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I sat there watching my wife nude on her knees blindfolded kneeling on a foam filled pad waiting and there were 10 men also nude slowly stroking their cocks and the area was lighted by a spotlight above their heads.
I could hear the murmur of the people around me as they softly talked wafting for the show to start.
Lisa and I were beginners to swapping and it was over three months ago when a friend of my wife's admitted to her that she3 and her husband were swingers also and I couldn't believe it they seamed so happy together and all .
We talked on several occasions about swinging and one evening when they were over we agreed to swap partners for the evening and Diane was a tiger in bed and Lisa admitted that Dave knew his stuff two giving her two very good orgasms and for awhile we would meet once or twice a month and get it on with them Until Diane started telling my wife that she would be a big hit with the guys in their swinger club because she is small and Asian so in another weak moment we visited their club meeting without any commitments but once the couples began to trade spouses when a guy offered his wife to me in trade for my wife we looked at each other then I handed him her hand.
Well the night went well and Lisa was in demand there were only a few couples that night but every guy there got a piece of her that night and we were asked to join the club.
Tonight was the initiation and Lisa was going to have to suck off ten guys for her part and I was going to have to watch .
Around me the murmur of voices had risen as more people showed up fro the show but the 10 guys had already been picked beforehand and I could see that Lisa was getting nervous blindfolded and nude in front of all the people but she was doing her part as she squatted there sitting on her heels waiting for the bell that would start the show then someone hit the gong and Lisa startlrd looked around nervouslyand the first guy in line approached her laying his hand on top of her head .
The guys were all wearing lone ranger masks and this guy had his hard cock in his hand as Lisa raised to her knees and she probably felt his body heat as her hand reached out touching his leg then traveled upwards until she cupped his balls in her hand then she took his shaft and stroked it several times nervously then she opened her mouth and sucked his cock head into her.
His cock shaft was dry so she would suck some of it then swallow more with each stroke adding her saliva for lube as the guy began to fuck her mouth and there was a bowl beside her to spit their cum in if she did not want to swallow but Lisa swallows most of the time admitting that cum is salty and slightly bitter but not all that bad when she knows the guy likes for her to do that so the guy did what he was told and did not hold back because she had to suck off 10 cocks so he obediently came as soon as he could and Lisa drank his sperm and milked his cock for the last of his sperm and the audience cheered her on and it would go like that every time a guy would cum Lisa would be rewarded by applause the #2 moved into position and Lisa was soon sucking on his cock as this guy had both hands on her head as she lubed his cock up with her saliva. My cock was as hard as steel in my pants ad I wondered if I could last before getting off myself then Lisa gagged and started to cough when he came getting some of his cum in her windpipe but they guy just held her mouth on his cock head and milked his cock into her mouth until he finished Cumming.
The next guy patted her on the back as Lisa coughed and tried to clear her throat then she coughed once more clearing her throat as the guy said something and she nodded her head saying thank you as she raised up ready for his cock and he obediently came very quickly and stepped back There were strands of her slave mixed with cum hanging from her chin now and her breasts were coated with it also as the ropes of saliva swung back and forth hanging from her chin as the next guy fed her his cock.
Lisa's hair was hanging in her face and her makeup was smeared all over but I thought she had never looked more beautiful before with a cock pumping in and out of her lips. # 5 moved into position and I gave up and freed my cock like some of the others had done and I slowly peeled back my foreskin not wanting to cum to soon as Lisa's head began to rock back and forth with his thrusts into her mouth as she held onto his hips sucking with a strangled sound then she was swallowing again her mouth overflowed with saliva and cum as she milked his cock for the last of his sperm also then it was a blur of guys one after the other until my cock demanded my attention and I drooled some saliva onto my cock head squinting my eyes locking the image of my wife sucking on the guys cock as I went off catching my cum in my handkerchief .
as I came down I looked and there were no more men in line just the guy fucking her mouth and he was getting ready to cum now also.
Lisa had to be helped up by some of the wives and she was taken into the bathroom to clean up and One of the wives approached me telling me I should be very proud of her and asked if I wanted to have a go at her but then she saw my soft cock and said maybe later laughing and turned away.
Lisa was tired had her lips looked bruised her hair had been combed and her makeup had been repaired and I asked her if she was ready to go but she wanted to play some before we left and I watched her fuck one guy before I recovered and looked up the wife that had talked to me before.
Lisa managed to screw 3 guys then she looked me up and sat beside me while I did # two wife and said we better go.
Later she admitted that she didn't really like to watch me with other women so we now just find guys for her and I watch and take pictures.

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