Too Much to Drink.

Written by , on 2018-04-29, genre incest

I'm Kevin 23 single the oldest of 3. Last year in May, me and the family went to a family wedding and while away stayed with relations. I was in a small room with a single bed. Room it's was a closet with a bed you had climb into bed over the bed end. Lucky the opened outward or the bed wouldn't have fitted. We were staying for a week after the wedding. My father had to leave to return to work on an offshore rig after the ceremony, at the reception I had alot to drink and so did the others. I climb into bed around midnight and was soon asleep. A couple of hours later I got up to go to the toilet and met my mother Audrey 42 in the bathroom. She was there for the same reason, she had just finished and was very drunk still. She thought that I was my father and kept calling me Richard. After finishing in the toilet I returned to bed. Shorly after Mom opened the door and got into bed with me. Still calling me Richard and started to play with my cock saying that she was horny. I tried to get her to leave and told her I was Kevin her son. But it fell on deaf ears. I soon became aroused and shortly there after she started to suck my cock. We had sex and fell asleep together and I woke up first and went to the bathroom to shower. About an hour later Mom woke and than showered, I started to think that she didn't remember what had happened during the night. About 3 in the afternoon I was out back the garage reading. When Mom came up to me and apologised for her behaviour during the night. I told her that was just as much at fault and said we should put it behind us. She agreed and that was that so I thought, on returning home Dad was home for a week and we all went back to our normal routine. After Dad had returned to the rig and my 2 siblings were staying at friends houses for the weekend. I was home alone with Mom, there was no problems between us over the night of the wedding. I decided to take Mom out for dinner and a movie, we had a good time and on returning home. Mom said Stay with me tonight Kevin I need a good fucking your Dad not getting me off as once he did. Ever since that the night of the wedding I've thinking about you. I was a bit hesitant at first. But I had really enjoyed it as well, so we slept together again and still do. The only thing that has come up, is Mom is pregnant to me. Dad thinks he's the father and we are letting him think that. Mom still has sex with Dad when he wants it, but I'm doing most of sexual servicing for her. Even now I'm engaged to longterm girlfriend Elizabeth. As my siblings are at university and Mom is alone a lot of the time, Elizabeth has moved in with us. Lately she has joined in with Mom and me, she wants me to include her widowed mother in our sex. But she is taking it slowly, were all going camping in may together. Just me, Elizabeth, Mom and Rachel 51 (Elizabeth's Mom).

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