My fling with Matt

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My name is Julie I am 5 ft 2 in, 255 lb, Caucasian, natural C cup, brown hair and brown eyes. I have been told my best feature is my face. Some call it beautiful, others exotic, and some very fuckable. If I had to chose I would say my smile. I have been with my boyfriend for 16 years. 16 years ago I was fresh out of high school, and shared an apartment with my two friends, Trish and Paul.
Trish and I worked to pay the bills while Paul partied and drank all day long with his friends at our apartment. Trish and I would come home from a long day of work, and find Paul of course drunk with few of his friends playing video games. Paul introduced us to his friends than asked if I wanted a beer?
I really don't care for beer, but I told him that sounds great I will have one, thank you.

I wanted to have a reason to hang out with them all, because one of Paul's Friends caught my eye. I liked what I saw. I found myself checking him out more and more. He was tall dark and handsome, very charming, he had dark hair, and looks to die for. From the moment I laid eyes on him, I fell head over heels in love with him. 16 years later I still love him very much, over the years I've always had a feeling that the love of my life had cheated on me from time to time. I just couldn't prove it.
He has never admitted doing so. The one that bothered me the most was with one of my best friends. So at that point I had decided, in the future when opportunity allowed, I would lay with whoever he might be. As long as I found him to my liking. 16 years is a long time in a relationship, we have had our share of ups and downs, but we have manage to stay together.

We were having a little downtime, so I was staying with a friend Katie and her boyfriend. Katie was in her early 20s a blond hottie, her boyfriend and katie, were very nice and understanding making me feel welcome and always try to cheer me up.I really enjoyed staying with them. I was getting close to the end of my work shift, so I called Katie to let her know, that I will be coming over. Katie was cheerful and excited to hear from me. She told me she will have dinner ready, and also there's someone that she wants me to meet. So about an hour later I pulled up in her driveway.

I powdered my nose and freshened up my lips stick.

Front door was open so I walked in and found Katie in the kitchen after a hug and a kiss,
I asked her who was it, she wanted me to meet? Katie... Oh my oldest brother Matt, I have told him so much about you, he is dying to meet you. I think you two will get along great. I think he is in the backyard, I will be right back, I will let him know you are here. Katie said, as she went looking for her brother.

Matt was average height, well-built, blonde hair blue eyes and a trimmed mustache. He was very charming and had a great smile, we hit it off real well. After dinner Matt and I had a few drinks, we were laughing and joking, having great time. Matt leans over and whispers into my ear, "I want you!!!" So i laughed it off and went to the laundry room where katie was doing laundry.

I told Katie her brother was a lot of fun. I said can you believe he leaned in and whispered in my ear "I want you"as I was walking out of the room, he asked where was I going? To hold on, he has a tattoo, I should see.

Katie laughs and tells me oh the tattoo on his chest,

says my love Julie for ever. Katie said.

Again Katie laughs and tells me I guess he has something for girls with the name Julie. He just got out of a long relationship. Her name was Julie.

Matt kept hitting on me the whole night. I enjoy all the attention I was getting.

I ended up giving Matt a ride to his place after we had dinner, in the car Matt kept telling me how fine i was, and great it was that katie told him about me.

He was being a total sweet heart.

He was moving his hand closer and closer to the stick shift and finally put his hand on my hand on the stick shift, gave me butterflies soon as I felt his touch. It felt good. We held hands for the remainder of the drive. He had me pull to a motel, I found out that, he was renting a room weekly at this place till he found a place to move into An apartment or small studio, he offer me a beer, let's have a beer he said.

I wanted to but it was getting late I wanted to get back to kattie's I didn't have the house keys, I said maybe another time was waiting for him to let go of my hand and say good bye. He must have asked me to come in about 5 times, finally while still holding my hand, with his other hand reach and placed his hand on back of my head, gently pulled me closer, and kissed me on the lips. I said took you long enough, and kissed him back.

My heart skipped a beat or two it felt great, our kiss became more passionate, we were now making out, in the front seat of my car in front of his motel room. I am not sure how long we were at it, but when I felt he was trying to work his way to my pants, I gained control over myself. I notice my shirt was unbutton and he had manged his way to my breasts and nipples already.

