I become addicted to my dogs ass.

Written by , on 2018-05-11, genre zoophilia

When I got transferred, for my job, to a different city, my wife was not able to go there with me.
After being there a couple of weeks, on one of my weekly trips home, she suggested that I take one of our dogs back to where I was staying for work, for some companionship.
Being that I am a nudist, it wasn't unusual for me to sit around the house with no clothes on.
One night I was sitting on the couch, stroking my cock, when our dog came up, and started licking my cock and balls.
As I started cumming, he went to humping my leg, as he licked up all of my cum, and his cock was shooting cum on my leg.
After I caught my breath, I decided to put my cock in his mouth, to see what it felt like.
He started to get hard again as I was fucking his mouth, so I laid back, and let him pound his cock in my ass.
Once he was done pumping full of his cum, with his cock knotted in my ass, I thought that returning the favor, and pumping his ass full of cum was fair play.
As I slide my 7 inch cock up his ass, he got hard again, and started shooting cum all over the floor.
The harder that I would fuck his ass, the more he would cum.
After that day, I would wake up to him licking my cock, and balls, so I would fill his ass with my cum before leaving for work.
When I would get home, he would lick my cock and balls till I got hard, then I would pump him full of my cum, 3 or 4 times before we would go to bed.
Sometimes I would fall asleep with his big cock knotted in my ass, or him laying his head in my stomach, licking my cock clean of the juices left over from fucking him in the ass.
I miss that puppy dog, and haven't been able to find another pet like him.

Let me know what you think, and any of your stories.

Thank you!

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