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This is a true story that started 29 years ago when I was 29, married and just had our first son. My wife and I had been given the opportunity to get a weekend away and leave our 3 month old son with my parents for the 3 days. At the time we did not realise that my wife was suffering from post natal depression and we were going through a very torrid time which we thought was an ideal time for a getaway, but true to form within 1/2 a day of arriving on the Friday my wife and I had an almighty row in the hotel resulting inner storming out only to let me know 2 hours later that she had taken a train back to our home. I contacted my parents informing them that I would be back down to them that night arriving at about 8:30pm so I paid my hotel bill and jumped in my car and travelled the 1 1/2 hr drive to my parents home.
On arriving at my parents we sat down with a cup of tea and explained the situation telling them all the incidents and arguments that my wife and I had been through which was a great load off my mind as I had told nobody of this before.
My dad was a shift worker and was due to go on the first of his 3 night shifts leaving home at 10:40pm so we said our good byes and off he went leaving me, my mum and my son upstairs asleep in the spare room. My mum and I had always been close and we talked for another 2 hours about my marriage, emotions and eventually my sex life explaining that my wife had naturally lost what little sex drive she had and we hadn't made love for at least 6 months but that I understood however I was going mad to unload my balls other than DIY. Things got quite personal and my mum told me she had a very high sex drive and constantly had to sort herself out because my dad was not up to her demands but that was as far as we went before going to bed in our respective beds at about 1am.
At about 1:45am I heard my son crying in the other room so without thinking I got up naked and went to deal with him at which point my mum also came out of her room to see what was going on with the little one also in a state of nakedness. So there we are both stark naked leaning over a cot dealing with my son getting his nappy changed. Now I wouldn't say that seeing my mum naked was unusual because we occasionally walked about in the nude from bedroom to bathroom when I lived at home but it had been 13 years since I joined the army and had seen my mum in this state and must admit that for a 53 year old woman she still had all the right curves in all the right places with a full 36D bustling and very prominent dark long nipples and a very well trimmed pubic area all of which started to have the obvious affect of getting me fully erect and difficult to hide in the circumstances. Anyway we finished with my son and got him settled and as we left the room I said I needed drink and was going downstairs for a cup of tea to which my mum said she would like one as well so we both went downstairs not bothering to dress and proceeded to make the tea whilst chatting and also my erection had subsided slightly. As we sat down in the conservatory I noticed that my mums legs were slightly apart and showing her pussy lips which were glistening with moisture and this sent an electrical shock straight to my cock resuming its full status pointing to the ceiling, purple head glowing and starting to leak pre-cum. My mum noticed this obviously and jokingly said "doesn't that thing ever stay down for more than 5 minutes?" to which I could only reply "not when its looking at an amazing view of a moist pussy less than 3 feet away from it with a pretty amazing pair of tits just above it, they would make a monk break his abstinence in a heartbeat". My mom went a slight shade redder with a modest blush and pointed out that this wasn't the first time I had seen her naked and surely I wouldn't find her sexy enough to give me a boner but she did not close her legs possibly opening herself up even more which gave me a brilliant view of her now engorged clitoris and more juices making it glisten. My cock was twitching and my balls ached and without thinking i just started to rub and stroke myself with my mum watching to a point where I was going full blast with my right hand and my mums hand had drifted down to her pussy and was fingering herself vigorously. I had to stand up and walked over to where my mum was sat a wanted my cock inches away from her face and she turned twitch me as she carried on working her huge juicy clit, eventually I said I was about to come and would she mind if I shot all over her tits to which she replied "you can shoot it where you want just make sure its a good one because she was very near to coming as well" so with that I let myself go and shot jet after jet over her tits, chin, belly and pussy and just as I finished she let out a loud moan and gushed an immense about of fluid from her pussy. Her nipples were as big as any I had ever seen and she was smiling at me as she rubbed my spunk all over her body with the occasional lick off her fingers into her mouth.

More to follow soon, hope you liked it

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