The Awakening

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Lucy Paloma was getting ready to go home after a long and tedious day at work. She took a quick glance at her wristwatch,

“Gosh! It’s late. I better go home now.” She hums getting up and looking in the direction of her assistant Agnes Harper, who was busy printing out some documents like she needed her approval to go home.

Agnes ignores her but looks up from what she was doing and nods. Lucy hurriedly prepares her bag, making sure she forgets nothing. When it is done, she sits down for a minute and checks her appointment book.

She scrolls through the list of appointments she has had for the day and nods as she reads each name out in her mind. It impresses her that out of 15 appointments, only one person has not made it and she wonders why.

“Ag hrs. It’s way past that time now and he hasn’t shown up. Any reason why?” she asks Agnes.
“No idea, in fact, I called to remind him but he doesn’t return my calls,” replies Agnes.

“Okay, that settles it. I’m shifting his appointment.” Lucy marks his name with the words, ‘appointment shifted.’

“I’m through for the day. “She says as she closes the book.
Agnes gets up and arranges her desk. She is about to go home and grabs her coat from the coat hanger and puts it on while she looks at her boss.
“Lucy, it’s getting late. You should also go home too,” she says while she buttons her coat.
“I know that Agnes. I want to put my desk in order before I leave. Will you wait?”
“Wait? It’s going to take you long to clean up your desk,” Agnes stares at her with wide open eyes.
“Oh well, go home. I’ll leave after I tidy up my desk.” Agnes walks up to the door and opens it. She then turns back and stares at her boss.
“Make sure you don’t stay too late. You need to get some rest.” She says.
“Thanks for reminding me,” Lucy replies back. When Agnes leaves and she is all alone, she starts to arrange her messy desk. But just as she starts, the doorbell rings.
Agnes, what have you forgotten again? She mutters to herself as she opens the door.
She stops abruptly when she sees that it is not Agnes. Standing in front of her is a man she has never seen before. She stares at him. A tinge of shiver runs down her spine.

She wants to close the door but then decides not to do so. He appears very attractive and this sparks her attention. The man wears dark-shaded glasses to cover his eyes. Lucy can hardly see the color of his eyes.
But his athletic looking body impresses her. And it is visible from the t-shirt he wears which maps out his body. To add to it he wears tight leather jeans.
For a few minutes, she throws a strong stare at him hardly able to speak to him. She is stunned at seeing him such that she finds it difficult to ask him who he is.
Then he comes to her rescue.
“Mrs. Paloma?” he asks
“Miss. Paloma for your information,” she is unable to take her eyes off him.
“Ryan Palmer. I have an appointment...I mean if it’s not too late.” He tells her.
“Ah, yes Mr. Palmer. You took you so long to come and I am about to go home now.” She leaves the door for him to come in and walks away. As he comes in and closes the door, he stands in the doorway. She turns when she sees him standing and looks at him.
“This way Mr. Palmer.” She beckons him to go into the waiting room.
“Give me a few minutes and I’ll attend to you.” She adds as she lets out a smile. Ryan nods. He smiles back at her.

Ryan steps into the waiting room. He sees a long brown cushion chair to the left side of the door and a single brown one placed directly opposite the door.
The floor is fully covered with a Persian rug. A long center table with lots of past edition magazines lying underneath it is placed at the center.
Ryan is impressed with the waiting room and finds it very relaxing. He takes out a magazine and starts to flip through the pages while he waits for Lucy.