I told him I would be back later to continue this, and put a stop to all that was going on. Matt made me promise that I would be back. Well for the next day or two that's all that was on my mind. I took my friend Darrel with me to see him 2 days later I didn't not want to go alone I was not sure if I would be comfortable by myself, the first time going there. Matt was so happy to see us and again he was a total sweet heart. I felt very comfortable being there. Darrel had to get back to his house. Matt gives me a hug and kiss. I liked when we kissed. When will i see you again he whispers to me as he was hugging me, I told him I really didn't want to leave but Darrel had to be some place. I asked if it was OK for me to come back?
Matt was so happy I was coming back. I rushed Darrel home and hurried back there, on the way back, I stopped by my grandmothers house she was just a few mins from Cloud Nine Motel so I could freshen up a little. I was so eager and excited to get back to him I never felt this way before. He ran outside when he saw me pull up hugged me and kiss after kiss soon as I was out of the car, Matt had me in his arms, I loved all the attention, we went inside soon as the door was shut, we kissed and kissed, he had me against the front door, and was kissing me all over and sucking on my neck,

Matt.....girl! You smell so good!! I told him I stopped by my grandmothers and freshened up. She is just down the street from here, Matt..... I love kissing you Julie , but let me show you something. This is what I want you to do with your tongue flick your tongue like this, like this?

I flick my tongue in rapid licking motion. I demonstrated like so? I asked.

Matt.... That's perfect !!! Now let's try it.

Matt started to lick my tongue and I did the same,


That's perfect you got it Julie, now suck and change back and forth from lick to suck, Matt was teaching me how to make out like a pro, he pushed my coat off me, I let it fall to the ground, and started to work on my shirt buttons, I said here I got it and I unbuttoned my blouse. I could not believe how fast this was moving, Matt was standing in front of me almost naked. He slipped me the tongue as we kissed, Matt was walking me towards the bed, he then lay me on the bed with my shirt open and my bra undone, he started kissing and licking me. I loved watching him take my nipples to his mouth.

He paused to just look at me and said you are a beautiful woman. All this seem to be a little weird, I didn't really know much about him, but I felt very good about him, I know I wanted him bad. There I was with my head on the pillow and my body on display, my pink areolas peeking through the sheer white material of my top.

Matt looked down at my stomach and then he kissed it and said now this is a stomach he grab and squeezed my fat. he played with my fat, made me laugh, at same time I felt more at ease about my body.

He placed his hand on my thigh and slid it up and down a few times feeling my silky smooth skin.

"You are so beautiful." Matt said.

"Thank you," I replied as i watched his hand move slowly up and down my bare thigh.

Matt took his time slowly touching and feeling my body as I sat there, something I had never done before with anyone else before other then my boyfriend. To allow another man to touch and feel me sensually. He said he loved my silky smooth skin.

"Julie you are so soft ." he said

He explored every inch of my body. I had the chills run through my body as he took plenty of time lightly stroking different areas of my body, I noticed he became aroused at the sight and feel of my smooth skin. As he took his finger tips and explored the details of my face I closed my eyes and moaned softly. After exploring every detail of my face he ran his fingers through all my long hair.

"Matt you are turning me on so much," I said a little breathlessly.

"Do you like this?"

"Yes, your touch feels so soft and sexy." I said.

he leaned forward and kissed me deeply on the lips. We explored each other's mouth with our tongues. Our lips parted and he began to lick my tongue, he was so hot, and very passionate about me. Julie you are so beautiful, He said and he softly kissed my cheeks and then down to my neck, kissing the sides softly as he went.

I was on fire. I loved his touch and kisses.

He spent about 20 minutes just kissing my body tenderly from my head down to my toes. I was moaning softly as he continued. He slowly kissed his way back up to my mouth and lips.

"Oh my god Matt, I have never experienced anything like this." I said.

Matt...."Shall I continue?"

"If you kiss me like that anymore I will have an orgasm." I said.

"That could be a first for me," he told me as he kissed my lips softly.

I reached for him I said kiss me Matt.

After a few, I broke our kiss.
"I want you"
"Matt I want you now, " I said.

When he stood to move and sit next to me. For the first time I noticed how big his cock was hard, and moved so he sit next to me on the bed. I reached out and began rubbing his body sensuously. After I was finished exploring him and his big hard cock with my hands, I set up on the bed and he pulled my sheer top the rest of the way off me. Once it was off he embraced me and kissed me softly on the lips as Matt laid me slowly back to the bed lying on top of me kissing me deeply then he moved up beside me on the bed and lay next to me as he softly stroked the skin of my breasts and stomach he was being so loving to me. He moved his hands to my thighs and stroked the tender flesh of my legs and then began to softly run his fingers over my hips and pussy.
His first touch on my pussy was enough for me to almost have an orgasm.

