The build up for The perfect encounter

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Charlotte imagines how Richard would grip her hips and leave finger indents as he would thrust his hardness against her in a slow deep grind. She imagines his breath to be hot and choppy with passion that only happens on occasion usually when the act is wrong or forbidden in some way. Only lasting a few minutes before one of them gives in to a fast action that explodes and they stay tangled to feel every pulse which lasts no more than a couple of minutes. Then they fall apart but still stay wrapped around each other like a couple in love with a passion for the best-that embrace; sharing that moment of volnerability even if they just met, the look they share for a few moments is when the world stops and their eyes meet and speak a sigh of thank you and love making passion to its perfection... a moment of true love with a stranger, even if five seconds later he zips his pants and happily pays for his encounter to a well bred hooker that enjoys her job for a few bucks. Charlotte has heard James tell the story about the hooker that has his number, the number 8 , for the 8 inches that she works down her throat as she swings her head back and forth because he is so big in her lucious wet mouth to get him back in her mouth to her throat with the tip of his extra thick and wide head. Several of his companions have said they could not get their fingers to touch wrapped around his girth. So many things over the years that Charlotte has gripped, holding different objects thinking about how big his cock must be. And the most perfect of all was a fat candle that she light and drip wax on her cream colored tight body. Such fair skin she had no tan lines only natural lines of slender sculpted muscle in which she was very aware of her lower strength as well as how the perfectly shaped her ass was with the little cup at her Cheek that put that little lift of tightness that somehow spreads those fantastic cheeks into a pretty little ass gap that looked like it is no stranger to getting bent over and worked, extremely experienced in taking cock in that ass. Seeing that then thinking about his two fingers fitting the spread buy still gapping 2 fingers could rest and spread just a little to expose what always knew was to be a pink little perfect and puffed and puckered hole trying to breathe in begging to take in something large. and if He could He would lick and push his tongue on that perfect little ass cause it’s dying to get fed and open like a little prize so I can slip my rock hard head into that tight little hole that wants to my sloppy little ass; Richard whispers that he wants to put his dick inside her Cum. will put you on my fuck puck and slap it like hockey when I finally get penetrated balls deep
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I yet still how object to press against herself and spread the wet folds that yearns with desire has been a variety of candles, always a little larger than what she can grip to touch the finger and thumb a complete circle. While Richard has been the tomcat and the women he lay just could not stay silent always sharing the details that would always bring the heat rush to a boil that can be felt as Charlotte always cupped her hand iver her mining and would grind and rub herself bringing about a great deal of Please and intensifying her lifelong desire to take the thickness and give in showing exactly how a fully hard mature experienced man should be taken inside of all the little wet spots at a pace to hold the orgasm for the complete cycle of build up meaning he gets to explore every hole and have both their eyes roll back and almost explode. Both being experienced lovers can hold back and have the intensity build to almost an unbearable taboo that will almost peak several times as the angle and position and stroke changes slightly. He imagines that being inside of any one of Charlottes holes will drain his always ready to satisfy her attitude (meaning any deserving sexual woman ) but especially her. Richard has watched his life long friend give her irdibary missionary style sex that makes her cum but he knows thru their talks over the years that she is a beast who needs to be fed and he wants to feed her. There has been numerous occasions when they could have easily gave in to pop their corks but one of them or both new swas always in a silence resistance or have resisted sometimes

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