In the meantime, Lucy is at her desk. She cannot do much tidying as she keeps thinking of Ryan. She is alone in the office with him and it scares her. But at the same time, his presence excites her. She doesn’t know what to expect from him.
But he has caught her attention immediately. She quickly goes to the bathroom and washes her face and comes out and drinks some water before she goes to meet him.
She picks up his file and adjusts her dress and goes to meet him. As she opens the door to the waiting room, Ryan gets up.
“Sit down Mr. Palmer,” she says trying hard to be in control of herself. But she isn’t and Ryan sees it but keeps quiet.
Lucy sits down on the single chair and faces Ryan who sits cross-legged on the long chair. She takes out her pen and opens his file and starts to write.
“Mr. Palmer I’m sure you know we don’t attend to people outside of work hours,” she adjusts her skirt and crosses her legs.
“My apologies, I got caught in a traffic hold up….”
“My assistant says she called but your phone was switched off.” She interrupts him. He stares at her seeing that she is seriously bent on writing whatever it is she is writing.
He quickly runs his eyes over her body, noticing how good-looking she is. A sudden flow of desire rushes through him and he wants her. He feels his dick getting harder and stronger. With his tight jeans, it is too visible and there is no way he can hide his erection.
He makes an effort to cover it up by crossing his legs and placing his hands on the mound.
“Hurrying to get here I forgot to switch it on. My apologies if that is something you can accept.” He says with feelings of uncontrollable lust.
Lucy senses his agitation and wonders what is agitating him. But she finds that out when he changes legs to hide his erection. She sees the form the tip of his dick carves onto the jeans. It is clearly visible.

She jolts a bit without making him suspect she knows how he feels. Then suddenly she gets up. A sudden urge to go and pee comes to her. Sitting down, she tries her best to hold it, but it presses her.

“Excuse me a second...” she says as she hurries out of the waiting room and into the bathroom. By the time she gets there to pull her pants down, the pee comes out and wets her pants.
“Gosh!” she says in regret as she removes her pant after she pees. She quickly washes it and goes to her office and takes out a small bag and puts the pant inside the bag.
She then cleans herself up and looks in the bathroom mirror to see if her not wearing a pant is clearly visible. She is satisfied that it cannot be noticed.
She then goes to meet Ryan again.
When she sits down and tries to cross her legs, Ryan quickly notices that she isn’t wearing a pant. This excites him so much that instead of crossing his legs he sits down and spreads his arms across the long chair. Lucy sights his erection and tries to ignore it and continues with her writing.
“Mr. Palmer, it’s quite late. I am sure you have other engagements and so I want to shift your appointment. Is that okay with you?” she looks at him and runs her tongue around her lips like they are dry and need lubrication.
“Fine, Miss Paloma,” he says as he stares into her eyes. Lucy notices it. She bites her lips as his stare penetrates her and makes her burn with desire. It arouses her and makes her feel good such that fixing a new appointment doesn’t seem necessary. But she has to fix it and does so immediately.
She fixes the appointment and tells him he has to sign. Ryan comes closer to her and she turns the file towards him and shows him where to sign. He sits up and takes her right hand and places it in between his thighs while he signs the paper.

“Anything else?” he asked when he has signed the papers. She stares at him with wide-open mouth and breathes out her desire for him.
With her hand in between his legs, she starts to brush it lightly against his erection.
“Anything else, Miss Paloma?” he asks for the second time in a low subtle voice. Lucy moves closer and grabs his dick with her hand and doesn’t say a word.
Ryan lowers his mouth and plants a kiss on her mouth. As they kiss, Ryan unbuttons her dress and then takes off her bra and throws it on the floor. He finds her tense nipples hanging out of her tits.
He goes down on it gently running his tongue around it in circles. Lucy lets out a moan as she holds his dick. She then grabs his belt and takes it off and pulls his jeans down.
She gulps as his long greedy shaft stares at her in the face. She quickly grabs it and shoves it into her mouth and starts working on it. Ryan uses the palms of his hand to hold her head as if directing her thrust.
She takes the whole shaft into her mouth and slowly moves back until she reaches the tips. She then stops and uses her tongue to move around the tips. She licks and sucks it making Ryan moan and groan with pleasure.