I spread MY legs slightly so HE could explore lower. HE ran his fingers down to my pussy lips.

"Julie you are so wet already." He said.

"Oh Mat, your touch and kisses are turning me on." I said.

"I'm glad, you are so beautiful, I really enjoy touching you."
Matt said.

He took the tips of his fingers and stroked my soft outer lips as gently as he could. Oh my god I was loving this. I moaned. He barely penetrated my lips, they were so wet his fingers easily slipped up and down their inner full length. My pussy was soaking wet as he stroked my lips. Matt I am ready I want you now. He probed a little deeper and said you have to be nice and wet so I can fit this big dick of mine in you nice and easy. I moaned again softly. Sliding the tips of his fingers up and down the full length of my pussy only increased the juices flowing from my pussy. He took his time just feeling and exploring my tender flesh, I was thinking that I had died and gone to heaven.
I wanted his big dick inside me.

"Matt, I need you. I need you in me now." I said.

He moved slowly between my legs as he spread them. He was on his knees between my legs, he lifted my knees up and spread my legs open.

"Take me slow please."

He moved closer to my body, I reached for his cock and pointed it at my opening, easing the tip up to my waiting flesh, I moaned. He pushed forward slightly as he moved the head of his cock up and down the length of my pussy, I moan. He guided the head forward and eased into my tight pussy. Oh my god.. Just the tip of his cock inside me. The fire in my pussy was now ablaze, first the head parted my lips then a few inches slipped in. I was wet and ready.

"Oh yes,"I said softly.

He pushed forward more, slipping a few more inches into me.

He released the hold he had on his cock and placed his hands on my hips and eased forward slowly in one long push.

"Oh my god," you are so big.

He continued to slide in until he felt resistance. he was almost completely in me when I felt the tip of his cock press against my cervix. He waited, I was completely relaxed, he had slipped easily into me with my wetness. He pulled out a few inches and slowly slipped back in, over and over, very slowly he continued, each time he went in a little further. I moaned softly as he continued for a long time. Each time he slipped slowly out and back in me, his massive cock felt so good.
I could not believe he was able to put his big dick in my pussy with such ease. Matt looked down at me as he continued and I was looking into his eyes I saw a very loving look, an expression I hadn't seen from him before I wasn't sure what to make of it.

"Oh Matt that feels so good," I said as I looked into his eyes.

"Is this what you want?" He asked.

"Oh yes, fuck me, I want you to fuck me". I said.

He pulled out in long strokes and he slipped back in, over and over, no thrusting, just long deep wet strokes. I just laid there and moaned softly while I enjoyed the long slow gentle attention. I closed my eyes for a few minutes while he stroked in and out of my pussy nice and slow. You are so big. I said then open them up and look at him again.

"Oh this feels so wonderful, I can't believe it."

You feel so good inside me, I love it I said.

My inner muscles twitching, he sped up his long strokes just slightly.


"Julie you are so beautiful," he told me as he stroked my legs with his hands.

Thank you Matt..I love what you are doing."

I moved my hands to his back and softly rubbed and massaged him. His eyes were still locked with my eyes staring straight into mine. We stayed this way as he continued to stroke in out of my wet tight pussy. I was lost in his gaze as Matt's big dick went in and out of my tight pussy he pushed in deeper and deeper into my pussy with every stroke.
"Mmmm...Yes.. Yes..your cock feels so good." I said

After a little longer my inner muscles went from twitching to pulsing and squeezing his cock as I looked at him.

I said yes fuck me Matt.

He placed his hands under my knees and lifted my legs up slightly allowing him to push in a little further.

"Oh my god Matt, that feels so good."
My pussy has never been this full before. I said.

He started to pound his hard cock into me over and over
Deeper, faster and faster he kept at it.

You like it?

Matt asked, as he kept pounding his hard dick deep into my pussy.

Yes yes you going to make come. I said.

I felt tension build. He lifted my legs further up and leaned into me pushing in as far as he could and then pulling out and pushing all the way back in.

"Oh Matt...I, I am about to come!" I said.

He leaned forward more, putting pressure against my pussy lips and clit each time he went all the way in. kept up a good gentle thrusting pace and pressed into me

"Oh my god, I'm coming, yes fuck me Matt!" I said.

