Travelling with my Mother.

Written by , on 2018-05-10, genre incest

I'm David 29 single average build, I've got my own online business that is not huge. But is a steady earner and I can travel and do all my business online. So when my Grandfather had an accident, I was able to go with my Mother Cheryl 48 to visit him. I'm a only child and mom is divorced and dad left years ago and remarried and doesn't want to hear from me. As I took my Mother's side in the divorce, anyway after flying down to see her dad and other family members. We decided to hire a car and drive back home like tourists, not in a hurry. As Cheryl's is financially well off and I have my online business and I can do everything I need do anywhere I go. After visiting a Natural Park and some other nearby tourist sites. We stopped for the night at small motel, which only had 1 room available. It wasn't a problem as it had 2 beds, so while Cheryl showered. I checked business site on my laptop, then when she was finished I showered and dressed and we went for dinner at an local restaurant (the only restaurant). But the meals were good, after we returned to our room with a couple of bottles of wine. After talking and drinking the wine we went to bed. I woke up very early and went to the bathroom and after I finished and washed up. I started play with myself and shortly after I started, Cheryl walk in on me. I was shocked at getting caught, but she just had a laugh. She then asked if I needed a hand. I had quickly regain my composure, I answered you can take over the stroking if you want. To which she said "Alright, I show how to do it properly" and she came over and to hold of my cock. I was again a bit shocked at first and then started to get into the moment. After a short time, I said " Why don't you strip off and let me see you naked". Waiting for the reaction, I was a bit surprised as she started to strip instead of saying anything. She was soon naked annd when back to stroking my cock. Then she said "Let go to a bed and I'll finish you there". Once on a bed, I asked " Do you want me to anything for you". " What do you want to do" she asked. I replied " Anything you want. I do whatever you want". I was really hoping that would let me fuck her, as I always wanted too. She a gorgeous woman and I always thought dad was mad at leaving her. She then said "If I was willing, would you Fuck me". " Yes, anytime you want. I've always wanted too" I replied. "Okay I'm willing" she said. We had sex and stayed 3 more nights. We still sleep together, but she wants granchildren and she looking to get me married. She vets women for me and had a short list of possible wives. I'm dating Alice now and she Cheryl's favorite, were hoping that Alice will join us in a threesome shortly. Cheryl has already bedded her before I started dating her. Alice dosen't know that I know. The plan is for me to bed Alice again at our house and Cheryl will come in and join in. Alice get on with Cheryl very well.

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