She does that several times and then takes the full length of his shaft into her mouth again. She moves back slowly and reaches the tips and starts to nibble every inch of it again. This makes Ryan moan with pleasure.
Ryan is about to explode as the intensity of the pleasure makes him stiffen. Lucy knows he is about to come and removes her mouth. She goes to the bathroom.
She wants him badly. It has taken long for a man to come her way and excite her so much as Ryan is doing. And so she goes back and finds Ryan waiting for her. Once she comes back he quickly grabs her by the waist and takes her skirt off and leaves her naked.

He positions her onto the long cushion chair and spreads her legs wide open. Lucy readily obeys and down he goes on his knees and takes her shaved pussy in his mouth. He gives it a quick kiss and then with his tongue goes in leaving Lucy moaning and groaning with much pleasure.

His tongue presses her clitoris down. He then lets go and starts to suck and nibble on it. He repeats the process continuously. Lucy groans uncontrollably from the pleasure.

She uses her right hand and pushes his head further into her grove as the mounting pleasure makes her head spin. She then uses her left hand to push her tits up and with her tongue licks the nipples.
As Ryan keeps sucking and licking Lucy, he thrusts two fingers of his right hand inside her and with his left-hand stretches out and grabs her tits and fondles them.
Lucy ravishes deep in pleasure as Ryan goes faster and makes her body wriggle. She closes her legs around his head as the pleasure greatly increases. She is seconds away from spilling her juice. Ryan notices it and stops.
“Don’t cum just now. There’s still more to do,” he tells her. He then turns her on the cushion chair and makes her face the wall. She kneels down on the cushion and spreads her legs wide open.
Ryan caresses her pussy lightly and then slaps her ass and points his shaft towards the mouth of her cunt.

When his dick gets to the mouth of her pussy, he stops and slaps her ass lightly again.He enters a little and stops and then slaps her butt again. Lucy lets out a moan that turns Ryan on. He then goes in completely and stops. Lucy makes a squealing sound and starts wriggling with emotion. Ryan keeps moving in and out slowly while he caresses her back from her head down. She opens her mouth and moans and groans with much pleasure.

Ryan then puts his finger into her ass and leaves it there without moving it. He keeps giving her deep thrusts going back and forth. Lucy is shaking uncontrollably from the thrust. Soon Ryan starts to stiffen and is about to explode. This gets Lucy’s attention. She quickly turns and cups his dick in her mouth and used her tongue to cover the tips of his dick. Ryan starts to explode but Lucy’s tongue blocks his spill from coming out fully.

Ryan holds her head with both hands. But her tongue keeps blocking his juice from coming out. Then suddenly Lucy removes her tongue and Ryan lets out a groan as his juice gushes out and fills Lucy’s mouth.
Lucy drinks every drop of Ryan’s cum and then licks every inch of his shaft like she is doing a final cleaning job. But this only makes Ryan’s shaft become strong again.
Ryan looks at Lucy and she looks back at him. She knows what he wants and so she gives him a kiss as if to give him the go ahead. She turns her backside and bends down on the cushion and positions herself.
Ryan looks at her ass and caresses it. He then slaps it lightly and makes Lucy moan with pleasure. He points his long and erect shaft at her asshole and prepares to go in. He bends down and blows his breath in and around it.
He then uses the palm of his hand and lightly brushes around it slowly, as he passes a finger in and out of the hole. Lucy closes her eyes and opens her mouth exuding hot air and moans. She groans from the pleasure that unfolds as Ryan pleases her that way.
His ready strong shaft now makes its way inside the hole slowly.
“Ouch, Mr. Palmer that hurts,” she says. Ryan ignores her but keeps his shaft inside her ass. He stands still and watches as she wriggles.
He holds her hips with both hands and starts to thrust back and forth.
“Ah, ah, ah, ah…” she keeps shouting as he increases his thrust.
“Ryan, Ryan, ah, ah…” Ryan keeps thrusting faster and harder. The harder he thrusts the more Lucy keeps shouting his name. Suddenly she stiffens as the first shots of cum start to gush out of her. Ryan doesn’t stop but keeps going faster and harder.

