Odd Jobs

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Many years ago when I was younger, I did odd jobs around the neighbourhood mowing, weeding and other such jobs. I did it for pocket money and I made quite a bit and with what I banked I got my first car (secondhand), but to me it was a rolls royce. I was tall for my age at 6'3" slender and very fit. I wouldn't say I was handsome, but average looking. I many worked for older folk in the neighbourhood. I had 1 client who was 64 5'7' or so good figure for her age, widow and quite well off. Elizabeth was her name and she was very well known in the town, her late husband had died in office as the mayor a couple of years before (Heart I think). I would mow her lawns and trim and weed the garden beds and tidy up around her pool. I saw her laying by the pool a few times, she looked hot. One day in the summer it was hot and I had finished the mowing and the gardens. I came into the pool area to check if anything needed doing. Elizabeth was there in a nice one piece looking good as ever. On seeing me, she said " It's hot why don't you have a swim and cool down". I replied "I don't have any trunks". "There is trunks in the change room, there should be 1 in your size" she said. So I went and looked and sure enough there was a pair that fitted. Even those they were a bright shade of pink. I changed and got into the pool, it a shade cover over it and was very cool and refreshing. After a few minutes Elizabeth join me in the pool and had a swim around and then came over to me. She asked " If I would like to some other things for her". I replied "Yeah anything you want you want done". With that she grabbed my cock and started to play with it and it responded by getting hard. I was taken aback at first, but what to do escaped me at the time. Then she put her into the trunks and grab my cock and started play with it. She lead to the shallow end steps and soon had my trunks completely off. She then started sucking my cock and I soon came in her mouth, which she swallowed straight away. Then we left the pool and went inside were she stripped of her swimsuit and pulled me closer. Pressing me on to her breasts and gliding my righthand to her cunt and moving up and down and telling to grab her ass with my left hand. Soon we had sex and did so for 2 more years after that first time. I was a very horny young man and was soon chcking out my female clients to expand my sexual activities. The next woman I had sex with, was Gloria 58 the housekeeper to the local bank manager. He and his wife were away most weekends, when I did their yard. Gloria was about 5'5" overweight but still had curves. It happened first with her, when I caught her masturbating in the gazebo and offered my help. After that she and me had regular sex. I also got the daughter of a widowed retired judge. She lived with him as his carer, Debbie was her name 55 (6') skinny with glasses a bit flat chested. Her father always slept in the afternoon I mowed their lawn with an electric mowed with a long cord. Anyway the first time I done her was the after the towns pioneers ball. It waso a Saturday night and I hadn't gone because only the social elites went. She was a bit hugover and I started to chat with her and was soon feeling her up. Then I went for it and started to kiss her and then I fucked her and to my surprise I was her first fuck. I did the local Ministers wife once, when he was away she was drunk and I took advantage. I had a very good business going and I went into the navy and didn't return for seven years. I was married also and had 2 children.

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