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In keeping with the rules here, I will tell you this true story, but you have to do your own math.

I was a sophmore in high school, and was not a virgin thanks to the milf neighbor of mine. But that is another story. Anyway, I met LeeAnn at a dance at school, but she was 3 years younger and I wondered about her being there with all the older high schoolers. She was really cute, and really petite because of her age, but her eyes were so big and expressive. Somehow I knew she was hot to trot.

She asked me to dance so of course I accepted. I was already 6'2" at that time so the sized difference was striking. I was about dick high to her chest and that didn't keep her from getting really tight to me while we danced slow and she was moving her chest against me. Of course my cock got hard and the more she felt it, the closer she got and the more she shifted against me. We finished the dance and she asked if I wanted to go have a smoke outside, so we went outside and lit up. There were others out there and she said lets walk a little. When we were away from the others, she asked if she could see my dick. I was hesitant but did not resist much. Next thing I know she is sucking my cock for all she is worth. I am 7 inches with a big head and circumsised. I was feeling her tits, not much more than nipples but they were hard and long. I warned her I was about to cum, and she just got more excited and kept sucking. I shot rope after rope of cum into her mouth and she kept swallowing never missing a drop. When she let go of my cock, we kissed and she was sharing a little of the residual cum with me. (if you read my other stories,I like cum too)

We started talking and I told her how much I like that, and she told me she really loved the taste of cum. She told me next time we will fuck if I wanted to see her again. Who at that age is going to say no to a sure thing. So we started seeing each other when I could get the car. Man she could not get enough of my cock and let me cum in her every time we fucked. Maybe I should mention this was 1955 and birth control was a condom or the rhythm system. I asked about her fear of becoming pregnant, because of my fear of it. She then revealed that in the last year she had not gotten pregnant and been fucked a lot by a lot of guys and not pregnant.

After about 6 months of fucking her every few days, she asked me to pick her up at her house at 7 that night if I could get the car. Well I got the car and headed to her house. In those days you had to go to the door so I was early and her mother invited me in the house. She said LeeAnn was not home yet from band practice, so I sat and we talked for a minute. I noticed her mother was wearing just a robe and not much else, because her tits were really loose and swaying when she walked or moved. I was watching her and thinking what a body she had and I know she was aware of my eyes on her tits.

She said "I want you to know that I know you are fucking my daughter." I nearly pissed my pants and was ready to run out the door. I of course denied it, but she said "don;t lie to me, I do the laundry and her panties are always full of cum after you two have been out" NOW WHAT???

She stood up and dropped her robe and I am now face to face with a naked 35 year old woman. She immediately moved to me and grabbed my cock. She then told me she wanted some too because she had been separated 2 years and needed fucked. She also said "LeeAnn has told me what a nice dick you have, and she loves being fucked by you" WOW anyway, the next think I know we are on the floor, and she is riding me cowboy style and really fucking me hard. Since we were on the floor in the living room we are only a few feet inside the front door. I am facing away from the door and she is really vocal, so I did not hear the door open.

In walks LeeAnn and said "Well, Mom, it looks like our plan is working" Took a minute for that to sink in, but she started taking her clothes off and sat on my mouth. WOW my cock is in her mother and I am sucking her cunt which by the way was full of cum. Guess band practice is a lot more fun than I could imagine. LeeAnn had fucked someone before coming home. I shot a load into her mother and filled her up. When she climbed off me, she just rolled over on her back and lay there. LeeAnn got off my face and immediately got between her legs and was sucking her pussy dry of my cum. First time I ever saw a lesbian experience and it was hot to say the least.

When things calmed down, the mother told me that she and LeeAnn got involved with each other immediately after her husband died and that was when LeeAnn was discovering boys and dicks. Seems she would come home and have her clean her pussy good before bed time.

Needless to say we never fucked in the car again. This went on until I went on Active Duty in the Navy, and since I became a career sailor, never saw either of them again. LeeAnn and I re established contact through the internet through information obtained from a classmate. Found out she was in San Diego married to a Master Chief and still enjoying fucking his friends and their wives. Sadly she died a number of years ago, but what a gift she was to those of us in the lifestyle.

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