My Dog Bundy

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I'm Gary now 29 average build, when I graduated university in Electronics Engineering. My Parents and Grandparents purchased a 4 bedroom house in outer suburbs near the Aerospace Firm I got employed by for me. After I moved in I had a 6 foot paling fence installed around the house block so I could get a dog. I got a large mixed breed from the pound, I called him Bundy. I had a housekeeper come twice a week Mondays and Thursdays to keep the clean for me. Her Name was Gloria and she was very efficient at her job. One day I found a note from Gloria telling that Bundy wasn't in the yard, when she arrived and she had a look around couldn't find him. But 2 hours later when she was leaving he was back. So I inspected the fence and couldn't find any holes or gaps and the gates were closing firmly. I first thought that Bundy may have under the house and hadn't come out when Gloria arrived. But on inspection there were no gaps in covering that stopped anything from going under the house. I had a big yard with a double garage that was locked up and no way for Bundy to enter. I didn't worry too much about it, but then I got more messages from Gloria that Bundy was missing. I installed security cameras around the house to check on how Bundy was getting out and back in. On the Saturday morning of the next weekend I checked the security vision for the week and saw that Bundy was going thru the fence into the neighbors yard. I checked the fence at that location, but it was firmly secured in place. I installed the audio on the security cameras few days later I checked the security vision and heard a whistling and what sounded like a electric drill. I saw Bundy goes thru the fence and return over an hour later. Then the electric sound again, I knew that someone was letting him out and in. But due the palings being so close together couldn't see who. The next Saturday morning my neighbor Victoria went out with her friends and I went over into her yard and checked the fence. I found that the nails had been replaced with screws on 4 palings. But why was someone letting Bundy out and back in, I had no idea. So I got some more security cameras and installed them to see who was doing it. I saw it was Victoria and she would than take bundy inside her house an later return him to my yard. I moved the cameras so I could see into her house to see what was going on. I waited a couple of days before checking the recordings. I saw her feed him in the kitchen and then they went further into the house. I had to shift a camera to see what happened next. On viewing the recordings later, I was stunned to see that Victoria was having sex with bundy. At first I didn't know what to do, after thinking about it a while. I decided to see if she was willing to have sex with me as well. Victoria 65 widowed great body and good looking, I printed off a few photos of her and Bundy in action. I added a note asking her to come and see me at 6.30 Monday evening. She turned up on time looking very worried, I told her to sit on the lounge. I asked "Why is an attractive woman like you fucking my dog, you could get anyone you want". She replied " I can't find anyone and all the men I know are married, gay or passed it". I said "I would fuck you in a heart beat, if I was given the chance". She said " Would you destroy the pictures, if I had sex with you". I replied " I have already deleted all the recordings, I'm not trying to blackmail you. But if your horny and want someone I'm available". She had think about it and then said " I'm horny now". So I led her to my bedroom and we had sex and after we talk some more and she told me that she had seen a woman on her computer having sex with a dog. That what got her think about it and led to her having sex with Bundy. So we had started to have sex regularly and after sex one night, she told that her niece Karen was coming to live with her. She also told me that her and Karen have had a lesbian relationship on and off for years. But they are both Bi-sexual and she thinks that Karen would like me. Three days after Karen arrived, they both turned up at my house asked if I would like to join them in a threesome. Karen is attractive and has a good figure and we started having sex regularly and going out together after 6 months we got engaged and were married 4 months later. Karen is now 26 & pregnant with our first child and Victoria has moved in with us and is selling her house. It been a busy 3 years.

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