Mother in Law & Mother.

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I'm Kevin 32 widowed 2 kids, I'm average build and a university admin supervisor. I live with my 2 children 7 & 5 in a 4 bedroom house a mile from the university. My wife died 3 years from cancer and I employed a live in housekeeper. But 10 months ago she left to get married and I put my children into after school care. I'm fairly well due to insurance that me and my late wife had. My wife's Mother Karen 52 widow ( husband Harvey died 6 years ago also from cancer) offered to come and look after the children. She had to sell their house and had just lost her job and was having trouble finding another. I paid off the debts and for her plane ticket. Karen and I always got on well, so I new that there wouldn't be any problems. She arrived on a saturday at the start of the summer holidays. So I took her and the children on a trip, visiting my mother Linda 54 Soldiers Widow of 17 years. She lived on a pension and work part time at the supermarket. We stayed with her for a week and then returned home. Three weeks later the town my mother lived in was razed by a wild fire. She was homeless and she came to stay with me, Karen and the children. Anyway I was home alone and reading some mags and started to play with myself and didn't hear them return home. I was in my room with door closed so they left me alone. Around dinner time, Karen came to get me for dinner. She opened the door and found asleep with cock in my hand a mag with a picture of a naked woman beside me. She woke me up tp tell me dinner was ready and left. She told my mother I wouldn't be long and also what I had been doing. They both had a giggle and made some remarks during dinner. The children didn't know what the joke was, but laughed anyway. I was red face and retreated to my office after dinner. After the children were in bed both Karen and Linda came into the office and sid sorry for making jokes about me. They then both offered to sleep with me. Saying they new how lonely it was being widowed and that if I wanted sex anytime, they would be available. I was thinking they were having another go at me and said alright how about both of youse sleep with me tonight. I was shocked a bit when they said okay. I couldn't back out so I had sex with both and still do. Sometimes with 1 and mostly both. It works great no hassles.

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