My Sister

Written by , on 2018-04-16, genre incest

I'm George now 24, when I was 18 I had move in with Sister Linda then 26. My Father had left our Mother when I was 3 and Linda was 11 and Grant was 7. We never saw or heard from him after that. My Mother died after complications after surgery and I moved in with Linda. Linda worked in a Lawyers office as a receptionist. Grant was in the Navy and overseas, I had started a trade course to become a plumber, Linda lived by herself and didn't go out much. She had always been a bit of a reclusive type, she average build and look. I had been living with her for a about a month on a Thursday when I heard moans coming from her bedroom. I knew she didn't have anyone with her, so I sneeked a look thru her door and saw her masturbating on her bed. She looked so horny laying there naked, that I started to masturbate myself. I lean against the door I had partly opened and lost my balance and fell onto her bedroom floor as the door opened up fully. It was a shock to me and Linda and she screamed at me to get out. Which I did as fast as I could, she didn't talk to me till the Saturday morning. When She asked " Do you make a habit of spying on me". " No, I heard you moaning and had a look to see if you were okay" I replied. I continued " On seeing you naked and playing with yourself, I became very aroused by your beauty". She replied " You think I'm beautiful do you, the same sister you called a ugly witch, when you were 13". "We were fighting over the use of TV and I wanted to watch my favorite show and you wanted to some music show" I replied. After that she left to go shopping, I read a book and watched some TV. An hour or so later she returned and put away the groceries she had got. Then she walk over to me and said " I'm going to room to masturbate, just so you know'. I being a smartass replied " Is that an invitation to join you". I was taken aback a bit by her reply. "If you want to watch, as long as I can watch you when you masturbate". I was not expecting that, but replied " Okay sure anytime you want". I followed her to her bedroom and watch her undress and lay on her bed and start to play with herself. I sat on a chair near her window and was soon starting to play with myself. I finally got up and completely undressed and got on the bed with her. She didn't stop what she was doing and didn't objected when I started to touch her. Long story short, I had sex with with her and we have been sleeping together since. Finally I got her pregnant last Christmas and were living as man and wife. I'm couldn't be happier

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