Rashidha- My first time

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It`s been 6 years now and I remember it clearly: The day that changed it all. I`m Rashidha and this is how my life changed completely. At the time I was shy and of course sexually inactive; living with my parents (only child)

It happened two days after my 18 year old birthday. I was still excited about becoming an adult by the eyes of the law and what it meant: drinking, driving, and sex. I was in my room doing my homework; because,yeah, I was still in college.I was wearing a cute little red dress. My dad called for me:"Rashidha come here, we need to talk". At the tone of his voice, he sounded serious and I didn`t understand because I didn`t recall that I did something bad or anything. On entering the living I found my mom sitting and my dad standing and making me sign to sit down.

And this is how he went:"Rashidha you`re an adult now and... you are yet to become a woman". I didn`t understand why he was saying all this. I was still calm and apt to listen what he had to say. My mom didn`t say a word and was looking at my dad at all time. He continued:"Everyday we`re hearing young adults getting pregnant... and you know.. you gonna experience... you`re gonna have sex...". I cut him off by saying:"Dad, I know all of this. Why are you telling me this? This is embarassing." He continued by saying:'"Yeah, but there are some things that you don`t and your mother and I think that it`s best if you learn from home.""Wha...", I strugged saying because I didn`t quite make out what he was trying to say.

"We want you prepared for life sweety" my mom said. "So let`s get started" said my dad. I was still trying to understand what was happening. My dad grab me and made me stand up. He started caressing my shoulders and he kissed me. I was stunned. My mom started caressing my back while I was kissing my dad. I just stood still and let everything happened to me. My dad went on to caress my boobs. My mom`s hands went onto my ass t and lifted my dress to caress my ass through my panties. I was afraid. though It felt weird, it was turning me on. It was the best kiss i`ve had. Combining with the sensation of touch on my ass, it felt incredible. It was making me wet.

My dad stepped back and drop down his pants. My mom, meanwhile, stripped me of my dress as well as my bra. My breasts were bare for my father to see. I was still in shock but the horny feeling that turned me on came through and let their hands run on me. My dad played with my boobs and nipples. As he was sucking my (now) perky nipples, my mom drop my underwear. I was now naked in front of my parents. My dad then pressed my shoulders down to make me kneel. His cock was hard. I stared at his cock and he opened my mouth and said:"This is for you to learn. Go on... Suck it Rashidha". He gave my head a little push and it was in; My dad`s cock was in my mouth. It tasted good. It was the first cock I ever tasted and it tasted better than I could imagine. He started moving my head forward and backwards.

Meanwhile my mom spread my ass cheeks and started licking my pussy. It felt so good having a tongue on my pussy instead of my finger. All these sensations were making me even wetter. "She is ready" my mom said with a vivid voice. My dad pulled out his cock. And I looked at him and he nodded. He grab me up and put me on the couch. he spread me legs and my pussy was all he staring at. My pussy juices were dropping on the couch. He put on a condom and started rubbing his cock against my pussy. I responded with some moaning but no physical actions. He grab his dick and put it in. I closed my eyes as it was hurting a little bit. He was in. My dad`s dick was in my pussy. He started thrusting. As it was my first time, blood came out. It started feeling good. My mom came around and sat beside me. She put her hands on cock filled pussy and started massaging it. My dad`s hands were on my bobs, squeezing them and I was moaning with pleasure harder and harder until I came. I was overwhelmed by such sensations and new experience.

My dad started thrusting harder until he came and pulled out. he kissed me on my forehead and said:"You have more to learn" and he went to change. My mom said: "You did well for your first time" and went away. I laid there thinking about what happened and trying to process everything. I got up, had a bath and went into my room. "How am I gonna be with the now? How are we gonna talk? What should I do?", all these questions were on my mind. But it turned out so good. Because the next morning.....

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