My stomach muscles spasmed revealing my orgasm as it began gently flowing through my body.

"Oh yes, yes, yes!" I cried.

My body tensed hard and I squeezed my pussy hard on his cock, then the juices began flowing out of my pussy. He pushed in and held every inch of his big dick inside my pussy, my hips jerked up a few times gently.

"Oh yes, oh god!"

"Oh my god Matt that was incredible, I have never felt anything like that." I said.

Matt said good I am not done.

I am starting to feel sore a little I said.
I have been pounding the hell out of you and you are so tight, of course you will feel sore and stretched a little.

He repositioned himself slightly, grabbed my legs and placed each of my feet over his shoulder. As he eased into me again he thrust in and out of me with a little more speed.
Then he picked up pace and now Matt was going as deep as he could before pulling back out, over and over. I can feel his balls slapping my butt every time he rammed his dick into me.
You like my big dick fucking you?

Matt continued this pace for a while I began to squirm again. As i began to squirm more and more he sped up.

Faster and faster Matt kept pushing his big dick into my tight fat pussy.

"Oh yes, that's it!"

I was trying to buck my hips as best I could to meet each of his strokes. He sped up and pushed harder and deeper.

"Oh yes!" Oh my god it feels so good!.

My body went tense again as i jerked hard several times.

"Oh god yes!"

I began pounding my head back on the bed over and over as my orgasm rocked my body.
For the first ever in my life I squirted, and all over Matt.

"Ummmm, oh Matt !" I jerked a few times then my legs go soft. He stayed between my legs and his cock inside me.

"Oh Matt that was great, I have never came so hard in my life.You are fantastic."

Julie I love your pussy it is so nice and tight, just feels great.

"I want you to come in me, it didn't turn you on enough to come?."

"Julie that really turned me on, don't kid yourself, I have been working hard to not fill you up. You look so incredible and feel so incredible, I feel very turned on." Matt said.

"Then come in me now, fuck me."
He grabbed my thighs and pulled me close and began to push in and out of me in long hard strokes. His cock was already twitching from watching me orgasm over and over, he picked up where he had left off now that I was satisfied.

"Oh Matt, give it to me!" I begged.

He thrust in and out in long stimulating strokes, just the right speed. He let his orgasm build as I began to moan and thrash around again, he was going to continue until I was having another orgasm.

"Oh god yes Matt that feels so wonderful!" I gasped.

"You feel so good inside Julie, I want you to come again."
He sped up more. You are fucking me so good.


"Oh, Matt I'm coming!"

He pulled my thighs harder into him and thrust all the way in and out,

"Oh Matt , now!!" I screamed.
My pussy clamped down hard, he shoved everything he had into my pussy and released everything he was holding back.

"Ahhhhhhh!" He screamed as contractions ran through his groin.
He was actually jerking with each shot of cum he dumped into me.
Matt just laid on top of me for a few.
Matt you ok? I asked.
Fine just enjoying the moment he said. I hate to do this but I have to get going I can't be late tonight he will flip. You back over your boyfriends? Matt asked.
Yes for now, I told him. You really have to see that he is no good for you, but whatever Matt said. I started to get dressed got my car keys, so when will i see you again? Matt asked.

I will be over after work tomorrow I promise, I told Matt. He walked me to the car and hugged me and gave me a kiss and said Julie please come back, I enjoy myself like never before I will be back count on it. Thank you for being a sweet heart. I told Matt..
And so I left.

I drove back to my boyfriends place, I was late he was mad, he yell and I just didn't say much was too tired to fight, so just laid there and could not help but to think about what happened today, my boyfriend was an asshole to me, seemed to me He was stuck with me, did not know how to get away from me. I was holding him back, Life sucked so bad over here, I could Not wait to see Matt again, he made me feel good about myself I did not feel worthless like my boyfriend thinks I am. When I was around Matt, he made me feel wanted, and loved, and he made feel so good, never knew sex can be so good. Woke up in the morning to my boyfriend dry humping my butt, I wanted him to stop my pussy was really sore, but could not let him know anything. This was the extent of my sex life with him he kept humping my ass then he held me tight and came all over himself. I asked if he was done? Got up showered and left for work. I was glad to have finished my shift, I had four hours to kill before I had go back to my, Fucked up life over my boyfriend's Moms. I drove to Matt's motel, as if he knew I was coming he run outside soon as I pulled in and opened my car door, I was showered with hugs and kisses.

