Lonely night with a dog

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It was 10 pm and I was getting ready for bed. My boyfriend had went home for the night leaving me alone in my apartment. I decided to finish up on some work stuff. After a while I noticed that I may never find with how much stuff I had to finish before my presentation in the morning. It wasn't helping that my boyfriend kept blowing up my phone. I called my best friend to keep me company as I finished mountains of papers.

I managed to get stuff done around 1:50 am, feeling exhausted but glad I had more support to encourage me. "Your gonna be fine. I believe in you." My friend cheered me on. " Thanks. I wish my bf was more helpful. But I know I'll ace this presentation in the morning." I smiled. I started getting ready for bed. I noticed that my dog wasn't in my room. I walked around my small apartment before finally spotting him near my front door I let him into my room and got naked went to bed.

The next day came and I was surprised that if don't well for the presentation. I went home and the a small party with my bsf. After all was said and done, she went home. I began cleaning up and noticed my dog's cock was out. "Need to use the bathroom?" I asked. But my dog whined. "No? What do you need?" I watched my dog go into my room. I noticed how he climbed into bed pawing at my bed. "Want to sleep in my bed?" But my dog whined some more. I finally got ready for bed and. I want wearing anything again this night when my huge dog tackled me into my bed. It began licking n my bald pussy. I tried to shove it already away, but he bit me. I Let it lick my clit till I came. Just with I thought he was done I watched it's cock grow to the size and girth of and forearm. I gasped in horror. My dog pressed it's tip into my tight pussy entrance. "What are you doing?!" I turned into my stomach to get away, but he knew and forced it's dick into me. I moaned feeling it's smooth dick in me. It began fucking me, faster, rougher, and harder with each thrust. I couldn't stop moaning till it finally came. I tried to shove my huge dog off me but it wanted more. I lay on my side to get a better look as it slowly inserted it back in. I spread my checks for it, as it licked my face. "Good boy." I say as I feel it getting deeper. But for some reason that made him snap and he began pounding me again. We both came as I laid on my stomach. My dog inserts it's cock into my pussy again, slamming it hard with every thrust I bring my legs to my chest to feel it deeper. Just as I thought he was done, with me getting on all fours he mounts me and without hesitation forced it's cock into my pussy. I felt like I was crazy. I realized that I lost my virginity to a dog. I was scared they need take my anal virginity to since he was fucking. But I was right as soon as he left cum in me, he forced his cock with no lube into my right asshole. I screamed, simply because I want r ready and it was sudden with no warm up. It felt like wood and sand paper for a moment. But I was liking it. My dog didn't care. I arched my back feeling my dog just thrust away. I sauteed in that position for 15 minutes. I laid down as he kept going. My tight asshole, being raped , but I loved it. I was happy that I lost it this way. Once my dog went for a break I say up and seen I had a small bumb.

What will my bf say if he'd seen this?

I say to myself as my dog come back for more. It bit my nipples licking it's lot. I moaned as it began producing milk. My dog began drinking it like water. It took notice I was more interested in it playing with my best and took advantage and forced it's cock back into my tight asshole. I moan as he keeps going and this time it let out 20 gallons of cum into my ass. I was both pregnant and bloated with cum. I was happy. And began the next morning as well making me miss work. I layed down letting it rape me like a whore that I am. And once it was done I laid there cum oozing out of all my holes and my dog fucking my mouth. And there I began my relationship with my dog. We were happy when I found out I might be able to get pregnant with my dog.

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