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I'm John now 29 married and average build. I'm from a very well to do family and regarded as the black sheep. So I was exiled from the family (for my many indiscretions) to a remote retirement village on an a very exclusive Island own by the family. I wasn't to get paid so I wouldn't be able leave. It a place where the rich go for retirement, they might only stay 6 or so months a year. I was made Assistant Manager to look after the Guests as they are referred too. Many are long time friends of the family. The Manager Karl is a gay 65 years old, you know talks with a high pitch voice and walks like a woman. He rarely even speaks to me, I at first looked for talent among the local staff. No luck there, as most were over 50 or overweight. So I decided to keep my head down and work hard hoping that the family would recall me. That was 3 years ago, then after being there 3 months Helen 53 arrived with her husband James 76. She was stunning for her age, great body looked like Jane Fonda except for the Blonde hair. Always dressed to impress and very active, swimming, walking and using the gym. Her husband James was an old friend of my Grandfather Walter. So I did everthing to impress him that I had changed my ways, knowing that he talked to Walter every other day. After a month I was still in exile and kept up the work to impress James of my changed nature. But then on 1 of my days off I went for a walk into middle of the Island off the paths for the guest I came across a pond at the base of small waterfall then a small creek headed off to the coast. The water clear and cool, so I went for a swim naked and after returned to the village. I lookrd over the map of the Island and found the creek marked, but as it was in rough part the Island it wasn't included in walking tracks routes. So I would keep it to myself, I would go for a swim a couple of times a week. It was peaceful there and I could relax and recharge so to speak. Any 1 day I was only my way to the pond I passed Helen and others walking the tracks. After saying Hello and such I got ahead of them and when I was out of sight around bend I left the track and headed for my pond. I was seen going thru the trees by Helen and she left the others and followed me. I was unaware of her following me and on arriving at the Pond I got undressed and went for a swim. A few minutes later Helen came out of the trees and saw me swimming. She called out to me and shocked at being naked I got into deeper water with only head sticking out before replying. She didn't care about my state of undress only asking why this lovely place wasn't on the places to see list. I replied " Because it in a rough area and the old guests would have trouble getting here. I only found it by accident myself". " So it's our secret" she replied. "Yes, but it is shown on the main map. Yet the pond isn't refer to" I replied. " Good" she replied. She then got undressed and got naked into the pond. After our swim we got dressed and returned to the village. She didn't tell anybody about the pond, but she told me to let her know when I was going swimming next. I said "I'll have get some swimming trunks". She said " Don't on my account". So I didn't days, the day before my day off James went to the mainland on business for a few days and Helen behind. Early next morning I got a lunch hamper off the kitchen staff and a couple of bottles of wine and headed off for the pond. Helen followed a few minutes later, I waited for her in the trees just off the track and we headed towards the pond. We both got undressed and went for a swim and after mucking about a bit we got out and layed on the bank. Helen started to play with herself and I got hard watching. She then said " Don't waste that, give me a good fucking". I so I did and after lunch and a little nap and swim and more sex we returned to the village. After a few weeks Helen and James left for trip to Japan. Helen had told that when they returned she would have surprise for me. While they were away Karl had a heartattack and he was sent to the mainland. I was left in charge and Walter said "That he was getting good reports about me and if I kept it up, that the family might recall me". Also they started to pay me for my work. After Karl recovered he was retired and I was left incharge. So when Helen and James returned I was fully incharge and with no assistant. Helen had brought her Niece Alison 23, she was the surprise gift for me. As Alison was a shy girl and had been sleeping with her aunt for years. Helen explained "That Alison would be ours and that she was a sweet girl". Anyway Alison was great and would sleep with at night as well as at the pond. After several months Helen suggested that I marry Alison as it looked like my exile might coming to an end. I was okay with that and a month later we married. James had stroke 2 months later while at baseball game and never recovered. I was told that I could go anywhere in the family business as I had proved that I was responsible. But as Helen had moved full time to the island and Alison was pregnant. I asked to stay on the Island and I was let stay. But I now have a lot family members visiting me, Alison and babies James and Heather. My Mother Grace said "That sending me here was best move the family ever done". If she only knew about Helen, I thing she might change her mind.

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