You missed me? I asked.
You have no idea!! Matt replied. We went inside, Matt embraced me with a hug and started to kiss my neck. I missed you too I really did I told him, as he took his shirt off and was trying to take his shoes off, before we do anything I really need to take a shower, its been a long day at work. I told him.
OK great we can do it in the shower, Matt replied. I run into the bathroom started the water Matt was already naked ready to get in, I stopped him and said why don't you get me a drink and something to eat, I will be ready for you by the time you get back, I scrubbed my pussy really well, I felt a little sore from yesterdays pounding. If Matt's performance is anything like yesterday my pussy would be more then a little sore. Started to dry myself and noticed he was not back yet. I lay down on the bed naked. Matt walked in and cheered as he seen I was naked on the bed. He quickly stripped out of his cloths. I said no wonder I am so sore, look at the size of that!!! You are massive, and you are not even hard yet.

With a smirk,
Matt said
Oh I am sorry that you are sore, show me where it hurts, as he lay on top of me, I took Matt's hand and placed it on my pussy and said hurts right here, its sore and feels little stretched. Then allow me to kiss it and make it better.
Matt went between my legs, I spread my legs wide open for him, he started on kissing my thighs and I reached down and spread my pussy lips for him, his mouth felt so good on my pussy, it didn't take long at all before I was dripping wet,
I want you to fuck me Matt.

How about you fuck me? Let me lay down and you get on top and you fuck me Julie.


And with that I moved around and straddled his now rock hard cock and slowly began to rub my wet pussy up and down it while I had it pinned to his stomach
I asked what you looking at.?

"I am just looking at your beautiful body,

"So you are going to fuck me? Matt asked


I began swiveling my hips and sliding my pussy more vigorously up and down the length of his cock rubbing my clit against it.

"I can't wait to have all that inside me again, I like having a big dick in me. I can get us to having a cock so big. This might hurt my sore pussy.

"What?" Just put it in let me help Matt said.

I reached down and grabbed his cock with one hand and moved it to the opening of my pussy and eased down on it. Slowly, I took it in. After I had most of it in i stopped for a few seconds and then slowly slid all the way down.

"Oh my god that feels wonderful!"

"You feel wonderful too," I told him

"My pussy is so full right now, I am going to take this slow and easy."

"You take it as slow as you want julie."

I began to raise and lower my pussy up and down his shaft. Your pussy is very tight and warm, the sensation is incredible Matt said. I did this for a very long time, I had my eyes closed and my head thrown back just enjoying the feeling of his dick going in and out of me, I asked Matt, if I was too heavy on him? No its perfect, he said and reached up and took a breast in each hand, he squeezed and massaged them while I rocked on his dick, in and out of me, he so big, his big cock was really stretching my pussy.

You like my breasts I asked?

"Yes, they are perfect."

I tilted my head back again, sat down on his cock all the way down, and I began to swivel my hips while he grabbed each of my nipples and played with them softly.

Matt began to pinch and twist my nipples as they became even more erect. They were becoming about the size of a very large eraser on a pencil and stuck out about a half inch. I gyrated harder and faster, on his big hard dick.

"You feel so good inside me" I said.

Matt reached up and grabbed around my shoulders and pulled me down on top of him. Matt took one of my breasts right up to his mouth. He engulfed a mouth full of nipple and tit while he circled my nipple with his tongue, he sucked on it and then grabbed it between his teeth.

"Oh that feels good." I said.

He bit down harder on my nipple and pulled on it. I continued to gyrate on his big dick.

"Oh suck it, Matt suck my nipple."

He sucked more of my erect nipple in his mouth and bit down at the base of it. I moaned more and more, as he sucked more. I began to gyrate faster on his cock. His cock was going deep inside me then back out. I started humping him real hard and all of a sudden I jerked several times and then I felt my body shudder.

"Oh yes!"

I sat up quickly, then I leaned back on his cock and moved my hips a little.

"Oh Matt, you feel so good". I said.

My whole body jerked hard again, my pussy muscles clamp down tightly around his dick.

"Oh yes!"

I jerked and humped really hard several more times as my juices began to flow out of my pussy. One last huge jerk and i fell forward on his chest. This man was an animal. We laid there for a long time.
I had my eyes closed, and was about to fall asleep.

