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My wife Trish of 9 years is an Asian doll. She is 4 ft, 9 inches tall weighs 97 pounds has perky 34 C-cup breasts and a bubble butt that men want to bite and was very easy to bring into a wife sharing lifestyle.
We were newly weds and couldn't keep our hands off one another and she was a a bundle of sex in between the sheets willing to do whatever I wanted she even asked me one time to do her analy just to see what it was like and I was more than happy to do it and it really was painful for her and I had to wash my cock afterwards .
I came like a cannon though but after that she didn't offer again We talk openly about our past and Trish hasn't had much of a past but was interested in the times I lucked out.
One evening we were in bed playing around and she said Amy told me that her husband has asked her to have sex with another man and he claims that all men think about it do you?
I asked what did you tell her and she laughed and said I told her if thats what he wanted to go for it so I asked if I asked you the same thing would you do it and she blushed saying if you really wanted me to I would so while we were having sex and she was really getting into It I said I want you to do it and she went nuts thrusting against me then she cried out grinding her pussy against my pubic bone.
Well to date Trish has been fucked in front of me at least a dozen times and she loves it giving head to her lovers and talking and laughing with me while she gets it on with orther men .
As I said dhe is a doll and I love her so much and one night as we talked about the men she has been with I asked her if she had any fantasys and she blushed looking upat me and said I better not say so I said oh come on babe you know how I am what is your deepist fantasy and she said well all of the guys I have been with have cocks about the same size as yours and I have heard that some guys have really big cocks and I am curious about that
I smiled and said mostly black guys are the ones with big cock do you want to try one ? She gave me a sheepish smile and said color dosent bother me you and I are different colors hon.
So we looked through several dating sites and found many black men with huge cocks but none inb our area except for De Sean and his dick was over 12 inches long so we passed him by looking for something about 9 inches but found nothing so we went back to DeSean reading his add again and she said I think I can do it babe out daughter was 19 inches long and his cock is only 12 inches and even if I cant I can take most of it.
Well we contacted him and he wanted a picture od Trish so I took a picture of her nuce with my cell phone and sent it to him and he repiled when and where she is a doll.

we met him in Fairfield at the mall and we talked he towered over Trish making her look like a dwarf the top of her head was about up to his armpit but Trish is a fiesty little gal and agreed to doing it with his promis of not forcing his whole cock into her if she couldent take it and we Went to Motel ^ just off the freeway taking a lower floor room and Tish was laughing nervously as he opened the door and she stepped inside lifting her arms up for his embrace and De Sean picked her off her feet as she squealed in delight until they kissed then she clung to him kissing him deeply and when he lowered her to her feet she was panting raggedly and pawing at the front of his pants eager to see his cock and when his pants slipped over his hips her hand dived into his shorts pulling his swollen cock and her eyes flew open his cock was as big around as her tiny wrist and she sat ther with his cock in her hand and said OH MY GOD almost drooling then in a flash she disrobbed tossing her clothes to a chair as Desean did the same and she couls almost stand up and suck his cock but she kneeled looking at his huge cock head with wonder then her mouth opened up and she sucked his cock head into her mouthher eyes wide looking down his shaft as she sucked but De Sean had other plans and picked her up like a rag doll and tossed her onto the bed then he pushed her legs apart and went down on her as Trish gasped hen her body began to respond too his tonguein rapid thrusts and Desean brought her to her first climaxin less than a minutethen he stood pulling her to the edge of the bed and turning her onto her sid lifting one leg thenb straddeling the other his cock pointing at her bush like a lance and Trish looked down at his rigid shaft her eyes still smokey fron her orgasm as his cock head parted her pussy lips .
Trish looke at me her eyes still a little clouded with lust and smiled reaching behing her and with her fingers she pulled her pussy lips farther apart as De Sean added pressure and his cock slipped into her well lubbed pussy.
She gasped and her body jerked as his cock head forced her open then he was inside og her gently adding more of his cock into her as his ass hunched gently and Trish watched wide eyed as she watched his shaft as it registererd how deep hi was in her by the slimy shine if her lube in his cock It tokk him only a few minutes to cum then he stood there pumping his cum into my wife as she asked are you cumming ? To his grunts of pleasure.
Well there is more to this story but I have to stop now.

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