My high school crush

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Way back, I used to sit next this one particular girl named Mary Ellen.She was a average height blonde with practically had everything on her body positioned in all the correct places. To say the least I had a serious crush on her.

Anyway it would be years after we all graduated from school, I would run into Mary Ellen at the local Wal-Mart and we got to talking in how good of friends we used to be in the good old days.

To say the least Mary Ellen was still as hot as was in high school if not better!

As we were talking,Mary invited me over for supper at her home and catch up on each other in how life has treated each other.

So I went to Mary's home where I enjoyed an excellent meal, not only was she smoking hot, but she was an awesome cook as well.

So after I helped her with the dishes, Mary told me she was going to get a shower and I could go into the living room sofa and relax and watch TV if I wanted to.

When Mary Ellen was done with her shower, she came our to the living room in a bathrobe and sat next to me on the sofa and we started talking about the good times in high school.

So nervously, I finally admitted to Mary, in how I used to have a major crush on her. She smiled and replied to me, I think you still do have one on me dear!

As she seen my face blush with some embarrassment, she smiled told me in how she always liked me,and now she has finally has gotten what she has always wanted, me all to herself.

Mary put her long legs up on the couch and opened her robe before me, revealing her beautiful body to me.Than Mary guided my head to her titties, whispering into my ear to worship her body.

With pleasure I took her tits into my mouth sucking them, while licking her nipples with my hands all of over hot torso.

Than I felt Mary guiding my hand to her crotch, telling me me to play with her.

As I started to play with Mary's pussy, I could tell she has just shaven, as she if she knew was going to give me a night that I will soon never forget.
As I was worshipping Mary's sexy body,she pushed my head down to her lap and she opened her long legs and replied to me in a whisper, Eat me!

As I got down to do as I was told, I would encounter one of the most gorgeous set of pink pussy lips I have ever seen!

Without hesitation, I dove right into her hot snatch with my tongue all over and in and out of her sexy hole, as I was pleasing Mary's sexy body she was moaning and cooing with pleasure.

Than to get my self in a better position to satisfy her, I would get on my knees by the sofa and continued to eat my sweet dessert.

As I was enjoying Mary's sweet pie I could feel my pants sliding off of my ass, as she started to strip me naked, telling me now she has what she has always wanted, my naked body!

Than Mary got off the sofa and she guided me by the hand to her queen sized bed in her bedroom. She pushed me down on her bed,and she straddled her sweet ass and pussy over my face telling to satisfy my holes as she shoved them into my face!

With great pleasure,took my tongue back and forth to her ass and pussy.
While I was satisfying Mary, I felt her pulling my legs open, and she started nipping and licking my inner legs while stroking my 8.5 inch tool into hardness.

When Mary saw my hard cock, she smiled and said, you have a very nice cock, and boy I am going to fuck you brains out but first things first.

Mary first took his tongue to my tight asshole and all over my balls.She would than take her hot tongue up and down my vein of my shaft, before taking my tool down her throat.

We continued to please each other other orally, until we couldn't take anymore. Mary rolled over on her back, with her legs wide open, saying FUCK ME! FUCk ME NOW!

As bad as I have wanted to fuck Mary Ellen, she didn't have to tell me twice,I climbed up on top of her hot body and plunged my piece of meat into her love canal.
I started pumping her juicy pussy slowly, while sucking and kissing her tits, and as she was kissing and licking me ears and neck.

As I was pumping Mary's pussy deeper, she would take her long sexy legs around me, while gripping my cock with her love canal's muscles.

Than with just one move, Mary flipped me over on my back and started riding my cock faster and faster, while running her fingers over my chest with her long nails. The sensation of Mary's nails over my chest became more and more intense as I could tell I was about to cum.
I cried out, OH Mary, I am going to cum! She responded oh yes baby give me all your juices.Suddenly I could feel the cum explode inside her.

As I tried to shove Mary off of me,she pinned me, saying I am not done with you, your cock is still hard and I will ride you until you are limp.
When I became limp, she rolled of me kissing me, telling me how good I was and asked me to stay the night where I had the opportunity to worship this sexy body I have always wanted.

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