"Oh no you don't!" Matt said as he rolled me to his side and sat up. I am going to fuck you now!!

Get on your hands and knees let me fuck you doggie style

"That's better."

He got into position and push his dick into me, slowly I said please.

"Julie you're incredible I have fuck the shit out of you for two days and you are still, tight as ever.

"I know you are so big." I said.

He place his hands on my butt and started to pound his dick hard in to me. Not so fast I said. Deeper deeper yes fuck me!
You like it?
Do you like this ?
He asked me each time he ram his cock in to me.
Do you like it?
He asked again and again?

Yes, yes, I love it !!!!! I screamed!!

Matt was grunting with each thrust and my moans, and the sound our bodies made each time he ram his cock into my pussy, a loud clap, also the sound made by bed springs , and then there was the head board hitting the wall caused by every thrust of his cock into my pussy, they were so loud, made me feel so amazing knowing I was the cause of it all. Yes because my pussy was getting owned.

Oh fuck !!! I have to go pea!!! Omg I think I just pea on you!!!

Then I just fell breathless, Matt lay on my back, i could feel his hard dick on my butt, he kissed the back of neck and he whisper you just squirted again, that was not pea.
Matt was being so sweet he was kissing my neck and sucking on it as he lay on my butt, he was gyrate his dick on my butt, while suck on my neck.

Matt...... Now lay on your back!!
You want to go again? I asked.

Yes I have not come yet. I am almost there, it will not be much longer. Matt replied.

I rolled over and was laying on my back like he asked.
Matt moved to lay on top of me and started to make out with me, he started to suck on my neck then he took my nipples to his mouth, I reached and run my hand on his dick, it was hard and stiff.
I asked, have you not come at all?
He said close but no not yet.
How long does it take you? I asked.
He said well we have been doing it for an hour and half so far, but I am very close.
Good because I don't think I can have another orgasm with out having a heart attack. I said.

Matt went back to sucking my neck while on top of me. He guided his stiff cock in hand to my dripping pussy.

It slipped right in.

Oh my god your dick fills me up nice.
You are so deep inside me,
Never had anything this deep in me before. I said.
Matt just hugged me tight and started go in and out of my pussy nice and easy with long strokes, my pussy was so wet, it was making all kinds of slurping sounds.
Your cock feels so good stretching my tight fat pussy.
Matt changed his Peace from smooth in and out to pulling his cock almost all the way out slowly, then slammed his cock fast and deep into my pussy, over and over, as he kissed me he held me tight with his arms and now he was just fucking the shit out of me, hard and fast ramming his cock deep in to my fat pussy over and over again,
I have never been fucked so hard nor had 6 thunderous orgasm in my life before. I could feel Matt's cock stretch the inside of my pussy to its limits
Matt was breathless as he slid in and out faster and faster.

"Come inside me now, please!"

He pushed up hard with his hips and drove his cock deeper into my wet pussy.

"Oh my god, I am coming, come with me Matt, now!"

He pushed up harder into my pussy. I moaned louder. He began to fuck me even harder while I gasped for air.

"Now matt now!!"

My pussy grabbed his cock one more time as tight as I could and then with a shudder,

"Now matt, I'm coming!!"

"I'm coming!!"

My pussy clamp down on his cock and spasm. I began to thrash around on him jerking and jerking as my muscles convulsed. My body shuttered with a long huge orgasm.

"Oh my god!!"

I had squirted, what seem like to be a river everywhere mostly on Matt.

with another big shudder I squirted and squirted. My body jerked over and over again.

He reached up quickly and grabbed my hips and pulled me to the edge of the bed and place couple of pillows under my butt. To raise me to right hight for his cock.. While he stood on ground at the end of the bed, he spread my legs open, and jammed his cock into me as far as it would go.

"Oh god Matt

He got some leverage and started thrusting into my pussy as hard as he could, in and out, fast long strokes. I was screaming. He pumped in and out of me hard and deep as he could.

"You are fucking the shit out of me".

"Oh Matt I can't take it, I am going to pass out!!" I screamed.

"No you're not, you want me to come, you are going to take every inch of it!"

I thrashed my head from side to side.

"Julie I am going to fuck you as hard as I can until you come over and over. You come again now julie! Now!"

He slammed into my pussy over and over again as hard and deep as he could.

"Oh god!!!"