Lucy by now is on her third hard cum shot and the fourth one is about to come. Suddenly Ryan holds her hips tightly and shoots his cum into her and makes her have her fourth cum. They slump on to the chair exhausted. Lucy pants heavily as they disengage. Ryan takes her into his arms and holds her tight and kisses her.

“Wow Ryan, you meant war didn’t you?” she asks now panting less. Ryan gives her a smile.

“What do you mean war?” he asks as her question surprises him. Lucy moves away from him and starts to put her clothes on. She leaves him to go to the bathroom to clean up. When she comes back, Ryan has his clothes back on. She stares at him like he has done something wrong. He walks up to her and grabs her by the waist and plants a kiss on her lips.

“I helped to make you a better person that’s all.” He peers into her eyes. Lucy never says a word but bends her head and moves away from him.
“I have to go home now Ryan.” She says in a low voice looking frustrated. Ryan doesn’t say a word but leaves her and goes out of the office.
Lucy sits down and thinks about everything that has just happened. She never expected this to happen. She got carried away by Ryan’s good looks and ended up having sex with him.

She gets up and leaves the office and goes home. When she gets home, she quickly goes under the shower and stays there deep in thought. Thoughts of regret fill her mind. When she comes out of the shower, she goes straight to bed and drifts off into a deep sleep. The following day she wakes up feeling strong and refreshed and ready for work but feels a strange arousal.

She feels the urge to have sex. The urge is so strong that she can’t control it. So while still in bed she starts to play with herself and puts a finger inside her pussy.
The feeling is so good that it brings back memories of Ryan to her mind. She starts to think of the wild sex they had at the office. This pushes her to work harder on herself.
And then finally she let out a little scream as her juice gushed out rapidly. She closes her eyes in response to the feeling of pleasure that captures her body until it is finally over.

When it is over she gets up and goes to the bathroom to clean up. But thoughts of Ryan come to her again while she is washing and this arouses her again. She thinks of pleasing herself again but then her phone rings.
She quickly dries herself up and hurriedly goes to answer the call. It is Agnes.
“Hi Lucy, what happened in the office, it’s a mess?” She asked.
Lucy is startled. She doesn’t know how to answer the question but tells Agnes she is on her way coming. She knows that the place is in a mess because of the time spent with Ryan.

When she gets to the office and opens the door, Agnes greets her with an angry and worried look.
“Agnes, what’s going on?” Lucy asks
“The whole place smells quite strange, like...” she pauses and looks at her boss.
“It smells like what?” Lucy also looks at her.
“What time did you leave, I mean before leaving did anything strange happen?”
“I was alone what could have happened?”
“I don’t know. Like someone has spilled cum or something.” Lucy looks away for a few seconds. She feels shame as she knows quite well what went on the day before. She turns to face her assistant.
“Well whatever it is, will go. Just open the windows.” She goes straight to her office and sits down at her desk. Tired and exhausted but relieved, she bends her head and starts to think of the time spent with Ryan.

She is so deep in thought that she doesn’t notice that Agnes has come into the office. Agnes sits down and stares at her.

“Lucy is everything alright?” Agnes asks. Lucy looks at her. An intense urge and desire for Agnes that had never existed before, rush through her mind and engulfs her body.

The urge to have sex with Agnes is so strong that she blushes. She gets up and moves towards Agnes and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Agnes is surprised that Lucy is doing that as she has never done it before.
“Thank you for asking. You care so much about me so I ask myself how much you care about yourself.”
“Perhaps I’m a little too caring if that’s what you mean,” Agnes says looking at Lucy. Lucy nods.
“The time we spend here sometimes makes me feel this workplace is my home.” Lucy holds her hands and looks straight into her eyes without blinking.
This makes Agnes blush. Lucy quickly withdraws her hands and goes back to her desk without saying a word. She realizes that she is having intense sexual desires.
It wasn’t there before. She thinks of Ryan Palmer. Yes, she tells herself. Mr. Palmer came and brought it with him. He awakened the sexual demon inside her, leaving her sexually charged and wanting sex like never before.

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