Cousin John may have Caught Me

Written by , on 2018-05-04, genre incest

I watched television as my big cousin John hopped in the shower. I laughed as the movie kept playing, then realized the wine that I've been sipping on all day was beginning to kick in. My crazy and forbidden thoughts were not far behind that.. I love my cousin John. He's funny, and sweet. I remember being around him more often but the family had a fallout a few years back and I hadn't seen him since. It's like that sometimes, but I always had him on Facebook. And we communicated when we could. My name is Tiffany but everybody who knows me call me Missy. The shower kept running, and I thought of how I've grown up. I'm able to drink now, finally 21. I can do what I want. And one thing I know I want now and think about often is my cousin John. I get weirded out when I think of actually going all the way with him. Oddly enough, he's the only way I cum hard. Johnny is 29, and when he talks about girls, and sex I start to think he's hinting at me. Everyone says I'm gorgeous, it's not new to me. Not to sound like a snob but it runs in the genes! John always talks about how he's getting up there in age. To me he has never looked better. We see eye to eye although he's about an inch or two shorter than me. My height comes from my daddy side, his eldest cousin. When he talks sex, I get hot and I start to look around to break the awkwardness. It seems he keeps prying. As the shower kept going I turned down the television. I closed my eyes and continued to think. This is so wrong, I thought to myself over and over. He would think I'm crazy. I heard the water run and my legs slowly spread open. I thought of the water dripping from his bald head, down to his dick. I pictured him letting the water run freely over his body. I tried to shake my thoughts but my clitoris began to jump and throb. I grabbed a cover off of my cousins couch and covered what I was getting ready to do. My head leaned back, and my hips began to thrust. I found a rhythm as my fingers met my clit, and my acrylic nails touched my glory hole gently enough for me to hear the popping juicy noises my finger tips made when I flicked my pussy. I thought about how nasty incest is. How many people disagree with it. People would lose it if they knew what was going on in my mind. The thought of being caught made my pussy drip a bit more, I kept stroking. I realized I hadn't heard the water running anymore. Oh shit, I thought to myself. Did he see me? What if he heard me? I looked at my phone and saw a text from cousin John. "What are you doing?" the text message read. It was sent two minutes ago. My face turned red and I sunk into the couch with my juices still on my fingertips. My pussy still juicy, thoughts still flowing as I laid on the couch. I wanted to text back and tell him I'm fingering my smooth wet punani, and I want cousin Johnny to come lick it. I ignored the text and closed my eyes. My big tee shirt covered my jiggly ass, my boy shorts were all twisted. I was in a deep zone. I didn't realize I had fallen asleep, I heard "Missy you up?" My cousin whispered so faint the crickets were louder than him. I lightly turned and barely peeked my eyes open. John stood in the door way of his bedroom butt naked, he held his bath towel over his erect penis. I stared, feeling my vagina tickled some more. I ignored him and Stared through a peek. Not taking my eyes off of his naked body. He's asking why I'm up looking like that. I felt cum ooze out of my pussy as he slowly disappeared back into his room. I immediately lifted my leg and circled my clit a few times. I moaned. I was unable to face it. Face the fact I cum to the thoughts of my cousin John. Part of me feels he didn't want me to wake up. He knows he would enjoy sex with me. The thought of him enjoying it, turns him on and scares the fuck out of him. We don't want any awkward moments. Summer is approaching, I'm excited to wear dresses and no panties. I'm going to show cousin John my pussy.

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