I began to jerk and buck hard. I could feel the muscle contractions shooting through my body, i was losing all control.

"Now Matt!!" i screamed as loud as i could.

my pussy clamp down one last time and he buried all he had into me and began to pump all the cum he had deep inside me over and over again.

"Oh god your cum is so fucking hot!!"

I bucked up against him as best i could and he pushed as hard as he could, his cock pulsed over and over as it filled me up. I went limp whimpering, i was totally limp except for some muscle twitches shooting though my body. He collapsed on top of me. We lay there together sweaty and hot, our bodies pressing against each other. As my orgasm subsided I could feel his dick twitching, it felt good on my swollen pussy

"God Matt, is this the way you fuck everyone?

"Not always, i got really out of control with you today, because you are so tight and I wanted to lose you up so your boyfriend would knew that your pussy is mine now.

We both laughed. he said The feelings of my laughter on his now softening cock felt good.

He lay on top of me for a few more minutes as i held him around his neck. I took my time looking at his face and hair. He eventually rolled off me and kissed me. and we laughed more. .
I said I have a question for you, what did you mean when you said so my boyfriend would know my pussy is your?

I have been fucking you hard since the first day we had sex, I am very sure I am shaping your beautiful pussy for my dick, in other words you are stretched a little since the first day. He will know if you have sex with him very next time. Matt told me with an evil smirk on his face.

He did hump me on my butt, and finally told me to let him put it in, I was worried bad, 20 sec later he was done and went to sleep and let me get on the computer. I thought he would say something in the morning but he said nothing.
With a little anger in his voice, Matt said, well that means I have not fuck you hard enough. So here suck my dick and i i will fix that problem.

I have to go we can't I said.

No you don't its Friday you spend the weekends over your moms. You can be late or even go on sat. Your man will never know.
True but haven't you had enough of me for today? I asked.

I can't never get enough of your sweet tight pussy. I Don't want to wait till Monday. Matt said we are having a quickie.

Can we get something to eat first? I guess I will run to bob's burger, you want the same as before? He asked.
Yes please I gave him a $20.00 and get your self beer also I said.
Matt walked up and give me a kiss on my lips. And got dressed and left.
I took a shower when I was done I put my lipstick and lightly powder my nose. Matt likes it when I do my face.

He was back, while I ate my burger he took a shower as well.
We laid and watch the Simpsons on TV. He laid with me and was being so loving and sweet. He was just running his hands on my back. He rolled me over,
We started to kiss me, I really liked making out with Matt. He knew my weak spot was my neck. He started to suck on my neck. After about 5 mins of this he gently push me down to his dick. Please suck it. Matt asked. I started to just take the tip to my mouth and started to lick it, I could only fit the tip in my mouth. It didn't take him very long to get hard.

Front or back?" I asked.
Julie move and face me and straddled my legs. He grabbed my hips and guid me to his lap. I lifted my ass up and grabbed his cock and started it in my pussy. I was dripping wet as his big cock started slipping into my pussy. I wrapped my arms around his neck and I slowly lowered my pussy down.

"Oh my god!!" I said as i took his lips to mine. He held me up. "No! Let me all the way down!"

He slowly lowered me down. He felt some resistance and stopped.

"All of it!!" I said.

He let me down all the way. The end of his big cock was jamming into me.

"Oh my god!! You are so big!!" I said.

I was still settling on his cock.

"Oh this feels so good. I said, then I took his lips again was sucking on his lips

Mean while It took me a few minutes to get all of his cock worked into my pussy. He wrapped his arms around me and helped me i worked my hips. I was working my pussy hard. Matt kept pulling my hips to him as he thrust onto my pussy.

"Matt said, you feel wonderful." As we continue to suck on each others lips, While I was working my hips, as he shove his big dick inside me
I was fucking him hard. I was moving my hips fast back and forth grinding my pussy on his dick. I started going faster and faster.

"Oh fuck!! I'm coming!!" I screamed then jerked hard and gushed on his cock. "Ahhhhhhh!! Fuck!!"
I stopped driving my hips into him and breathed hard for several minutes.

"God, your big cock feels so good, I said.

Ok turn around?" Matt said.

Matt helped me up; I stood as best i could and turned around. He grabbed his cock as I lowered myself down and slipped it back into my pussy.

