aback and all I say was " Okay if that what you want". My bosses were taken a bit by surprise too. By the head of the told Gary that were delighted. That we were to be married and that were making me a full partner of the firm. He replied " Good, but I want her to look after all my interests still". " Certainly" was the reply. We married on the 26th of March this year. I'm rarely in my office, it dosen't I only have 1 account to look after. My only sibling my Sister Kay and her family are living near us on Gary's property and David her husband is the manager of the property for Gary. He job is the maintenance of the rural properties. Gary still draws and dosen't take much interest in his Businesses. I do but mine main interest is Gary.

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