Working Away

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I'm Arnold 28 geologist, 6'3" skinny with glasses. After leaving university I got a job in the Volcanology field and it meant living on a remote Island for a year. Alone as I was not in a relationship at the time. I had radio contact, satellite phone and visits from a supply seaplane once a month. It didn't concern being alone as I was use to it. Two month before I was to go my father 64 died of a heart attack and my mother Karen 51 didn't want to move in with my sister's Graces family. As I was going away and was to be alone she asked if she could come with me. I didn't know if she could, but my employers were happy to let her join me. There was a small cabin on the Island with a rainwater tank and outside shower and composting toilet nothing flash. Karen said She would doing the cooking, cleaning etc and I could to my work. There was a fresh water pond roughly 40 feet across for swimming. The ocean had sharks and other nasty things in it, the seaplane was amphibious and would roll up on the beach after landing to unload. After arriving on the island the director of the project and the plane stayed for 2 days getting us settled in and showing us around the island. When they left we settled in and started doing our work. About a week later I was up on the Volcano check equipment and looking into the crater. On my way back to camp pass the pond I saw Karen swimming and was about to call out to her when she stood up in the water. She was naked and she looked really good. I kept going back to camp and thinking about Karen and became aroused. I was taking care of my arousal, when karen returned and caught me. She didn't say anything and just went into the cabin, She said later "That didn't think I was into sex as I was always so quiet and didn't seem interested in sex". I replied "I think about sex, but don't expect to get any and only got aroused after seeing her Naked". "Oh you saw me swimming, I'm sorry I didn't want to make you uncomfortable". She replied. "That's Okay its not a problem" I said. The next day she told that she was going swimming and that I should join her and no need for swim suits. So I join her and we had a good swim and laid next to each other on the bank in the sunshine. Karen than said "You didn't get aroused today, I see". "I did for awhile swimming, but it went away after going into the deeper colder water" I replied. She then asked "If I would like her to masturbate me and get me off". I just nodded and she moved closer and started to play with my cock, I was soon hard and she started to to stroke it. It didn't take long for me to cum. She said "That was quick, you need to slow that down. If you you ever want to please a woman". After a few minutes she started to play with me again and I quickly got again. She said "Don't cum yet so quick this time". After a few minutes she started to suck my cock and then mounted me and we had sex. When we were finished she said " Now at lest I know that you have had sex with a woman". I replied " It may make it harder to be together on the Island with you. Now that I'm thinking of you sexually". " Don't worry I will see you get regular sex, while were here". " I might not want to leave". I replied. We had sex regularly for rest of our stay. On return home we moved into together and still continue to sleep together. But she started working at supermarket and bring home a friend Linda 25 single (orphan) and Karen is trying to get us together. We had a trip away camping all 3 of us. I've taken Linda out to the movies and have gotten to first base. Karen has bedded her and got her to move in with us and is hopeful of me doing her shortly. If not by myself then as a threesome.

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