"Ohhhhh, that feels better."
I loved being on top never had sex while was on top till Matt.
I really loved it.

lowered myself all the way down. I sat for a minute then leaned back into him. He reached around me and found my clit and slowly circled it with his finger.

suck on my neck. I told Matt
Thats it grind faster, Matt said.
This is making my knees hurt. I said. I moved and he slip out of me.
OK my turn to fuck you now doggie style. Matt said

"Well, you have already come three or four times, it is my turn now," he told me.

"What would you like for me to do?" I asked.

"I want to do you from behind. On your hand and knees"

Matt got behind me on the bed and slipped his cock back into my pussy and pushed. He pushed his cock all the way in and felt pressure on the end.

"Oh god!" I said.

"Are you okay? I don't want to hurt you," he said as he pushed in hard.

"You're not hurting me, you are just in me so far. Do me!"

He grabbed my hips and started slowly slipping his cock in and out, pushing all the way back in each time.

each time he bottomed me out, his balls slapping my butt made loud clap..

"Julie, you feel good. I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked." He said.

"I don't know about that! You fucked me really good yesterday, but go ahead and give it your best shot!" I said laughing.

He held my hips tight and started speeding up, working his cock all the way out then jamming it back between my pussy lips until he hit bottom.

"Oh fuck, yes, yes, yes!!"

He kept doing this, re-entering my pussy each time he drove me to another orgasm.

"Oh fuck, yes!!" I started screaming. He sped his pace up. "Ahhhhh, shit!! I'm coming!!"

I started tensing up, then shook all over and came in a huge gush of juices.


He jammed his cock in as hard and as far as it would go.

"Ohhhh...ohhh...ohhh...oh god!"

I was gasping for air.

I was breathing hard and was lying face down on the bed, mashing my tits into the bed. He held onto my hips and slipped his cock almost all the way out then pushed it back in.

"Oh my!!".

He grabbed my hips tight, then started slamming into my pussy harder.

"Oh...fuck!!" I screamed.

He held me and kept thrusting his cock into me harder and deeper, speeding up when I started moaning again.

"Ahhh!! Fuck me harder!!"

You want it harder? He asked .
He sped up and thrust into me faster and deeper, driving my head forward into the headboard.


He kept thrusting into me hard and fast. After 10 or 15 more minutes I was coming again and screaming. I gushed and squirted on his cock again and he kept going.

"Oh my god!! I'm coming again!!" I screamed shortly after my last orgasm.
My back arched up and my pussy tried to clamp down on his cock again, but i was becoming exhausted, breathing very hard as he pounded my pussy.

"Ohhhhhh!!" I pushed myself up on my arms long enough to come again, then fell back to the bed.

"I.. Can't ...I Can't ... ..anymore.," I said weakly.
"Yes you can! And you will take it."

He kept thrusting into me.

"...ahhhhhhh...moaned constantly as he drove into me repeatedly.


I was bouncing off the end of his cock each time he slammed into me. Both of us had started sweating. The bed was soaked from the 4 or 5 times I had come and about 7 from earlier.

"" was coming out between thrust.

He kept slamming into me without mercy.
Harder and faster each time then before.

"...aaaaaahhhhHHHHH! Oh...fuck...I'm coming...again! I said

He slowed down, but was jamming into me as hard as he could slowly. My pussy tightened around his cock as he shoved it back into me each time.

My back arched up and down involuntarily as i came one more time. The air conditioner was on full blast. but Matt and I both were covered in sweat. My back arched up hard one last time as i managed to get out a moan. He jammed his cock in all the way.

"Ah! Fuck!" Matt screamed he started pumping cum deep into my pussy.

He kept pumping cum into me repeatedly as he let it all go. Even Matt was breathing too hard. Nothing was coming from me.

"Oh fuck yes!!" He yelled as he pumped the last of his cum into me.

"Julie, are you okay?" Matt asked. I didn't respond.

"Julie!!" Matt yelled.

I had my face buried in the bed and was not moving.

"Julie!!" Matt yelled.

"...emmm..." came from me softly.

He slipped his cock out slowly and rubbed my back.

"Julie ," Matt said.

"...ohhh...give me a minute..."
He rubbed my back for several minutes until I actually moved. I had tears in my eyes.

"I have never been fucked like that..." I said.

"Julie, are you okay?" He asked

I managed to push myself up on my arms. I said good night

"You win," Iam staying can't drive anywhere right now.

"That was the best fuck I have ever had. I was about to pass out."

"I have got to rest," I said.

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