Marge the Office Cleaning Lady.

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I work in a large Law firm and work late most nights, I'm on the short list to be made a partner of the firm. Nothing certain, but there's a good chance I'll make it. I take all the cases others don't want and do well with most of them. I'm a good money earner for the firm, I'm not attached and always available for call outs by clients of the firm who run foul of the police at night. when a son of the firm's biggest client was arrested for drunk driving, I was sent by the partners to get him out of jail at 3 in the morning to represent and pay the bail that the night court set. I still was in the office at 8 o'clock for the start of work and briefed the Partners on his case. At 36 I'm might be a little young for a partnership as most don't get one till they are in their forties. Robert the head of the firms board, wants me made a partner and has told me that he would expect to continue with the night cases after I get the partnership next June. He says I'm the best and trusted by the Firm's Clients with their children troubles and they also have mention that I should be rewarded with a partnership. Anyway a month ago I was working back later than usual and the office cleaner Marge was doing the offices. I only new her name because of the name tag on her top. She cleaned my area, while I had a coffee and than she went on to do other areas. I than received a call from Robert that one of our Clients daughters was arrested and I was told to fix it. So I left and got her released on bail and taken home. It was about 4 hours later that I returned to firms offices. They were in darkness and I went back to the work I had been doing. I became aware that there was someone else in the offices. I had a look around and found Marge sleeping on a couch in one the offices. She woke up and said Sorry and that she lost her place she was living because she couldn't afford the new rent. That was being charged by the new owners of her old place. I asked How long have you been sleeping here. Two weeks was the reply, she said that she set an alarm and would have been gone before the people arrived in the morning. She asked me not tell on her as she needed the job and she would anything I wanted if I didn't tell. Marge 54 is 5'6" with a good figure and fairly good looking with big breasts. I asked Are you offering me Sex, Yes was the reply if that's what you want. So we had sex and talked a bit and in the morning, we went to the local diner for breakfast. That night when she arrived for work I was waiting and after she had finished the cleaning we again had sex. While having breakfast again, I suggested that she move in with me. I got a small apartment and it's close by, 8 blocks from the offices. It has 1 bedroom and a kitchen come lounge with a small bathroom, I said You can sleep with me or on the lounge and you don't have to give me sex, if you don't want to. After breakfast we grab a cab and went to the apartment and she had a look around. It was much, but it good enough for me. She sat on the bed and said You want to test the springs before you go back to work. She has been living with me since then and I'm get regular sex, also she a great cook and keeps the apartment spotless. I don't charge her any rent, so she can save up for her own place if she wants. But we are both happy with things as they are at the moment.

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